10/06/15 2:08pm
The man just knows the movie business

The man just knows the movie business

Hey kid, wanna be in the picture business? Yeah, we bet you do. Of course we also bet you’d like to learn from a master of cinema without racking up an absurd amount of student loan debt, and how could you ever do that? Oh hey, look at that, David Lynch has a masters in film/mastering of your consciousness program at the Maharshi University of Management and he’s giving out a full scholarship for it. Learning has never been potentially cheaper or full of existential nightmares! (more…)

10/06/15 12:34pm
Well, we didn't say the dogs would like it. Photo by Scott Lynch

Well, we didn’t say the dogs would like it. Photo by Scott Lynch

It’s been months since he entered the presidential race, and Donald Trump’s lead in the polls might not be a stranglehold, but it does continue to exist. America’s richest racist uncle is here to stay for the foreseeable future, and that means weird stunts based around his campaign can keep happening. Today’s weird stunt is brought to you by the Trump-baiting piñata smashers at Ratter, who rather than choosing a hat-based challenge to Trump like Mayor Tall, are asking people to pick up their dog poop with Trump poop bags. Of course, they need someone to hand out those bags so that Trump’s face can wind up shit-smeared and buried in trash cans across our great city, and you can be that person. Even better, you can get paid. (more…)

10/06/15 12:00pm

Sponsored By BRIC.

BRIC is a nonprofit arts and media cultural organization that presents free and low-cost programming to the community.

Created By BlankSlate

BRIC TV has an edgy new lineup of Brooklyn-centric shows premiering this fall. We’re particularly excited about The Show About The Show, a scripted meta-comedy from award-winning director Caveh Zahedi (I am a Sex Addict).

The series stars Caveh as a Brooklyn filmmaker trying to make a TV show. Co-starring Alex Karpovsky, Eléonore Hendricks, and Dustin Defa, the self-referential comedy will also feature an impressive roster of independent Brooklyn filmmakers. The series premiere aired at 9:30 p.m. on Monday, October 5. (more…)

10/06/15 10:46am

Where have you gone, Black Marble? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you

Dear, Black Marble,

I’m forfeiting the standard format of my New Music Tuesday column to reach out to you directly. You see, I miss you, Black Marble, and I want you to come home. And by “home” I mean, “the studio.”

Remember when you were a band? That was pretty cool. Remember when you made the best, dark, electro-ish music that soundtracked the most dreamy Fall I’ve had to date? That was amazing. Let’s do it again. (more…)

10/06/15 10:24am
Cocktail Booking at  Castello Plan, via @jamessaraseaknee on Instagram.

Cocktail Booking at Castello Plan, via @jamessaraseaknee on Instagram.

In April, we introduced you to our new Cocktail Book, the junior partner to Brokelyn’s ever-popular Beer Book series. Packed with great places including Erv’s, the Great Georgiana, Lea and Branch Ofc., the Cocktail Book sold better than hotcakes. (Because who wants a hotcake when you can have free liquor?)

In response to the demand, we’re giving the people want they want: more! More margaritas! More mai tais! More daydrinking all winter long! More of THIS:  (more…)

10/06/15 9:18am
You were thinking it. via Fuck Yeah Legolas and Gimli

You were thinking it. via Fuck Yeah Legolas and Gimli

It’s Tuesday, it’s sunny and mild outside and the Mets playoff series that will turn you into a couchbound emotional wreck doesn’t start until this weekend. Even better than that, there’s so much good stuff going on today that picking just five fun things to do from the Brokelyn Events Calendar was hard. Not that I wasn’t happy to do it for you, because I want you to check out Sloane Crosley’s first novel or Running Late’s birthday or an erotic fan fiction competition that could awaken something deep inside of you. (more…)

You'll have to drink a lot of wine to see any ghosts on this tour. Photos by Meghan Stephens.

You’ll have to drink a lot of wine to see any ghosts on this tour. Photos by Meghan Stephens.

You may have heard that just in time for spooky season, the borough is now home to the brand-new Brooklyn Paranormal Society — a group of ghost-hunters who advertise an enticing blend of drinking, paranormal history lessons and an investigation of the spiritual forces that may surround us. The mix of attractions for the first outing a few weeks ago was right up our alley: drinking on a weeknight, starting at a bar in Fort Greene, then moving on to boozing in the park and, most importantly, hunting for ghosts. Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, hearing haunting tales while drinking outdoors sounds like a pretty fun free way to spend a fall evening.

These ghostbusters are hardly Peter Venkmans or Egon Spenglers, though. The group is led by an amateur foursome of Brooklynites who advertise the Meetup events as BYOB boos-and-booze bonanzas. They’re holding another one tonight in Prospect Park, which has already attracted lots of media attention. The organizers are enthusiastic, but if you’re expecting any ghost-hunting expertise, set your proton packs to “low expectations.” It felt a lot like what would happen if your high school friends got their hands on some “ghost-hunting” equipment and a box of wine.

Here’s how the first-ever outing of Brooklyn’s own artisanal ghostbusters went down: (more…)

10/05/15 1:23pm
No, just not. Go back to the drawing board.

No, just not. Go back to the drawing board.

As soon as websites started competing for EXCLUSIVES to determine how much pizza Pizza Rat actually ate and publications wrote highbrow thinkpieces about it and people hauled out cheap imitations like Milkshake Squirrel, you knew that Pizza Rat was an Official Thing of 2015. All Official Things of a given year wind up with Halloween costumes, and we don’t begrudge America’s cash-in costuming industry for grabbing at dollars. Still, a line has to be drawn somewhere, and we’re drawing it here, today. This Sexy Pizza Rat costume is all sorts of wrong, and it just needs to go. (more…)

10/05/15 12:23pm

Art that promises to make your eyeballs explode. (#9)

1. Find your own kind of strange spirituality at Modern Rituals, where comedians present their own bizarre personal ceremonies, like Julio Torres’ Sentient Gemstone, Lorelei Ramirez’ Shapeshifting Spectre, and John Swan’s Medicine Dance. (Monday, FREE)

2. The LIT Music & Reading series presents fiction, nonfiction, and poetry centered around a different artist each time—get delirious and go crazy, because this edition is all about Prince. (Monday, FREE)

3. Join the Brooklyn Paranormal Society (of course that’s a thing) on an investigation of Prospect Park, visiting the site of five known murders and possible a Quaker cemetery. (Tuesday, FREE; RSVP required) (more…)

10/05/15 12:00pm


Sponsored By Coworkrs.

Coworkrs offers coworking memberships, desks, and private office suites in Gowanus, FiDi and Flatiron NYC. Be 'At Home at Work'

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Over the past few years, Brooklyn has become a mecca for entrepreneurs and freelancers that don’t fit into the traditional corporate mold. According to DNAinfo New York, nearly one in 10 workers in the Gowanus area work from home. It’s no surprise, then, that shared office spaces are filling the need for the largest employment demographic—the independent millennial workforce.

If you need a few hours away from your television and the cat keeps trying to sleep on your keyboard, and you’re sick of waiting in line for the power outlets at Starbucks, you’ll be glad to know that Coworkrs opened a Gowanus location in August. The popular coworking startup is known for its “At Home At Work” vibe and its beautiful industrial design. Their new Brooklyn outpost offers conference rooms, private offices, shared desk spaces, event space, and comfortable coworking lounge areas. (more…)