Murderfist TromaDance promo videos as wonderfully weird as you’d expect


This is right before it gets weird.

Hey guys, we know we wrote about it a little while ago, but remember how TromaDance is coming to Bushwick on June 27 and 28? You know, the free all-day film festival celebrating independent movie making that any schlub can go to, because it’s free? They recently announced that comedy troupe Murderfist will be performing live, and to celebrate the occasion, Murderfist made some TromaDance promo videos. They’re NSFW-ish, so they’re after the jump, but if you can get away with watching a 30-second video that features ass tits, you should definitely watch them. Come on, it’s Friday!

So, there’s your taste of TromaDance. If you want more, you’ll have to wait until June 27 and 28, when all of it’s toxic weirdness lands at the Paper Box (23 17 Meadow Street). See you there.

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