10/23/15 9:30am

There’s a universe of options for $31 tattoos at Big Bang Ink, and other tattoo shops this Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and here in Brooklyn you can celebrate it right many different ways. In addition to all the parties happening, five awesome tattoo shops are treating you to something that will last forever (unlike your Halloween candy), $31 tattoos. So grab your $31, and the nearest (dare)devil and go get inked!

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You have to do the nerdiest thing you’ve ever done at some point in your life. May as well be today. via Facebook

Despite all the damage George Lucas did to the mythos by introducing things like midichlorians, child actors and Jar Jar Binks to the universe, people still love Star Wars. And why not, it’s great! People also love memes and wordplay, so May the 4th (see it sounds like “May the Force”) has become an unofficial holiday on the internet and in real life. If tweeting “May the 4th be with you” isn’t going far enough for you, might we suggest getting one of the special Star Wars tattoos being offered today only at Tattoo Wonderland. It’s easier than making the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs, we know that much. (more…)

03/11/15 2:16pm
body art and soul tattoo

Ooh, you can get a zombie Jake the Dog at Body Art and Soul

“Friday the 13th tattoos?” you’re saying to yourself as you stare at the screen. “Didn’t we just have a Friday the 13th?” Yes, we did, but thanks to the vagaries of the calendar, we’ve got yet another one this week, which means if you missed out on a chance for a cheap goofy tattoo in February, you can get one this Friday. Or if you got one of those $13 tattoos, you can just get another one. After all, it’s Friday, there are plenty of tattoo parlors offering up cheap ink, and this is the last Friday the 13th until November, so get crazy. (more…)

06/10/14 1:20pm
citizen ink friday the 13th tattoos

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Check out our updated list for offers happening on Friday the 13th in March 2015

Don’t look now, but Friday the 13th is fast approaching once again. Some folks may like to mark the occasion by sitting back and watching Jason Takes Manhattan for the umpteenth time, while others might dive under their beds at midnight, crippled with fear for the ensuing 24 hours. For those of us who are not stricken with triskaidekaphobia, and are not crazy about the eighth, not-very-good installment of an 80s horror franchise, how’s about a sweet tattoo deal? If you’ve finally decided to get that flaming bag of poop, UFO, or shattered mirror, but were waiting for the price to be just right, check out these eight spots for $13 Friday the 13th tattoo specials. This will be the very last Friday the 13th of 2014, so why risk living out the next several months in regret? (more…)

12/11/13 7:00am
brooklyn friday the 13th tattoos

Williamsburg’s Magic Cobra has plenty of unlucky tattoo options for you

This Friday the 13th – notably the last Friday the 13th in 2013 – why not face down your own demons and get that star tattoo on your wrist that you’ve been waffling over for months? While a tiny tat any other day of the year can run you $50.00 and up, several Brooklyn shops are honoring this auspicious day with plum deals. This is Freaky Friday, and it means $13 tattoos (plus tip!), y’all. And what better way to kick off the holiday season than wincing your way into cheap, wonderful, entirely one-of-a-kind permanent art? Go forth, get lucky!

09/12/13 12:00pm
Asylum will put any of these on you for $13

Asylum will put any of these on you for $13

Superstitious? Nervous about Friday the 13th? We don’t see why, there’s nothing to worry about, and there’s even something to get excited about: A few tattoo studios in Brooklyn are offering the amazingly freaky deal of a $13 tattoo on Friday the 13th! So whether you’re trying to extend your streak of bad summertime decisions or can’t resist a cheap tattoo, here are the most prime locations for you to check out if you happen to be craving some ink warmly injected into your skin. (more…)

You're late for a very important date with a tattoo needle. via Facebook

You’re late for a very important date with a tattoo needle. via Facebook

Is there anyone who doesn’t like Alice in Wonderland? We’d just like to know if somehow one of the most beloved and mind-bending fairy tales of all time isn’t really your cup of tea that makes you very tall or very small. If though, you are a fan of passing through the looking glass and want people to know that forever, Brooklyn tattoo parlor Tattoo Wonderland has a deal for you: 25% off an Alice-themed tattoo through the month of January. But, because you read Brokelyn, there’s a possibility to make that discount even better. (more…)