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8 tattoo parlors offering $13 Friday the 13th tattoos

citizen ink friday the 13th tattoos
Citizen Ink is feeling lucky, are you? via Facebook

Check out our updated list for offers happening on Friday the 13th in March 2015

Don’t look now, but Friday the 13th is fast approaching once again. Some folks may like to mark the occasion by sitting back and watching Jason Takes Manhattan for the umpteenth time, while others might dive under their beds at midnight, crippled with fear for the ensuing 24 hours. For those of us who are not stricken with triskaidekaphobia, and are not crazy about the eighth, not-very-good installment of an 80s horror franchise, how’s about a sweet tattoo deal? If you’ve finally decided to get that flaming bag of poop, UFO, or shattered mirror, but were waiting for the price to be just right, check out these eight spots for $13 Friday the 13th tattoo specials. This will be the very last Friday the 13th of 2014, so why risk living out the next several months in regret?

Magic Cobra Tattoo Society (775 Driggs Ave., Williamsburg) never misses one of these events, and they’re not about to start now. Hundreds of designs will be available for the full 24-hours (midnight Thursday to midnight Friday), a taste of which you can see here, and here. As the week rolls ever closer to the 13th, they’ll be teasing more via Instagram and Facebook. Tattoos will be available for $13 a pop, with an additional lucky $7 tip. But wait, there’s more! They’ve partnered with Passenger Bar located around the corner to offer folks who sign up for a tattoo food and drink specials (mimosas/Bloody Marys in the morning and beers/shots in the evening), which means you just might gain a little extra courage and find yourself wanting tat sleeves.

Asylum Studios (143 North 4th Street, Williamsburg) will be taking care of folks on a first come, first serve basis with pieces setting you back $13 with that lucky $7 tip. You can check out their December 2013 sheet here. Don’t forget to hit up the ATM on the way; they’re cash only.

Citizen Ink (1603 Avenue U, 2nd Floor, Sheepshead Bay) will be offering tattoos on a first come, first serve basis from 1PM-9PM at, wait for it… $13 plus a $7 lucky tip. You want a look at some examples of what’ll be offered? Well then, here ya go!

tattoo wonderland friday the 13th
Tattoo Wonderland is feeling lucky too.

Tattoo Wonderland (1580 McDonald Ave., Midwood) will have tattoos start at $13 for the small guys, and the special will run from 1PM-9PM. Click here if you want a sneak peek of the offerings (you might have to squint a little). There’s no lucky tip included, but as was pointed out to us by artist Chris, getting a tattoo without giving a tip means you’ll be cursed by the tattoo gods forever, and we wouldn’t want that to happen to you.

Triple Diamond Tattoo (257 3rd Avenue, Gowanus) opens at 1PM Friday, and even though they’ll be open until 10, the pro-tip we were given was to show up earlier in the day (at around 2 or so) as it gets all nutty in the evening. They’ll post a peek at their flash sheet later in the week, but here’s what they posted prior to their December 2013 event. Did we mention that it’s $13 with a lucky $7 tip? Cash only. It’s all about the (Andrew) Jacksons, baby.

Morning Star (44 Wyckoff Avenue, Bushwick) says to check their Instagram later in the week, but select designs will run $13 with that lucky $7 tip you’ve heard so much about.

Gnostic Tattoo (1089 Flushing Avenue, East Williamsburg) will actually offer two different sizes come Friday, the smaller jobs setting you back $13 and the bigger guys costing $31. The best way to see what they’re up to is via their Instagram.

NYHC Tattoo has some ways for you to get lucky as well
NYHC Tattoo has some ways for you to get lucky as well

NYHC Tattoo (127 Stanton Street, Lower East Side), which we know, is in Manhattan. But they’re Brokelyn-tested and Brokelyn-approved, so we’re letting you know that they’ll have a Friday the 13th summer-themed special. The tattoos seen above come in at $31, $62 and $93 depending on how big you want them and how much color you want for them.

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