The Transit Museum wants your subway skits, songs and stories again

platform transit museum
Maybe something about emptiness? Or is that too depressing? via Flickr user Peter Thoeny

Riding the subway is such an ingrained part of life for New Yorkers that sometimes you start tuning out the weirdness that envelops you down there. We’d recommend perking back up though and trying to look at it with fresh eyes though, because the Transit Museum is once again asking for your best subway-themed short stories, poems, comedy bits and whatever other art you can perform live for another edition of PLATFORM.

If you missed last year’s call, you’re in luck, because not only is the Transit Museum doing this again, but there’s been a whole extra year of subway insanity that you can build on. Will you do a spooky short story about the Snowpocalypse’s ghost trains? A slam poem about the hell that was being stuck on the 7 train for hours on end? A comedy bit based around someone who tried to hit on you when you just tried to go to work? Whatever you’ve got, as long as you can present it in front of audience and talk during it/about it, your story or song or performance will be considered.

Well, it’ll be considered as long as you get it to the Transit Museum’s brain trust by February 20, which will come up sooner than you think. Then again, since we’re all locked inside during this frozen hellscape we’re living in, we suppose there’s plenty of time to work on your submission. Once you’ve got something ready to go, shoot an email over to programs [AT] with the name of your program, a 2 sentence description and a longer description that goes into what the performance is and what you’ll need to do it, along with any past performances you’ve done and a brief bio.

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