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Land a nice dept. store job, like Therese Belivet.

Land a nice dept. store job, like Therese Belivet. Via 

The meaning of “holidays” changes with age. As kids, it translates to roughly three weeks of idle fun and icing sugar straight to the bloodstream. As college students, it offers a much-needed reprieve from our studies and an opportunity to visit home. And once we reach adulthood, “holidays” falls into more of an opt-in category, where the choice to take off of work or spend time with family or take a vacation is both entirely up to you and at-your-own-risk.

Family and vacations and family vacations are nice and all, but your rent back in Brooklyn won’t pay itself while you’re gone. And if you freelance, or your income depends solely on a company that shuts down for the holidays, then Thanksgiving through the New Year is a harrowing time for your finances.

The Brokelyn Cares Foundation (not real) understands, and we’re here to help with a guide to finding seasonal jobs that’ll keep you paid and unafraid this holiday season. Apply for these gigs sooner rather than later, so you’re covered for work as soon as things start to quiet down in December. Heck, even if you’re looking for longer-term work you should still consider applying to these positions, because who knows? You might just knock their holiday socks off and earn yourself a permanent gig come springtime. (more…)

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Check out One More Bite, Brooklyn Based Kids’ first event, this Sunday in Gowanus.

Calling all foodies big and small! Brooklyn Based Kids is throwing its first-ever family food fair, One More Bite, this Sunday (Oct. 23), 11-3pm at The Green Building in Gowanus. Throughout the day you’ll be sampling good food together from nearly 20 food vendors, farmers, and entrepreneurs, many of whom will also lead hands-on activities for the kids, like tracking Monarch butterflies and “food coloring” with Private Picassos. Upon trying each new food and activity, kids will get a stamp in their One More Bite passbook, and pick a treat of their choice at the end for their efforts. (more…)

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Sometimes you see some graffiti that’s just so … [Italian chef kiss] mwah.  It is easy to clown on people who move to Brooklyn’s luxury buildings, since we’ve turned those ever-present newly constructed buildings into too-shiny, too-expensive glass totems of what’s wrong with Brooklyn’s development. It’s particularly easy, however, to dunk on the people who are moving to 365 Bond St., the first luxury rental building built on the Gowanus Canal, with apartments that cost up to $7,200/month that offer a view of the notoriously toxic waterway. The apartments are being marketed to people as if the waterway were a picturesque riverside, with marketing materials that say it’s “located on the newly created waterfront esplanade park.” They included a photo of people dangling their feet over the fetid waters.

So yesterday, DNAinfo reported on this graffiti that appeared adjacent to the building, reminding them that despite what marketing materials say, the Gowanus has a long way to go before it’s like the romantic canals of Venice, Italy (or even Venice, California, for that matter). (more…)

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The long-awaited Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn is finally opening next week!

The lobby mural at the new Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn, opening Oct. 28. Via Facebook.

You’ve waited and waited so long for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Brooklyn to open, a waiting period that has stretched four years, several construction delays, a handful of Fast and Furious movies, a whole new Star Wars film. But the day is finally here for Brooklyn to get its outpost of the famed Austin dine-in theater chain known as much for its elaborate events as it is for its movies and food. The theater will open in the City Point development in Downtown Brooklyn on Oct. 28, just in time to show some Halloween films, the cinema announced today through a New York Times story. Tickets will go on sale at 8am tomorrow on the website. You can definitely feel the sense of relief from theater founder Tim League:

“It’s a lot more expensive and takes a lot longer than you think to do a construction project in New York,” League told the Times. “I’ve also learned, never put an opening date on a subway advertisement.” (more…)

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A Freelancers Union event in December celebrated thriving in the gig economy. Will politicians pay attention? Via Facebook.

A Freelancers Union event in December celebrated thriving in the gig economy. Will politicians pay attention? Via Facebook.

One voter segment you basically never hear anything about during this or any election — well, not counting anyone who doesn’t live in a swing state — is freelancers. This isn’t surprising, as most of the freelancers have long been considered the “other” of the economy, less politically neat to categorize than middle-class America, unworthy (mostly) of demonization like the 1 percent, confusing to politicians who only slide talking points down well-worn tracks in speeches that don’t take into account the new economy where everyone has a few jobs.

But the amount of freelancers in the economy is increasing every year, growing by two million people in the past two years alone, according to the Freelancers Union, and sure to grow larger as more of us lousy millennials get sick of the boring offices, dress codes and rigid working hours that made our parents so grumpy for so long.

