10/01/14 1:37pm
ra ra riot

You can jump for joy if you win, but please don’t Ra Ra Riot if you don’t. via Facebook

As you’ve probably heard, next weekend’s Escape Music Festival has left Red Hook and sought refuge on the welcoming shores of Governors Island. While we’re a little bummed we’ll have to go to a whole different island to get there, we believe once a Brooklyn festival, always a Brooklyn festival, which is why we’re sending a very lucky email subscriber (and their very lucky friend) to Escape Music Festival with a pair of two-day VIP passes that would normally run you $259 each. We hope you also read that in Oprah’s voice. (more…)

09/29/14 4:03pm
escape music festival

Red Hook said No-by.

Earlier this month we learned Red Hook was getting a music festival featuring Yeasayer and Moby October 11 and 12. Well just kidding guys, because according to the Brooklyn Paper the Escape Music Festival is honoring its name and has fled from the Red Hook Container Terminal to Governors Island.

05/21/14 2:56pm
governors island

It’s ready for you. Are you ready for it? via Facebook

Governors Island used to feel like a New York secret, but it was a tough secret to keep. Though we may miss the days where it felt like we’d stumbled upon an overgrown idyll that fulfilled childhood dreams of having our own island, it’s time to admit that the Island is all grown up — and ready to host the masses of visitors expected to grace its shores this summer.

The city’s revamped star island opens to the public again on May 24th, and will now be open seven days a week, building on its weekend popularity from the last few years. Unless you catch a 10am or 11am ferry on weekends, the formerly free ferry is now $2, both Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Brooklyn ferry from Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 will only be running weekends, Memorial Day and Labor Day, but the ferry from the Battery Maritime Building in Manhattan will ship put seven days a week. As usual, thefull list of events is extensive and includes offerings for kids, theatre buffs, art lovers, dance enthusiasts and the rest of us normal people. (more…)

04/08/14 9:55am
governors island

That could be you, on that bike. via Facebook

As we inch ever-closer to summer in torturously slow fashion, we’re starting to get a sense of what to do with our time in the sun. Free movies, free film festivals, going to CHVRCHES, cheap music festivals. And now we can add “playing hooky from work to ride bikes on Governors Island,” with the news that the island’s Free Bike Mornings bike rental is becoming a weekday staple this summer. Just tell your boss you’re entertaining a client or something and sneak off to the ferry, he won’t notice. (more…)

01/21/14 2:56pm
figment nyc mini golf

Just make sure it’s something someone like this would like. Photo by Scott Lynch, via Facebook

Ever go to a mini-golf course and have a screaming breakdown because you think some idiot designed the holes to be impossible to finish under par? Just us, huh? Well, unresolved issues with mini-golf courses or not, you’ve got a chance to prove you can design a great hole, because FIGMENT NYC is calling for proposals for their ever-changing course on Governors Island. Just make sure it’s child-friendly, you don’t want to see a legion of frustrated kids swinging golf clubs around. (more…)

12/05/13 8:38am
Governors Island

Looks like they’re electing to go with a fee

One of the great joys of the summer, aside from everyone dressing like clothes are poison and they need to wear as few of them as possible, is riding the free ferry to Governors Island to take advantage of all the cool stuff they’ve got going on over there. Would some of the magic be lessened with a small charge for riding the ferry? Well, no, probably not, but it’s still kind of a bummer that the Trust for Governors Island is proposing to make the ferry ride $2 next summer. The good news? It’s to support keeping the island open everyday from May to September. (more…)

08/28/13 9:30am
Don't let the sun set on your summer without getting lucky

Don’t let the sun set on your summer without getting lucky

You work hard, you play hard, simple as that. Labor Day weekend commends the other 361 days you bust your ass at that 9 to 5, bus tables in that smelly bar, or sell bougie dresses in TriBeCa. We’ve compiled a list of affordable activities for you to fill your Labor Day weekend with relaxation or complete debauchery, your choice. (more…)

05/31/13 9:15am
This, but on an island. via Flicker user JPott

This, but on an island. via Flicker user JPott

Like reading outside but wish you had more choices than the one book you brought with you? We feel you. You could start carrying a whole bunch of books with you, but that’d be ridiculous. Instead, we suggest hopping on the Governors Island ferry tomorrow and hitting up Library Lawn, their new outdoor library. (more…)

05/24/13 9:27am
You don't have to be elected to spend a day here. via Facebook

You don’t have to be elected to spend a day here. via Facebook

Time to get on Island Time! Governors Island is back for what appears to be its best season to date. As big changes get underway on the island, vendors, events, and displays aren’t slowing down. For the perfect day sojourn, choose from any of the events listed below (and many more that we couldn’t list because, you know… space) or just post up under a tree and read. Don’t have a book? Visit the Uni Project’s outdoor reading room and select a tome—they’ve partnered with the NYPL, Brooklyn and Queens Libraries to bring you a great selection.

You could also bike, or nap, or play mini-golf (this year’s theme: “State of the Art”). (more…)