01/06/16 1:12pm
His legend will live on  via Yelp user Jice E.

His legend will live on via Yelp user Jice E.A

A legendary Philadelphia boxer who looks a lot like Sylvester Stallone once told the son of his most famous rival that “time takes everyone out, it’s undefeated.” At least that’s what we think he said, it’s kind of hard to understand him, with the way his mouth moves. Regardless, that statement has never rang more true then when we learned this week that Dr. Zizmor, who has graced our trains for decades, announced his retirement. We’ve already been hard at work, trying to find a new subway mascot to make the dreadful NYC commute bearable, but what about those legendary ads featuring the good doctor in front of a rainbow or the Empire State building? Will we have to scourge eBay to once again see, up close, the face of the man who promises us “clear, beautiful skin”? Thankfully, no. The Dr. Zizmor ads will forever be preserved inside the Transit Museum in Downtown Brooklyn. (more…)

02/02/15 3:59pm
platform transit museum

Maybe something about emptiness? Or is that too depressing? via Flickr user Peter Thoeny

Riding the subway is such an ingrained part of life for New Yorkers that sometimes you start tuning out the weirdness that envelops you down there. We’d recommend perking back up though and trying to look at it with fresh eyes though, because the Transit Museum is once again asking for your best subway-themed short stories, poems, comedy bits and whatever other art you can perform live for another edition of PLATFORM. (more…)

Make friends, win prizes!

Make friends, win prizes!

Calling all transit nerds: are you the Baroness of the B48? The Wolf of the Wall Street 2/3 station? A Franklin Avenue Shuttle shark? Or just a straphanger with a mind for useless facts? Well, you’re in luck, because the New York Transit Museum is hosting its 3rd annual Transit Trivia Night.

12/08/14 10:37am
Go make Snoopy proud.

Go make Snoopy proud.

1. Franklin Park Reading Series is having their end of the year bash with a little help from some of the year’s best fiction and essay writers. (Monday)

2. Get some real laughs in with Side Ponytail before you have to fake chuckle your way through your uncle’s awful jokes at those holiday dinners. (Monday)

3. Mark the royal visit to New York with free White Castle at Devour Hour. (Tuesday) (more…)

11/10/14 9:05am
jo firestone

Your teacher, Jo Firestone, sharing wisdom with a student

1. Go mingle with some other media makers at this BRIC meet-up. (Monday)

2. Side Ponytail will have tofurky at their show to remind you to be grateful our national heritage isn’t rooted in tofurky. (Monday)

3. Hear the author of Surrendering Oz read essays about working at the Guinness Book of World Records and Glamour Magazine, which we think may be more similar than you’d think. (Monday) (more…)

08/01/14 9:34am
afropunk festival

If it’s August, then it’s time for the Afropunk Festival. It’s also time for a bunch of other things, but mostly Afropunk. via Flickr user Marques Stewart

Wow, it’s August already? It seems like just yesterday we were bundled up like an Eskimo making that dreaded trek to the subway only to get on the train and start undressing by layers in a pool of our own sweat, then starting the process all over five stops later when it was time to get off and face the elements again. And although there has been more than enough excitement to be had, so many of those beach days are now somehow in the rear view.  Before we start focusing on what was and could have been, though, let’s focus on all the good times to come, all the sweat and hot garbage and barbecues and rooftops you’ve yet to indulge. It’s summer in the city and we’ve got more than enough time to sizzle and swelter in style.

A little over a month ago, we gave you the first third of our 93 Days of Summer guide, which suggested the best ways to spend June and July. So, here we are with you in need of an affordable agenda for an accelerated August and us having just that. Funny how things work out that way. So without further ado, get out there and get your shine on! (more…)

07/21/14 10:27am
Get a good look, because you won't see much on the other side of that fence.

Get a good look, because you won’t see much on the other side of that fence.

1. Marvel at some big shiny computer graphics at the Coney Island Flicks screening of Iron Man 3. (Monday)

2. Get your magical realism fix with this book release for Land of Love and Drowning, which follows several generations of a family in the Virgin Islands. (Monday)

3. Go to Night Owl Comedy, it’ll be a hoot. (Tuesday) (more…)

07/10/14 8:37am
friends of single people

Just let them handle your dating life from now on. via Meatball Presents

1. See some twisted romantic shorts with Rooftop Films, because what romance isn’t sloppy and dysfunctional? (Friday)

2. The Great American Roots Stomp will make you feel like you’re somewhere deep in America…like Newark or somewhere. (Friday-Saturday)

3. Go on the Coney Island Nostalgia Ride and ride 1930s subway cars, which we’re told are not just spruced-up C trains. (Saturday) (more…)

06/05/14 7:33am
They're ready to haunt your dreams. via Comedy Dreamz

Aren’t you excited to dream about this? via Comedy Dreamz

1. The Juicy art and music festival probably won’t feature velour tracksuits or a Biggie hologram reading Word Up! magazine, but we’re still down. (Friday-Sunday)

2. Sometimes is a summer crafts pop-up and sometimes is this weekend.  (Friday-Sunday)

3. Shake things up by not actively avoiding eye contact with the performers in your subway car at this Transit Museum theater performance. (Friday) (more…)

05/27/14 4:31pm
don't tell mom the babysitter's dead

This is the face you make when you realize the babysitter’s dead.

1. Get some Hot Texts at The Way Station. By which we mean some cool poetry, and a free book if you’re among the first five people there. For the other hot texts, you’re on your own (Tuesday)

2. Your beach body might be in order, but there’s always Backfat, the comedy and variety show. This month’s edition has Sam Grittney, Abbi Crutchfield and more funny people (Tuesday)

3. See pictures of the 1964 World’s Fair, and the ways people got there, at the Transit Museum. And maybe learn about a thing called “hope for the future,” which people foolishly had back then (Wednesday) (more…)