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Feeling lucky? 4 spots for $13 tattoos on Friday the 13th

Asylum will put any of these on you for $13
Asylum will put any of these on you for $13

Superstitious? Nervous about Friday the 13th? We don’t see why, there’s nothing to worry about, and there’s even something to get excited about: A few tattoo studios in Brooklyn are offering the amazingly freaky deal of a $13 tattoo on Friday the 13th! So whether you’re trying to extend your streak of bad summertime decisions or can’t resist a cheap tattoo, here are the most prime locations for you to check out if you happen to be craving some ink warmly injected into your skin.

Gristle Tattoo
178 N. 8th St. between Bedford and Driggs, Williamsburg.
This vegan tattoo shop has two sheets of different tattoos designs to check out online right now. They’ll do anywhere on your arms and legs, so sorry about you guys who really wanted a “13” on your cheek.

Citizen Ink
1603 Avenue U between E. 16 and E. 17 streets, Sheepshead Bay
If you’re feeling lucky, or unlucky, you can find a flash sheet of their options at the shop

Asylum Tattoo
143 N. 4th and Bedford, Williamsburg
Like last year’s promo, $13 will get you something from the flash sheet above, just be sure to give your artist their $7 tip or you’ll be cursed with a curse.

Tattoo Wonderland
1580 McDonald Avenue, Midwood
You can check out their flash sheet here. $13.13 will get you a quarter-sized tattoo. Think of the extra thirteen cents as extra luck for the day, good or bad, your choice.

And don’t worry if you can’t make it to these deals, there’ll be another Friday the 13th in December. What luck!


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