09/03/15 9:13am
The only catch is you have to have fun, because they're filming you. via Facebook

The only catch is you have to have fun, because they’re filming you. via Facebook

The Brooklyn Comedy Festival wrapped last week, but we’re sure as heck not done laughing at the world. And hopefully neither are you, because this afternoon a list of household names in Brooklyn comedy are taping a comedy show, and they want you (you!) to be in the audience. Best of all, in exchange for your time spent watching free comedy, you get free pizza.

Performances at the taping will include Josh Gondelman (Last Week Tonight), Aparna Nancherla (Conan), Shalewa Sharpe (Shake), and Halle Kiefer (Friends of the People). With a list like that, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be an extremely enjoyable way to spend an afternoon. Much better than your day job, anyway. (more…)

09/02/15 4:13pm
Hey, join bandwagon, we got plenty of room. via Facebook

Hey, join bandwagon, we got plenty of room. via Facebook

The phrase “meaningful games in September” has haunted Mets fans from almost the moment owner/financial incompetent Fred Wilpon told a New York Times reporter he wanted to see them back in 2004. And yet, here we are in September 2015 and the Mets are playing meaningful games. The Mets are the talk of the city, and if you want to keep up with the conversation, we’re here to help with some footnotes on the Mets’ major storylines. (more…)

09/02/15 1:59pm
If he can learn to do it, you can learn to do it.

If he can learn to do it, you can learn to do it.

As it gets colder outside, you might find yourself less willing to go out to restaurants, and even feeling a twinge of regret for making a delivery guy bike through the snow to bring you some Chinese food. That means firing up the oven and cooking for yourself. Fear you don’t have the skills to do that? Don’t worry, we found some affordable CourseHorse classes that will teach you to cook, without instructors that are gonna get all Gordon Ramsay on you. (more…)

09/02/15 12:57pm
Shell bean is very big this fall, trust us. via the Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator

Shell bean is very big this fall, trust us. via the Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator

We obviously have plenty of love for a lot of the Brooklyn bars out there, but sometimes it feels like bar menus in Edison bulb-lit drinking holes are just pulling their combinations out from a random algorithm. If you’ve been thinking that you want to open a Brooklyn bar and make a menu that’s the toast of the food world, but lack that same algorithm, we’ve got great news for you. Some denizen of the internet has put together the Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator, which will help you figure out just how to combine your monkfish and your lime discs and your duck fat in such a way that you wind up with a two-star review in the Times. (more…)

09/02/15 12:06pm

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09/02/15 11:24am
Hey hey, my my, jorts will never die

Hey hey, my my, jorts will never die

Between cast members showing up at screenings of it, multiple public screenings happening with or without said cast members, a prequel show on Netflix and even a full immersion in a Bushwick lot, it seems like we’ve been living in the summer of Wet Hot American Summer. So of course Videology is capping it off the best way they could think of, with a free all-day marathon of Wet Hot American Summer.

09/02/15 10:00am


via Facebook

via Facebook

2123 Avenue Z (Corner of E. 22nd)
Sheepshead Bay


What it is: Real deal neighborhood dive with daily complimentary buffet, nightly karaoke and an Islanders fan base.

Why we love it: Free food! No peanuts or pretzels here, we’re talking hefty portions of pasta, chicken strips, lentil soup—hearty drinking food. Plus, a dive bar that also has karaoke is a dream of ours.

Who to bring: Your singing partner who is always on the hunt for a new spot to drop the mic; a friend who’s die-hard for dive bars.

What to order: Take your pick from four drafts and over 20 domestic and international bottles, and enjoy what’s for dinner that night!

Fun fact: Originally called the Log Cabin Bar, the watering hole is rumored to have been Brooklyn’s first karaoke bar—the owners purchased an early Japanese model of a karaoke machine for $6,000 at an entertainment expo at Javits Center in the mid 1980’s.

09/02/15 9:37am
It was funny was Elvis did it, it's still funny today

It was funny was Elvis did it, it’s still funny today

Welcome to Wednesday, the fulcrum of your week. If you’ve been having a bad one, here’s your chance to really turn things around and make it a good week. If you’ve been having a good week, this is where you could slip up and start doing the wrong thing and all of a sudden it’s a bad week. Either way, these things to do as found on the Brokelyn Event Calendar will make sure that you salvage your week or keep it going well. (more…)

09/01/15 4:22pm
Better start tiny-furniture shopping. via NYC Mayor's Office

Better start tiny-furniture shopping. via NYC Mayor’s Office

Hey guys, remember when micro-apartments were just a tack on Bloomberg’s vision board, a haze on the small-batch horizon? Well, the ex-mayor’s dream has finally become a reality, with My Micro NY, an entire apartment complex of tiny apartment units measuring 360 sq. feet or less now taking applications for its affordable housing units. (more…)