08/27/15 1:15pm
I scream, you scream, etc. via flickr user Chun Yip So

I scream, you scream, etc. via flickr user Chun Yip So

The dog days of summer are upon us, where all you want to do is lay out in the sun and eat ice cream. And usually, only one of those two things is free. But today, you can do both without spending a dime, because Van Leeuwen is giving away ice cream tonight! According to Gothamist, the dessert-isans will be offering up gratis scoops of ice cream at their new flagship location in Williamsburg (204 Wythe Avenue).  (more…)

08/27/15 12:03pm

Someone tried to explain away the patriarchy with science [New York Magazine]
There’s a new police unit dedicated to “stripping” the city of its topless denizens [Crain’s New York]
“Manspreading” is officially an English word now [DNAinfo]
Who needs a bookstore when you could have a Target that has some books in it [Racked NY]
Hey look, it’s a bike locking arrangement that doesn’t make you want to cry [The Atlantic]
Study shows lousy millennials like coffee, need it to keep being lousy [Reuters]
Hanksy drew a mural of Donald Trump as a pile of shit, pretty accurate [Bedford & Bowery]
Hey young upstarts, here’s a guide on how to get your Kickstarter funded [New York Observer]

08/27/15 10:55am
Sasheer Zamata is just one many comics who'll be performing at the closing party on Saturday. via BKCF

Sasheer Zamata is one of many all-stars slated to perform at the closing show on Saturday. via BKCF

The Brooklyn Comedy Festival ends this weekend, on Sunday, August 30. If you’re thinking, “Oh no thanks, I already know comedy, it’s sitting in a dark room with some guy tells jokes at the front,” then you should definitely be catching at least one of these last few shows. (more…)

08/27/15 9:52am
Hey, it's living room theater. via Website

Living room theater. via Casa de Beverley

Hey, all you budding playwrights out there, with Google Drives just bursting at the seams with yet-to-be-produced material. Yes, you! Here’s an opportunity to hear your talented writings out loud, without having to schlep all the way up to Midtown Manhattan. Casa de Beverley, a community and arts space in Ditmas Park, is accepting submissions for another One Acts and Snacks, their staged reading series with actors (and free snacks).  (more…)

08/27/15 8:41am
These nice young men want to show you a rocking good time. via Facebook

These nice young men want to show you a rocking good time. via Facebook

Thursday is here and it’s time for you to partyyyyyy. Seriously though, get out there and have a good time, because you’ve worked for most of the week and for a few of those hours, you probably even put in an effort that went beyond merely going through the motions. So! Reward yourself by having a good time at one of these fun nights out found on the Brokelyn Event Calendar. (more…)

08/26/15 4:23pm
This could be your life

This could be your life (NOTE: Not the hospital beds in question)

Here it is, the Craigslist version of “For sale, baby shoes, never worn,” an ad that reads:



Also there are some instructions on how to claim the beds from their owner in Sheepshead Bay, but the ad itself raises a series of questions: (more…)

08/26/15 2:55pm
Celebrate it. Photo by Deena Atkinson

Celebrate it. Photo by Deena Atkinson

As you know, it takes a lot for us to recommend you go somewhere in Manhattan. Not that Manhattan is so bad, but it’s all the way over there and you’re over here. Tonight though, we have a pretty good reason for you to party in Manhattan tonight though: free pizza slices and free whiskey shots, in celebration of everyone’s good friend, pizza. (more…)

08/26/15 1:48pm
This is what everyone wears on Casual Friday, by the way. Via Facebook

This is what everyone wears on Casual Friday, by the way. Via Facebook

In New York City, your job does not define who you are. You are in a city where interesting hobbies and fun people are scattered all over streets like so many rats on a subway line. What I mean to say, is that if you don’t like your job, you can still go out and find a great, productive way to live your life in this great city. However, you will also have to go to your crappy office every morning, so maybe if you don’t want to tell everyone at your rock-climbing gym/macrame classes about how much you hate what you do every day, maybe you should get an amazing job and have the best of both worlds! Where to find such a job, you ask? Well, keep on reading. (more…)

08/26/15 12:09pm

Stealing Citi Bikes, so hot this year [New York Post]
Woman from an iconic 9/11 photo dies from cancer [MarketWatch]
Shockingly, developers aren’t following 421-a rules [The Real Deal]
Hooray for our record-setting streak of consecutive days of 80 degree temperature [amNewYork]
This lack of FIOS citywide takes a personal turn [The Awl]
Someone put Andrew Cuomo on a damn bus [Gothamist]
There’s big business in online joke theft [Slate]

08/26/15 10:00am

Dardy Bar
245 S. 1st Street (Between Roebling and Havemeyer), Williamsburg

Website • Facebook • Instagram

What it is: A neighborhood bar focused on great tunes and cheap drinks.

Why we love it: Dardy Bar is as unpretentious as it is unassuming, nestled on a quiet block in South Williamsburg that’s off the worn and beaten path of Bedford Ave. It’s one of the newer places on the scene, but Dardy Bar has already found its niche with the locals. Jimmy and Brian, who own the joint, are often tending bar and making friends with patrons while rotating through a well-curated playlist that stretches from rock ‘n roll standbys to full-on R. Kelly dance parties. Challenge some new amigos to a friendly game of shuffleboard or call up some old buds and gather round Connect Four and a selection of other tried-and-true boardgames, all while getting increasingly tipsy on homey, feel-good vibes and a great selection of beer & spirits.

Who to bring: This place is practically designed for a no-pressure first date on a weeknight, where the volume of patrons isn’t overwhelming, the atmosphere is relaxed and casual, and you can always play Jenga if you run out of things to talk about.

What to get: You’re gonna want a beer. With $2 Coors Banquet Drafts all night Tuesdays, 2-for-1 draft & well options all night Wednesdays, and great draft beers under $6 all week long, you definitely can stretch your dollar at Dardy Bar. And what pairs better with a cheap, great beer than hot wings, nachos, and more delicious noms to help aide the destruction of your gastrointestinal system?

Regular tip: Dardy Bar is quickly becoming a go-to filming location! Check out Dardy Bar in a new Showtime series 3am.