If you haven’t seen this happen yet, go see this happen.

1. Watch a cyclops travel through multiple dimensions, without having to take acid for once, at a screening of Loves of a Cyclops at Videology. (Monday)

2. Franklin Park Reading Series’ annual “Travels and Journeys” brings stories from all sorts of far-off settings. (Monday)

3. Ride your potentially-airborne bike to Coney Island to see E.T. (Monday)

4. Learn both secret things to do in New York and proper New York etiquette (from the famous animated GIFs turned book) from authors T.M. Rives and Nathan Pyle. (Tuesday)

5. Summer School presents 200 Cigarettes, featuring just about every actor who was active in 1999. (Tuesday)

6. Struggling musicians unite at this screening of Hustle and Flow. (Tuesday)

7. Former anti-crack advocate Amy Sohn talks about her new book (it’s not about drugs) with Choire Sicha at WORD. (Tuesday)

8. The comedians of #WaitWhat present Who Dis? (I Love U), presumably a tribute to their most suggested text phrases. (Tuesday)

9. BookCourt launches a memoir about life in the family business…of removing the bodies of people who have died at homes. (Wednesday)

10. Take a break from taking selfies of your magnum and blue steel face to watch Zoolander at McCarren Park. (Wednesday)

11. 14 Symptoms is a play that brings together hackers, serial killers, and cheerleaders. (Wednesday)

12. Shen Wei, the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony choreographer, brings his dance company to Celebrate Brooklyn. (Thursday)

13. See the cinematographic masterpiece of our generation, Sharknado. (Thursday)

14. Trestle Gallery presents the opening reception for Small Works, an exhibition of little pieces by 23 artists. (Friday)

15. Freddy’s Bar is helping to host a dog fashion show on 5th Avenue, if you’d like to see dogs dressed better than you are. (Friday)

16. Bebel Gilberto, daughter of bossa nova founder João Gilbert, is coming to Celebrate Brooklyn. (Friday)

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