04/16/15 1:11pm
spam food truck

Come on now. via Facebook

Earlier this month, we showed you the fake phenomenon that was Bushwick’s artisanal spam-making duo. Yes, it was a joke, just in case you were still confused. Now though, in a case of life imitating April Fool’s jokes, the Hormel Food-Like Products Company is rolling out a Spam food truck. We guess because the only thing that could improve canned meat is breathing in exhaust fumes while eating it? (more…)

04/16/15 12:01pm

Louis C.K. dreams of Bushwick [Bedford + Bowery]
15,000 protestors marched through the city for a $15/hour wage [Gothamist]
Eric Schneiderman is all for it [Capital]
There’s a proposed pedestrian/cyclist bridge over the Gowanus [DNA Info]
Dean Skelos the latest Albany official invited to the federal investigation carnival [New York Post]
The Bronx: What is it? [New York Magazine]
Spending a night on the subway with two showtime dancers [Runnin' Scared]

04/16/15 10:32am

You never know when those foraging skills with come in handy

1. See VickiKristinaBARCELONA perform at Bar Lunatico. We hear they’re more fun than the film. (Friday)

2. Memoirist Dale Peck talks foresight and hindsight at the BookCourt release of Visions and Revisions. (Friday)

3. Bring your side piece to Amor Prohibido and celebrate the fact that Selena’s music just never gets old. (Friday) (more…)

Home, cheap home. via Myrtle Avenue Partnership

This could be home, cheap home. via Myrtle Avenue Partnership

We tend to vascillate between telling you real estate is a lost cause and then telling you things like hey, look at this one exception. Well, today we’re on the positive side of the equation, because DNA Info reports that yet more affordable housing is coming to Clinton Hill! A new building at 490 Myrtle Avenue is offering up 19 units to the affordable housing lottery. That means $1,064 two-bedrooms, $877 one-bedrooms and $816 studios. Hey, maybe you can get married and move out, after all.  (more…)

04/16/15 8:48am
college grads

Hopefully they’re reading this. via Nazareth College’s Flickr

Student loans are often portrayed as the albatross around our generation’s collective neck. National student loan debt skyrocketed just as the economic crisis hit, making for a perfect student loan shitstorm. As a financial advisor specializing in young professionals, almost all my clients have student loan debt, but what many don’t know about student loans is that there are so many options for paying (or not paying) them. They’re one of the most flexible types of debt available if you understand your options. (more…)

04/15/15 3:46pm
broad city accountant

And it’s not that they’re not paying taxes because they can’t find a good accountant

It’s Tax Day. Most of you have already filed, which means you’re reading this with at least a general sense of relief. Some of you haven’t filed, and if you’re reading this then stop! Go do your taxes! But there are other people who are just sitting comfortably and watching tax day whoosh right past them: people who don’t pay their taxes, and don’t seem to be bothered too much by it. Curious who these people are? So were we, so we tracked down two Brooklynites who haven’t paid their taxes in a few years.

For obvious reasons, we’re giving them pseudonyms. You might have conjured up some image of money-eyed corporate tycoons who defraud the government year after year, but these women who decline to file fall on the opposite end of the fiscal spectrum: they’re broke. Each one has lived on taxed salary, and each one has lived on freelance income. And both have failed to file in both instances.

Are these two warriors against an unjust tax system, or just lazy? Read their stories and decide for yourself. (more…)

04/15/15 3:18pm
Damn the space in your apartment, buy the sign.

Damn the space in your apartment, buy the sign.

Were you unable to go to the Empire Records party at Rough Trade and now you’re seething with anger seeing your friends’ Facebook pictures showing them having a great time? Don’t worry, you can upstage them in the most ridiculous way possible, because now you can buy the Empire Records sign that BBQ Films brought to the party. The only catch is that you’ll have to bid on it on eBay against other crazies who want the sign (it’s at zero bids still as of this posting).  (more…)

04/15/15 2:00pm

Skylark, via Facebook

477 Fifth Ave. (between 11th and 12th) South Slope

Facebook • Website

What it is: A popular and inviting joint with floral prints, retro-weird art, snug coaches and a dimly lit grandma’s living room aesthetic.

Why we love it: The shabby chic charm that feels like stepping back into the 70s is hard to resist, and so is the drink menu, which pours retro cocktails like the old fashioned and snacks like tater tots and a waldorf salad. You’ll find old-school pinball in the back and DJ sets on the weekends.

What to order: The 14 drafts include five that rotate from choice kegs, local and rare beers, while the rest feature standards like Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold, Six Point Sweet Action and Allagash White. The kitchen that’s open until midnight on the weekends serves up 70s themed grub like swaddled hogs (cocktail weenies in flaky dough) and cheesy tots.

Regular tip: The bar keeps the 70s theme going for its beer and shot specials: a Cheech and Chong is a Tecate and Espolon tequila; a Dirk Diggler is a Coors tall boy and a shot of Dickel rye. Check out country and delta blues music nights on Wednesday sand vinyl saturday afternoon too.

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04/15/15 12:49pm

A couple of months ago, we alerted you to the MTA’s new, much more politically aware and judgmental PSAs. Apparently that overhaul went so well that they’re taking a much more aggressive stance in their service announcements too. So next time you’re on a train and there’s a delay, you can expect an angry lecture about how the train will eventually be moving, but the world is full of uncertainty, MTA employees have to get dead people off the tracks and if you don’t like it, just move to some other shitty city with a worse transit system. Also check out the debut of the MTA’s new courtesy campaign posters, “Don’t be a baby, you god damn babies.” (more…)

04/15/15 12:03pm

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