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Jabberwowee: 30 percent off Alice in Wonderland tattoos

You're late for a very important date with a tattoo needle. via Facebook
You’re late for a very important date with a tattoo needle. via Facebook

Is there anyone who doesn’t like Alice in Wonderland? We’d just like to know if somehow one of the most beloved and mind-bending fairy tales of all time isn’t really your cup of tea that makes you very tall or very small. If though, you are a fan of passing through the looking glass and want people to know that forever, Brooklyn tattoo parlor Tattoo Wonderland has a deal for you: 25% off an Alice-themed tattoo through the month of January. But, because you read Brokelyn, there’s a possibility to make that discount even better.

They’re offering 30% off Alice tattoos for Brokelyn readers. Just simply “Like” their Facebook page and ours an the bigger discount is yours. That extra five percent can be a few more beers in your fridge or more tattoos down the line, we’re not here to tell you what to do with it. Maybe have a tea party to celebrate?

Tattoo Wonderland, 1580 McDonald Avenue, Midwood, (718) 375-0326


  1. These picture are not of tattoos done in this shop , the artist here is a beginner and his tattoos are ok but these pictures are not his, if your going to advertise use your own pictures or at least give the real artist credit ..Anyone with a computer can google this image and see its true origin…

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