Here in New York, we’re on particularly fertile ground for freelancers. It’s a broad category mostly united by the constant fretting about checks arriving in time — writers, filmmakers, musicians, accountants, designers, costume makers, financial advisers, nannies and more all fit in. Maybe your go-to image of freelancers is someone blogging in their pajamas or camping out in coffee shops all day, but the category is much broader and less homogenous. They’re also very politically minded: even a slight shift in the economy can mean work dries up and the checks stop coming. So maybe that’s why freelancers vote at a way higher rate than the general population. So with an eye on the future, and the growing freelancer voter base, a report out this week gave us a look at how freelancers are voting. So why don’t politicians pay attention?  (more…)

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Suck it, Chicago! via Flickr user cdk

Suck it, Chicago! via Flickr user cdk

New York City’s rodent population has never been one to shy away from the spotlight. The rats that run this town will do anything for a headline, from carrying pizza down the subway steps to eating one another for sport.

But a new report — released by the popular pest control company, Orkin — that ranks the most rat-infested (or “rattiest”) cities in America has ignored our rats’ efforts to pervade the media. Their findings show that New York City isn’t the No. 1 rathole in America, after all.

You wanna know which city is?  (more…)

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Troll Hole: no ordinary sex shop. Photo by Janine Ciccone

Troll Hole: no ordinary sex shop. Credit: Janine Ciccone

If you live in Bushwick, have done laundry in the past six months, believe in sex positivity, and enjoy reading smut, then you’ve probably heard of Troll Hole, the intersectional-feminist queer space and zine/sex shop located inside La Blanquita Laundromat (formerly Mermaid Laundromat) at 226 Knickerbocker Avenue.

Troll Hole isn’t your stereotypical sex shop, and that is not solely because it’s surrounded by washers and dryers. The shelves are stocked with erotic zines like Softies and Hand Job, feminist anthologiesclassic collections of iconic sex writing (think Spread Magazine) as well as affordable vibrators, bondage, glow-in-the-dark lube, and decorative pins with sayings like: No Bras, No Masters. They’ve also got free tampons and pads. The entrance is lined with streamers and a shop dog, Frances, welcomes customers as they enter.

From the coverage that Troll Hole has gotten in Brooklyn blogs, to the founders’ frequent attendance at zine fests around the neighborhood, it might seem as if the colorful store had simply popped up and found success overnight. But like most things that seem effortless, it wasn’t. How’d they create that cool job?  (more…)

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Once more into the breach: go ahead and down a few drinks while watching the final debate on Wednesday.

Finally, after what feels like a campaign that has lasted since before most of you were born and will still drag on until most of us are dead from exhaustion/rising sea levels/Trump internment camps, we have reached the presidential debates. The final debate of this election goes down Wednesday Oct. 19 at 9pm, and it should be a hell of a blood sport: it’ll either be Hillary Clinton’s chance to prove that she’s the only actual adult running for president who has at least read one or two books about international politics, or the chance for everyone in the nation to collectively face palm while thinking “I can’t believe she’s really going to blow this.” Either way, being out and about among your fellow Brooklynites with a drink or two or 13 in hand is recommended.

Here’s our roundup of bars showing the debate on Wednesday, including bars with drink specials, debate bingo and free Cheez-Its (because of the orange guy). Most are also showing the subsequent debates, and all are free. We’ll update the list as more roll in too. And don’t forget to bring our Brokelyn debates drinking game with you too! (more…)

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drink local week

Get to know the best boozy spots Brooklyn has to offer at Drink Local Week.

If you’re living in Brooklyn and still chugging Budweiser and Evan Williams, you’re doing it wrong. We have the best bars, but did you know that we also have the best alcohol too? This week, Brooklyn’s first Drink Local Week is going to give you dozens more reasons not to leave the borough.

Whether you drink whiskey, wine, beer or cider, Drink Local Week has something for you. The Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Taste NY and Explore Brooklyn have teamed up to bring you a week of deals on wineries, breweries, distilleries, and more throughout the county of Kings. You’ll try drinks made here in Brooklyn, and throughout New York State. Think of it as Restaurant Week, but for booze!

The week kicks off this Thursday (Oct. 20), and goes through Oct. 26, and spans all the way from Greenpoint down to Bay Ridge, and from Columbia Street all the way west to Bed Stuy. Check Explore Brooklyn’s handy map to see where all of the participating businesses are. You just might find your new local hang or weekend jaunt. (more…)

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Nets gain: Your IDNYC will get you 25 percent off Barclays Center tickets

25 percent off this expensive haus? Not bad. via Flickr user Adrian Kinloch

If you haven’t got your IDNYC card yet, now’s as good a time as any to make the schlep. It’s barely a schlep, anyway; the ID is free, and there won’t be long lineups to get one since you’re so late to the party yourself.

Why now? Well, IDNYC has always boasted discounts at a number of cultural institutions — free one-year memberships at the Botanic Gardens, BAM and the Brooklyn Museum, for example — but now, your IDNYC also makes up for in sports game discounts what it lacks in sensible function. You get 25 percent off Barclays Center tickets! (more…)