The great escape: Red Hook’s Escape Music Festival flees to Governors Island

escape music festival
Red Hook said No-by.

Earlier this month we learned Red Hook was getting a music festival featuring Yeasayer and Moby October 11 and 12. Well just kidding guys, because according to the Brooklyn Paper the Escape Music Festival is honoring its name and has fled from the Red Hook Container Terminal to Governors Island.

Organizers didn’t explain the reasons behind the move, but the concert hadn’t received the best reception from neighbors in Red Hook who envisioned thousands of millennials wearing Coachella flower wreaths and neon fanny packs filled with molly, voguing poorly in fountains of vodka Red Bulls. It certainly didn’t help that two weeks ago Vice Media and Absolut Vodka hosted an EDM party that was exactly as peaceful and went over as well with neighbors as you’d expect an EDM party hosted by Vice Media and Absolut Vodka to be.

On the bright side though, having the festival on Governors Island means it’s been extended an hour further past our bedtime to midnight. The nearby Statue of Liberty and the ghosts of Ellis Island are not going to like that one bit. So those crazy EDMers are being ferried off to Governors Island, just like the city’s lepers were once rowed off to North Brother Island. Is Governors Island fated to be the new EDM quarantine zone? Would Quarantine Zone be a good music festival name?

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