08/18/14 2:58pm
rippers rockaway

Does it make a good office or not? Photo by David Colon

If you’re a freelancer, or someone who works from home, the idea to work not just outside but at the beach might pop in to your head at some point in the summer. Should you do it? Obviously we here at Brokelyn are never ones to argue against a beach trip, but given that it already takes discipline to work at home and get things done, surely there are drawbacks to working at the beach that surpass the usual challenges one finds working from home or at a coffice. As a public service, we’ve spent the day at Beach 86th Street compling the pros and cons of a beach office. (more…)

08/18/14 2:13pm
will and grace

It’s just like that show that went off the air ten years ago!

New York! It’s big, and can feel kind of lonely when you just get here or if you’re not the type to wow the crowd at your local karaoke night. On the other hand, New York! You sometimes find yourself living with people who consider bed bugs a pet or keep half the dishes in your apartment under their beds with food stuck to it and don’t tell you. Given the choice, most people who need roommates would like to not have them. It turns out that the new trend among the rich and kinda lonely is living with roommates even if they can easily afford not to. We’re not angry about this (really we’re not), it just sounds more sad than anything. (more…)

08/18/14 1:12pm
roger that garden project

Save Roger That…start buying scratch-off tickets. Photo by Emily-Bell Dinan

If anyone has a rich eccentric uncle trying to spend all of his money before he dies, you might want to hit him up now, because the owner of the lot where Crown Heights’ Roger That Garden sits has put a price on what it will cost to buy the lot from him: one million dollars, according to the New York Post. Which is a lot of money, but to be fair, Steve Billings of TYC Realty paid a $10 to buy the property, and a man needs to make his money back in this crazy go go world of ours. (more…)

08/18/14 10:06am

Don’t throw your mushrooms away, throw them in some apple cider vinegar! Photo courtesy of Andrew Whitcomb

How much of your food skips the fork and goes straight from the fridge to the trash can? Probably too much.  Even if you share a quarter of a mini-fridge, you’re probably not using everything you buy before it starts to stink up your and then your roommate’s partitioned fridge space. Americans are really good at buying more groceries than we can use, and it’s a huge waste of money, not to mention resources.

Chef Andrew Whitcomb, of Colonie (127 Atlantic Ave), teaches us some of the tricks he uses to keep margins down at his restaurant, so we can enjoy our perishables before they truly perish.

We came up with some foods that often turn in our refrigerators before we get a chance to use them and Chef Whitcomb shared his mastermind strategies for optimal deliciousness, with things like pickling, sauces and…carrot jerky? (more…)

08/18/14 9:19am

glasslands gallery

Hey, there you are. via Facebook

Despite the fact that we don’t want it to, summer is ending one of these days, which is a bummer. However, you can look forward to more than just playoff baseball as the temperatures cool, at least if you win this new contest we’re running with the folks at Glasslands.

Remember the season pass that they sell, the limited-run card that gets you into every show no matter how sold out it is and also gets you a drink when you walk in the door? It usually costs $235, but you can skip all that paying nonsense and get one absolutely free, merely by entering below. How exciting! A magic card that allows you access to every show at Glasslands from September 1 to November 30 (and a drink at that show), in a season that includes shows from Dinowalrus and Javelin, a Robyn dance party and the Glasslands 5th Anniversary party. Why are you still reading? Enter now and win!

Win a Glasslands Season Pass for Fall 2014!


08/18/14 7:00am

With a speech this good, you can celebrate Independence Day all year

1. Spike Hill’s Game Night is celebrating the Brooklyn Comedy Festival with jokes from Josh Gondelamn, musical duo The Reformed Whores and more good clean fun (Monday)

2. Vanessa Manko drops her debut novel, The Invention of Exile at powerHouse Arena, with a reading and a chat with the former Mr. Padma Laskshmi, Salman Rushdie  (Monday)

3. It’s audience choice night at Coney Island Flicks and Grease was the one that they want, ooh ooh ooh  (Monday) (more…)

08/17/14 6:00am
A painting by Pieter Brueghel the Younger.

It’s Soooooul Mania. A painting by Pieter Brueghel the Younger.

On Faith: “Dopamine probably fueled his brain.” [Aeon]
On Approval: “…good job, robot, I like this.” [Wired]
On Jobs: “It’s about how automation is inevitable.” [Video]
On Tourists: “However, after a month you find the novelty wearing off…” [TD]
On Humanity: “Obviously, the site isn’t journalism…” [Gawker]
On BK: “I have only survived because of my Chinese customers.” [Awl]
On Oil: “It is not down in any map; true places never are.” [Clickhole]
On Tactics: “After all, if you’ve got it, why not use it?” [New Republic]
On Policy: “Obama promises to stop genocide in Iraq and not to do ‘stupid shit,‘” [DB]
On Intended Consequences: “Critics of the law say that it promotes a shoot-first mentality.” [AJA]
On Choice: “It seems that the word should can cause us to think in black and white…” [NYMag]
On Dance: “…the gaze of 600 years ago medicalises as much as the gaze of 1996.” [Medievalist]

08/15/14 4:36pm
one last shag

One Last Shag, their nice backyard and their wine happy hour, beckons. Photo courtesy One Last Shag

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-These wine happy hours were truly the happiest of hours

-Summer was kept alive by this streaming St. Vincent show

-But not by jerks drinking pumpkin beer in August

-Ze Germans admitted to Brooklyn Bridge white flag stunt, for “art”

-The Michael Jackson birthday celebration came back to town!

-But the Brooklyn Heights Cinema said they were closing

-Cops were on the lookout for cyclists breaking the law

-If you were on the lookout for jobs, BuzzFeed had a whole lot of them

-So did we, in our jobs roundup

-NYC’s rent wasn’t the MOST expensive, just 6th most. Hooray?

-At least this Arcade Fire Groupon was cheap

-Despite what you heard, Trader Joe’s isn’t coming to Prospect Heights

-Bedbugs continued their march of terror through the subway

-We loved Double Windsor, where it’s always summer and Skytown, which has homemade cheese

dumbo archway

This, but also with dancing. via Flickr user dumbonyc

There’s nothing like an outdoor dance party to prove to haters that IT’S STILL SUMMER YA JERKS. Fortunately for us all, there just happens to be a big outdoor dance party this weekend that is both free and in Brooklyn. Is there any downside to this? We guess if you’re afraid of dancing it’s ALL downside, but other than that, no.  (more…)

08/15/14 2:13pm

This one seems like it could be good for you.

If you’ve just moved into a new apartment, congratulations! We hope it doesn’t have bed bugs. Also, you might want to do a little bit of decorating. Finally get rid of your Reservoir Dogs poster and that Ikea art you made a huge mistake buying, and check out Gilt’s Banksy sale for a quick way to spruce up your new pad. (more…)