02/09/16 10:52am
The NYC natives in The Prettiots herald dark-cute music.

The NYC natives in The Prettiots herald dark-cute music.

This week, we talk to Kay Kasperhauser of Brooklyn-based duo The Prettiots, recommended for fans of ukuleles, Sylvia Plath, temporary tattoos, Elliot Stabler and temporary tattoos of Elliot Stabler.

The Prettiots are comprised of Kasperhauser, who grew up in the West Village, and Lulu Landolfi, who was raised in Brooklyn. Their debut album, Funs Cool,  came out Friday on Rough Trade records. If you were smart enough to preorder it, you got a sweet Prettiots lip gloss AND a sheet of temporary tattoos hand drawn by Kay. And let’s just say this: they are adorable. Their music is sweet and fun, but with an often heart-wrenchingly honest voice that speaks to dealing with the darkness in the world. They also have an amazing dream pop Misfits cover with “Skulls,” and the world’s premiere love song about a fictional TV detective in pop ballad “Stabler.” (more…)

02/09/16 8:43am
Julio Torres

Julio Torres photo by Mindy Tucker

In the Brooklyn comedy community, Julio Torres is a precious jewel. Whether performing at Fresh Perspectives, the monthly show he co-hosts at Muchmore’s, or at any number of shows you can catch him at any given week, the El Salvador native stands out. He’ll take the stage doing soft-spoken impressions of Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, sporting a shock of short platinum hair and a touch of glitter on his face. It’s as if he heard Rihanna’s “Shine Bright Like A Diamond” and decided to take the advice literally.

His Twitter and Instagram are full of short vignettes about the self-described Space Prince living off of marble, diamonds and universal adoration. He’s been named one of Comedy Central’s Comics to Watch, one of Just For Laughs’ New Faces and a finalist for the Andy Kaufman Award. Recently, you may have seen him make a brief appearance along with his friend and collaborator Lena Einbinder on Louis C.K.’s brilliant new show, Horace and PeteTonight, he’s splitting an hour show with Brokelyn-favorite Jo Firestone at UCB East. We spoke to Julio about performing in Brooklyn, having fun with Tilda Swinton and why Jo Firestone is like actual fire. (more…)

02/08/16 3:58pm
Worth the price of admission? via flickr user Adam WIlson

What’s the real price of admission, anymore? via flickr user Adam WIlson

It’s inescapable: no matter where you’re buying your tickets online, the face value you’re shown at first is never the amount you end up paying at checkout time. Sizable service fees, lazily attributed to “maintenance” or “processing,” can add anywhere from a couple dollars to the price of an entire meal to your purchase.

While it’s no secret that Ticketmaster is a profit-seeking enterprise out to gouge customers and corner the market, what about the smaller companies that you’re using every day for local indie theatre, music and comedy? Are they gouging too? Who’s really to “blame,” if at all, for the extra money you’re shelling out when you buy? We caught up with a few of New York’s most prevalent online ticketing services, Ovation Tix and Brown Paper Tickets, to get some answers about what those ticket fees are actually used for.  (more…)

02/08/16 12:45pm
Zero calories, zero soda. via eBay

Zero calories, zero soda. via eBay

It’s hard to determine what could revive interest in pharma-bore Martin Shkreli as of late. Between his performance at Congress, his late-night Tyra Mail habit, his belabored Twitter game and most notoriously, paying $2 million for the only copy of the new Wu-Tang Clan album, the ex-CEO (and Sheepshead Bay native) has become something more of a meme than a man.

Seeming to have noticed this, someone on eBay is trying to take advantage of Shkreli’s penchant for collectors’ items, and is now trying to sell Martin Shkreli a factory-sealed empty can of Diet Pepsi for $25 million.

“Just like the album,” reads the can’s listing, “It’s only worth what you—Martin Shkreli—say it is.”

“The ideal outcome is that it appeals to Shkreli’s ego,” the seller tells us.  (more…)

02/08/16 10:12am
Full graphic below. Illustration by Chris Giganti

Full graphic below. Illustration by Chris Giganti

The CDC released new buzzkill guidelines last week, telling women basically not to drink ever because drinking can make you pregnant, give you an STD (stay away from that brand of whiskey again, ladies) or lead to a whole host of other problems. Suffice it to say, the recommendations not go over well: ThinkProgress said they double “as a handy guide to victim-blaming;” The New Republic accused the CDC of considering women “freestanding uteruses.” The Washington Post’s Alexandra Petri pointed out that the guidelines leave out the role of men in this whole process.

Brokelyn pal Chris Giganti (last seen creating our favorite/most terrifying photoshop of all time) stepped in to fix that problem. He redid the CDC’s guidelines with a focus on men: show it to a man you know who could use some recommended self control when going out in public. (more…)

02/08/16 7:50am
Have some seriously bon temps with Stumblebum Brass Band (#)

Have some seriously bon temps with Stumblebum Brass Band (#3)

1. Don’t you worry ’bout a thing: Start your week off grooving at Wonder, a Stevie Wonder tribute with performances by more than 20 musicians. (Monday, C’mon Everybody, $10)

2. Or start it off laughing at the two-year anniversary of Comedyology, a comedy show for cinema lovers, with standup, movie debates, and trailer trash-talking from Mark Normand, Blair Socci, Tim Dillon, and Matt Ruby. (Monday, Videology, FREE)

3. Laissez les bon temps rouler! Celebrate Mardi Gras with great brass bands: Stumblebum Brass Band is playing Little Cinema’s immersive party at House of Yes, Hungry March Band will rock The Bell House, and Dirty Water Dogs are coming to Bar Chord. (Tuesday, varies) (more…)

02/05/16 6:00pm
Idiotarod after-party. Photo by Walter Wlodarczyk.

Idiotarod after-party. Photo by Walter Wlodarczyk.

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Mom Rose and her 9-month old daughter Ria, two of the rabbits up for adoption. Photo via Petfinder.

Mom Rose and her 9-month old daughter Ria, two of the rabbits up for adoption. Photo via Petfinder.

The Gowanus syphilis bunnies should be the mascots for Brooklyn: They’re adorable, tough, hardened by city life, possibly full of venereal disease and confusing to your friends who live elsewhere in the country. As a refresher, the city last year rescued almost 200 rabbits from an abandoned lot near the Gowanus, accusing their owner of animal abuse, including letting the rabbits develop syphilis. As Dave wrote last year, “Man this story about about hundreds of rabbits living in an empty lot near a Superfund site got real dark real fast.”

But good news! The rabbits are syphilis free and doing well, and now some of them are going up for adoption at a Valentine’s Day event tomorrow! Because what’s a better sign of your love than a bunny that survived the Gowanus?  (more…)

02/05/16 11:42am
Sunshine Laundromat is one of the most practical dating spots in Brooklyn. Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

The new Sunshine Laundromat bar is a goddamn pinball wonderland, with or without beer googles.  Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

Science says beer goggles aren’t a thing (but what does science know) [Munchies]

The Brooklyn to Staten Island migration has begun [BrickUnderground]

What it’s like to profit from gentrification [The Billfold]

Your grandma in Florida can soon get fresh Junior’s cheesecakes [Brownstoner]

Bill Clinton is coming to Williamsburg [CNN]

Should the Coney Island boardwalk be a landmark? [Daily News]

Brooklyn: The Movie: The TV Show [Empire]

It’s only a matter of time before Governors Island is all TD Banks [Politico]

(Above image taken at the new Sunshine Laundromat speakeasy, which is on our list of the most practical date spots in Brooklyn.)

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