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Hey subway nerds: Register for the Transit Museum’s Transit Trivia today!

Make friends, win prizes!
Make friends, win prizes!

Calling all transit nerds: are you the Baroness of the B48? The Wolf of the Wall Street 2/3 station? A Franklin Avenue Shuttle shark? Or just a straphanger with a mind for useless facts? Well, you’re in luck, because the New York Transit Museum is hosting its 3rd annual Transit Trivia Night.

Transit Trivia night will be held on Wednesday, January 21 , 6:30pm at The New York Transit Museum in Downtown Brooklyn. Assemble your team of 2-6 Brooklyn-bound brainiacs and register right away, last year’s event sold out. Tickets are $15/person, or $10 for museum members, which includes a free Brooklyn Brewery beer. The winners will receive prizes and endless bragging rights, so come prepared, or you’ll look like this:

Not for tourists!
Not for tourists!

Now, between the post-Sandy tunnel closings and the “tough love” lesson of a cop kicking you awake at Broadway Junction on early New Year’s Day, we know that you can navigate the city’s fast moving underbelly like a pro. But we’ve taken the liberty of putting together a training program so you’re ready for the main event.

Week One: Watch The Warriors, map the stations as you go so you can learn how to transfer in the most dire of circumstances.
Week Two: Bone up on Subway Etiquette with Broad City.
Week Three: Wear all black and walk quickly with a sense of purpose around a tourist-heavy area like Herald Square or Penn Station. Tourists will be sure to peg you as a Real New Yorker and will ask you for directions. Challenge yourself by giving them directions that are more complicated than necessary! i.e. Union Square? Sure just jump on the 7 train to Times Square, take the A/C or E to 14th St. then grab a Brooklyn-bound L! You’ll be there in no time!

Now you’re ready.

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