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diamond 1

Images by Sarah Bibi

The Diamond   Food Games Outdoor Space 

43 Franklin Street
(between Calyer and Quay)
(718) 383-5030



diamond 2What it is: The Diamond is a Greenpoint staple that’s chill, out of the salmon stream of the drinking fish and it exudes an obvious passion for selecting and educating patrons about rare, interesting beers from around the world and drinkable domestics from stateside sellers.

Why we love it: A comprehensive list of eight drafts, a cask and 30 bottles and cans classified by strength are neatly described and enthusiastically served by the bar’s owner and bartenders. Expertly selected high-alcohol and other rare diamond 3brews are complemented by 8 or 10 sessionable beers at all times, so try out a strong one and stay for several more. Other perks are good music (the real rock ‘n’ roll, not the other kind–in fact, they’ve been named as having one of the 8 best jukeboxes in Brookyln), fun games that aren’t cheesy to play (shuffleboard!) and a back patio where you can sit in a gondola.

Who to bring: Bring a beer lover who likes a quiet spot on a weekday, or a crowded spot on the weekend. You brainy friends for trivia nights that benefits BARC and are hosted by drag sensation, Gusty Winds.

What to get:  If you’re looking to dine, there are Tuck Shop pies and boiled peanuts on the reg but look out for food pairing nights, showcasing chef events or mac and cheese competitions. Yup, mac and cheese competitions.

The beer menu is like a little encyclopedia and trying new brews from around the world never gets old. Instead of going for your usual favorite, try a sour or an extra special bitter and let your palate be surprised by how inoffensive these seemingly aggressive beers can actually be. Or, wash down a pot pie with a few sessions from the 4.5%-or-below menu.

Fun fact: The owner, Dave, is into skiing and skiing with friends and organizes trips to Plattekill Mountain for $45 bucks, including carpool rides and a two-hour free open bar afterward at, you guessed it, The Diamond.—Cat Wolinski

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04/17/14 11:03am
broad city

Look, they’re on their way now! via Facebook

If you’re like us, one of your favorite things in the world right now is Broad City. Like no other TV show before it, it really hits on what it is to be young, live in the city and not GAF about anything but getting high, slacking off at your job and hooking up with really weird people. Well, trying to hook up with what you think are normal people only to have them keep trying to turn the whole thing into an “accidental” orgy. Anyway, if you know what that means, you’ll love this: tonight in the tiny back room at Over the Eight (594 Union Avenue, Williamsburg), Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer will be guests on The Kevin Corrigan Show. And it’s free! (more…)

04/17/14 9:45am
rooftop films

That could be you, seeing you up there this summer!. via Facebook

One of the joys of summer is the plethora of free outdoor movie options that come our way, including the offerings from the folks at Rooftop Films. They’ll be back this year with more movies, but first, they’re offering you the opportunity to nudge your date and say, “Hey that’s me up there on the screen,” with their call for extras for the trailer they’re filming to be shown before each movie this summer. Just don’t expect your date to be that impressed, he could be in the trailer too, for all you know. (more…)

04/17/14 8:33am

They look relaxed and casual here, but don’t worry, Darlings put on a good show. via Facebook

1. Been feeling a little rootless lately? Well then a gypsy rock party at Radio Bushwick will fit your mood perfectly (Friday)

2. Torn between shopping and listening to music? Why not choose both, which you can do at the Thrift Disco pop up thrift store (Friday)

3. Hometown hero Prince Rama is playing Baby’s All Right, and being around royalty is always nice, even if the title is just made up (Friday) (more…)

girls hbo

Will Laird be there? We hope Laird is there

Girls may have ended their third season looking like Hannah would choose the “MFA” side of the MFA vs. NYC argument and and head off to the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, but we all knew the show wouldn’t just be packing up and moving there. Especially with the University of Iowa saying “No fucking way,” to the show’s request to film on campus. And lo and behold, they’re coming crawling back already, but far away from the show’s usual stomping grounds, with Ditmas Park Corner noticing that the show will be filming in the neighborhood on Thursday and Friday this week. Bring your autograph books/noisemakers, depending on where you fall on the pro vs. anti Girls spectrum. (more…)

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If you haven’t paid your taxes, then maybe you should stop reading and write some last requests, because the IRS is undoubtedly on its way to end your days. But otherwise, hey! Check out these new apartment listings that feature ways for you to get cozy on the cheap while you wait for that tax return, in an exciting new “Look at this Fucking Kitchen” edition!


04/16/14 12:47pm

Nothing like a little explosive action over your weekend. Photo by Donald Woodman, via Prospect Park

For one night only, the Brooklyn skies will be aflame with fiery feminist passion. And no, I don’t mean that I’ll be yelling out my window at random people about male privilege, because that happens every night. In an equally loud, but presumably more pleasant display, DNA Info reports that artist Judy Chicago will show a 20 minute feature of fireworks and light called A Butterfly for Brooklyn. The piece includes hundreds of fireworks, thousands of road flares and miles of LED lights erupting over Prospect Park’s Long Meadow on April 26. (more…)

04/16/14 12:00pm

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