Find your friend a date, 19 other things to do this weekend

friends of single people
Just let them handle your dating life from now on. via Meatball Presents

1. See some twisted romantic shorts with Rooftop Films, because what romance isn’t sloppy and dysfunctional? (Friday)

2. The Great American Roots Stomp will make you feel like you’re somewhere deep in America…like Newark or somewhere. (Friday-Saturday)

3. Go on the Coney Island Nostalgia Ride and ride 1930s subway cars, which we’re told are not just spruced-up C trains. (Saturday)

4. This Summer Warehouse Gift Sale might have just what you’re seeking for that special someone. Don’t worry, we’re our own special someone too. (Saturday)

5. See Wu-Tang’s Raekwon at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. (Saturday)

6. The opening party of Naked and Famous may just get you to rethink your big break. (Saturday)

7. Coney Island On Tap brings unlimited craft beer sampling to Cyclones stadium, which beats the $7 Bud Lights you’re usually stuck with at ballparks. (Saturday)

8. A Sip of Summer brings R&B, hip-hop, disco, and your mean dance moves to Fulton Park.  (Saturday)

9. Red Hot Video Fun Time has comedy videos, dancing, and free beer, which we’re pretty sure is the textbook definition of a triple threat. (Saturday)

10. Everyone knows whiskey’s great literary inspiration, so salute sloshed literature it with this art show featuring poets painted on whiskey bottles. (Saturday)

11. Green-Wood Cemetery becomes a 19th-century carnival for Niblo’s Pleasure Garden. (Saturday)

12. The Anti-Party is a party that lets you scoff at all other parties by not really being a party. (Saturday)

13. Common Dances brings dance to some uncommon public spaces. (Saturday)

14. Hear Alloy Orchestra provide the live soundtrack for the silent film He Who Gets Slapped. (Saturday)

15. Whatever you do at this Brazilian dance party, don’t mention Germany. (Saturday)

16. Drink beer for a cause, helping adorable dogs, at Rosamunde Sausage Grill. It’s what you were put on this Earth to do. (Saturday)

17. Go out and watch the World Cup Final, because you won’t see this many people excited about soccer for another four years. (Sunday)

18. This pop-up market is dedicated to assuring you a gluten free life isn’t a (completely) joyless one. (Sunday)

19. Check out open studios and hear some Colombian music at Pioneer Works. (Sunday)

20. Let your friends find you a boo at this live dating game. It’s a step up from just handing over your Tinder. (Sunday)

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