02/03/16 3:11pm
Puppy Bowl stars Cam Chewton and Peyton Mansbestfriend fight it out on the field. Via Animal Planet.

Puppy Bowl stars Cam Chewton and Sharpeiton Manning fight it out on the field. Via Animal Planet.

The Super Bowl is Sunday, and it’s an American holiday for which we rounded up 14 places in Brooklyn you can watch the game earlier today. But there are many legitimate reasons that you might not want to watch it that may or may not relate to watching grown men give each other brain damage to help sell trucks. The Super Bowl is also reason for the greatest counter programming in television history, the Puppy Bowl, which airs before the Super Bowl on the Animal Channel and is the opposite of a brain-injury causing sport.

Every year we get questions from the cord-cutting, non-football fans of Brooklyn looking for someone to escape the orgy of Super Bowl excitement and just find a place to watch puppies on a Sunday afternoon. Well this year, we finally found a place for you. (more…)

02/03/16 11:39am
That could be your back wall, paying you thousands of dollars. via The Better Half

That could be your back wall, paying you thousands of dollars. via The Better Half

It used to be that making a living wage meant leaving your house and going to work. But now, maybe just leaving the house is enough: according to a location scout interviewed by BrickUnderground, giving a film crew access to your apartment could pay you anywhere from $1,000 per day to $50,000 for a three-day shoot!

Of course, it’s not as easy as lights, camera, action — there are a handful of criteria that influence location scouts’ decisions when choosing an apartment to use for a film or series (the BrickUnderground post lists seven things scouts look for). Lucky for you, we turned those criteria into an easy quiz you can take! Don’t be discouraged if your apartment doesn’t make the cut. But DO be very excited if it does.  (more…)

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Well Brooklyn, we’ve sat through another year of bone crunching, jaw dropping, CTE-causing action on the gridiron, and this weekend it all finally ends at Super Bowl 50. On the one side, you’ve got the Denver Broncos, led by Papa John’s shill and alleged HGH abuser Peyton Manning. On the other side, you’ve got the Carolina Panthers, led by human highlight reel and racism magnet Cam Newtown. The world will be watching, and after speaking to a couple of Canadian gentlemen who seem to have some insight into the way football really works, I believe the Illuminati will be watching as well.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an invite to Bohemian Grove to watch at their annual Super Bowl party, there are plenty of Brooklyn bars showing the game. This also the only Super Bowl party roundup that will shed light on the Illuminati scheming to watch out for during the game. (more…)

02/02/16 4:00pm
From Citibikes to sewer swims, these travel options all beat Uber by a mile. More than a mile, really

From Citibikes to the sewage system, these travel options are all completely viable and mostly safe

It’s almost laughable that Uber’s recent strike is garnering such widespread support, considering how frequently their service comes under fire. It was only a month ago that their absurd New Years’ surge pricing incensed riders around the city. What’s more, basic stats have already proved that Uber is never actually be cheaper than a taxi.

But if you’re really still hung up on the lack of Uber cars trolling the city in the hopes that you’ll hail them, take heart: Brokelyn’s rounded up a number of alternative ways to get around, and it’s not just with hailing apps — which, by the way, can be used for any number of taxicabs and car services in the city. Our roundup caters to the Brooklyn populace specifically, and there’s sure to be something on this list that works for you.  (more…)

02/02/16 3:19pm
The 2016 Beer Books are finally here!

The 2016 Beer Books are finally here!

There are lots of things to get excited for in the New Year: fresh resolutions; health insurance enrollment; the sweet satisfaction of abandoning that fitness goal. But come February, there’s something much sweeter to swallow: 30 free beers at 30 bars for only 30 bucks in the county of Kings. Today’s the day: the 2016 Brooklyn Beer Books are on sale! (more…)

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Via Screenshot.

A guy with a beard walks into an old man bar. Horace and Pete image via screenshot.

