Photo via Perelandra and Brooklyn Brine

This month we learned that beer can be gender neutral, and now we’ve been alerted to the fact that pickles can be gay. Brooklyn Brine and Brooklyn Heights natural food store Perelandra have partnered to introduce a homosexual pickled cucumber, Pride Pickles. Now, it’s possible Pride Pickles do not actually themselves identify as LGBTQ, but are LGTBQ allies – we stray.

A special edition creation in honor of pride month, only 150 jars of Pride Pickles have been brought into existence by Brine and Perelandra. The limited time veggies consist of organic rainbow carrot pickles, and 50 percent of all proceeds will go to LGBT safe space The Center on West 13th St.

Jokes about the personification of food aside, these pickles are for a good cause and the more gay food which can exist in this world the better.

While we’d need to do significantly more research to determine the true Kings County pickle king, Brooklyn Brine is certainly up there in terms of being extra – their flavors include maple bourbon bread & butter pickles. Most pickles we eat are simply pickle flavored.

Ingredients in Pride Pickles, include: chipotle pepper, garlic, mustard seed, coriander seed and smoked paprika. These are some very involved pickles.

The Pride Pickles can be purchased exclusively at Perelandra on 175 Remsen St. They cost $7.99 a jar.

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