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Get (un)lucky: 6 places for $13 Friday the 13th tattoos

brooklyn friday the 13th tattoos
Williamsburg’s Magic Cobra has plenty of unlucky tattoo options for you

This Friday the 13th – notably the last Friday the 13th in 2013 – why not face down your own demons and get that star tattoo on your wrist that you’ve been waffling over for months? While a tiny tat any other day of the year can run you $50.00 and up, several Brooklyn shops are honoring this auspicious day with plum deals. This is Freaky Friday, and it means $13 tattoos (plus tip!), y’all. And what better way to kick off the holiday season than wincing your way into cheap, wonderful, entirely one-of-a-kind permanent art? Go forth, get lucky!

Magic Cobra (755 Driggs Avenue, Williamsburg), stalwarts of the tradition, start their tattoo-blitz at midnight (December 12) and go all the way through midnight of December 13. You can select from a sheet of about three hundred small designs, and tattoos are $13 plus an additional (lucky) $7.00 tip. The Cobra commits to the first in line, so get there early – wait time is estimated at four hours for the full day. Fun fact: last Friday the 13th, artists here drew more than 520 pieces in less than 24 hours.

Asylum Tattoo (143 North 4th Street, Williamsburg) will also be providing their usual first come, first serve special (here’s the sheet from September). Based on the turn-out from the last Freaky Friday, the artists here expect to do about 150 tattoos. Note that Asylum is cash only, and ink will run you $13 plus that same lucky $7 for tip.

Inkman Tattoo (6400 18th Avenue, Bensonhurst) offers flash tattoos (here’s the previous sheet) that are designed special for this day only. Like Asylum and Cobra, Inkman accounts for a $7 tip in addition to the $13 baseline, so bring a twenty!

Gristle Tattoo (178 North 8th Street, Williamsburg) artists will draw small designs on your arms or legs ONLY. Tattoos ring in at…you guessed it… $13.00. Bonus round – resident piercer Felix will be offering 13% off all piercings this Friday as well. So prepare to frighten ALL the extended relatives this Christmas.

friday the 13th tattoos brooklyn
Some offerings to choose from at Tattoo Wonderland

Tattoo Wonderland (1580 McDonald Avenue, Midwood)  has some sweet promotions going on this year. For their so-designated “Creepy Christmas,” artists at six different flash seats perform work for $13 and up from noon until about nine at night.

Citizen Ink (1603 Avenue U, 2nd Floor, Sheepshead Bay) keeps its doors open from noon to 9pm. Ink is first come first served, $20.00 with tip.

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