Louie CK, one of New York City’s most entertaining humans, surprise dropped the first episode of his new web series Horace & Pete over the weekend. It’s essentially a filmed version of a one-take play, line-flubs, intermission and all, about two brothers who own a dive bar in Brooklyn called Horace and Pete’s, which has been in the family for 100 years. The play/show is great, full of timely references that make it feel like it was filmed that very morning (there’s a discussion about Donald Trump and the caucuses for example). It’s clever, unique entertainment, with a stellar cast and an egg of Louie’s dark humor cracked over Death of a Salesman that matches his move toward more drama.

The crux of the show is the 100-year old-dive bar, its patrons and its place in the modern world. There are two main antagonist elements: a sister (Edie Falco) and her lawyer, who seek common law property rights to sell the bar; and some bearded and banged hipsters, who come into the bar looking for “authenticity.” Yes, using hipsters in your show as villains is almost as common as putting them in your commercials as heroes. But Louis, ever smart, is tackling a real issue here: why do we get so offended by the people who search for “authenticity” in an increasingly homogenous city? (more…)

02/02/16 12:35pm

Snow Shoe Prospect Park

This post is brought to you by Sorta Outdoorsy, a weekly newsletter full of ideas for outdoor adventures around New York City. Like what you see? Subscribe to Sorta Outdoorsy.

If you’re anything like us, by Saturday night you were going stir crazy from being trapped inside all day by the weekend snowstorm. So come Sunday morning we couldn’t wait to strap on the snowshoes we rented from Traverse Outfitters (delivered to our door!) and head to Prospect Park for a surprisingly delightful adventure hiking through the thigh-deep snow drifts that blanketed the area. (more…)

02/02/16 10:58am
This is one of the few things that you'll actually be better at on drugs. via Broad City Instagram

This is one of the few things that you’ll actually be better at on drugs. via Broad City Instagram

We’re all anxiously awaiting the first episode of Broad City‘s third season (premiering Feb. 17 at 10pm, FYI). Will Ilana lose more teeth? Will Abbi ever peg a good man? Will another Brooklyn grocery store be ravaged by a life-sized Gumby?

While your imagination runs wild with the possibilities of what’s to come, here’s a way you can involved with the series hands-on: Broad City needs help painting a badass mural in Williamsburg this Saturday. The first 100 folks to show up for the job will get free “Broad Fucking City” tees, and everyone involved in the effort is invited to party at Kinfolk after the mural is finished with free drinks, Broad City swag and photo opps aplenty — including a special appearance from Bingo Bronson himself.  (more…)

02/02/16 8:55am
Emily Wells shows a lot of "Promise."

Emily Wells shows a lot of “Promise.” Photo by Shervin Laines via Shore Fire Media.

Greetings! I, Lilly Vanek, am here with the triumphant return of New Music Tuesday, where we introduce you to the best new music out of Brooklyn every week. I’m attempting to fill the boots of the illustrious Kelly McClure (no pressure or anything). So I was stoked to get to write about Bushwick-based classically trained violinist/vocalist turned one-woman band Emily Wells, whose new album, Promise, dropped Friday. She plays all the instruments herself, and even released her fifth and latest record on her very own label, Thesis and Instinct records. She is also just a generally rad person. (more…)

02/01/16 2:36pm
Look at this happy bus full of snowbodies. Via Instagram.

Look at this happy bus full of snowbodies. Via Instagram.

Winter is here! Well, it was, for like that one week when it snowed a bunch and now it seems to be freakishly warm again. So maybe your dreams of tromping around a winter wonderland ended last week when the children of Park Slope got up earlier than you and ruined all the good hills in Prospect Park. But fear not: there are still lots of ski slopes within day-trip range from the city, and you don’t even need a car to get there. Heck, you don’t even need to own your own jacket or ski gear either.

Our friends at the NYC Snow Bus (the winter version of the NYC Beach Bus, also known as our Favorite Thing Ever) have vastly expanded their offerings this year, giving you round-trip bus rides to seven different mountains, from New Jersey to Vermont. They also opened a brand-new retail store on Atlantic Avenue that rents jackets, pants, gloves, goggles and more for up to 90 percent off retail price. The best part? We’ve got a pair of tickets and gear rental to give away to Brokelyn readers too! Find out how below: (more…)