04/23/15 11:30am
It's time you joined the club

It’s time you joined the club

1. Have a meta discussion about a book about books in at BookCourt at the release of Tim Park’s Where I’m Reading. (Friday)

2. Drink with everyone and dance with everyone and make out with everyone at Passenger Bar’s Music Video Make Out Party. (Friday)

3. Unleash your inner cool 60s British kid at Go-Go Gotham with ska, rocksteady, and mod at The Diamond. (Friday) (more…)

04/23/15 9:56am
Is this you every day of the week? Be nice, buy something else

Is this you? There are some things you should know.

If you’re a freelancer who works remotely, you’re well-versed in the coffee shop campout. You arrive prepared early in the morning, laptop in hand, ready for a day of quiet work alongside dozens of other freelancers. But oh, what’s this? The barista is giving you the stink-eye. And so are the people sitting near you. But why? Well, probably because you’re violating basic rules of camper etiquette. While we can agree that wi-fi enabled cafés are a god-given right these days, there are also basic courtesies that should (and do) go along with that privilege. So in that spirit, here are our Do’s and Don’ts of spending your workday at a single coffee joint. (more…)

04/23/15 7:51am
Man bites canal. All photos by David Colon

Man bites canal. All photos by David Colon

A throng of media and curious onlookers watched as the man in the giant protective suit, step by step, walked towards destiny. The historic achievement had been delayed by unexpected bureaucratic hijinks, but now it was only moments away. There was a pause, a deep breath and over the rail he went, making a gentle splash. After decades of pungent aromas, urban legends and a combination of scientific wonder and horror, finally, Man swam in the Gowanus and lived to tell the tale. (more…)

04/22/15 4:31pm
Aim to dress better--or should we say worse--than these turkeys

Aim to dress better–or should we say worse–than these turkeys

It’s time to tease your hair and dig out your volcanic ensembles—because Pretty in Pink prom night is around the corner!Join The Skint at Littlefield on Saturday, April 25 for an 80s prom blowout featuring songs from one of the best soundtracks of all time—think New Order, The Psychedelic Furs, The Smiths and OMD—along with more 80s alternative favorites spun by DJ Steve Reynolds (mix master of Party Like It’s 1999).

1980s throwback video projections by Stephen Pitalo of Golden Age of Music Video will help transport you back to the era, while themed drinks like the Shellshock will get you on the dance floor. Fill yourself with enough liquid courage to compete in a “Try a Little Tenderness” Duckie dance off! (Brush up on your lip-synching skills with the video here.) Dress in your thrift-store finest for our costume contest and make the memories last for decades to come with a trip into our photo booth.

High school may be over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in some good old high school angst. See you at prom! You always said we’d meet again some day. Tickets are only $5 in advance or $7 at the door… that’s hella cheaper than your actual prom was.

04/22/15 3:53pm
Now with more SkyNet! Via Facebook

Now with more SkyNet! Via Facebook

Ah, springtime in the city. It’s a magical time of year, reminding us of the winter hell-scape come to past, and the burning sweatbaths that await us in the near future. In these perfect moments, stuck between the mirroring unpleasantness of New York weather extremes, it seems like the days can go on forever. However, if your job sucks and makes you want to smash a window, that might not be a good thing. Lucky for you, it sounds like the solution to your problem is to simply find a new, better job, which is even simpler when we here are Brokelyn bring you some of the best career opportunities hiring this week. Cherish this time instead of dreading your job, because soon enough you’ll be sweating puddles in the subway station and cursing the bastard who invented “sleeves.” (more…)

hamilton's brooklyn

via Hamilton’s

2826 Fort Hamilton Pkwy, at E. 4th St., Windsor Terrace,

Facebook • Twitter • Website

What it is: Hamilton’s is one of the best reasons you can think of for heading over to Windsor Terrace. A cozy wine bar with great craft beers, as well as an all-star kitchen, it’s a great neighborhood spot to check out for dinner, or just some tasty wings and beer.

Why we love it: Everything Hamilton’s does seems to be top-notch.From mulled drinks in winter, it’s got a fantastic menu that will keep you coming back to try all the other dishes, and on top of all that, it’s a relaxed yet vibrant bar in a neighborhood that doesn’t often get a lot of traffic from outside the neighborhood. You wouldn’t guess it from inside Hamilton’s, which feels like stumbling onto a scene that you feel kind of dumb for not knowing about before. It’s an excellent date spot, straight up, with its small, well-crafted dishes and great wines, this is the kind of place to go and have a nice cozy few drinks.

What to order: If it’s winter, check out their mulled wine. Food-wise, mac and cheese with bacon or the tender-as-anything grilled squid.

Regular tip: Hamilton’s is owned by the same people who run Alchemy, so if you’re a fan of that Park Slope fixture, you can get a sense of what to expect here!

04/22/15 12:01pm

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04/22/15 11:08am
Someone in here is getting down in a very rude manner

Someone in here is getting down in a very rude manner

Where is New York City’s loudest sex happening? It’s a question that’s theorists have wrestled with for ages. You might have guessed it’s happening somewhere in the Brooklyn Bone Belt, but new research unveiled by DNA Info today shows that’s the incorrect answer. It turns out that answer does lie in Brooklyn though, with a lascivious couple in Bay Ridge making life so hard for their neighbors with their loud, constant fucking that it’s led to six complaint calls to 311 in just three months, which is tops in the city for that very specific complaint. Really puts a new spin on Bay Ridge’s new reputation as “up and coming.” (more…)

04/22/15 9:59am
Scorsese called for the punks, and the punks answered. Photos by Kitty Ramona

Scorsese called for the punks, and the punks answered. Photos by Kitty Ramona

Characters from near and far (Jersey) gathered Tuesday afternoon at St. Paul the Apostle Church in Hell’s Kitchen fabricating a beautiful contrasting scene of edgy aesthetics to a Catholic backdrop. However, they were not coming to find religion. Instead, close to 400 punks, rockers, metalheads, Warhol geeks, hippies, cross colours and disco enthusiasts adorned the church steps in hopes of being featured in HBO’s upcoming rock and roll drama.

The drama, backed by big hitters including Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger, Terence Winter and George Mastras, will follow the life of Richie Finestra (Bobby Cannavale) who was Head of A&R for American Century Music in the late 70s. The period drama follows Finestra through exploits of the drug/sex-fueled music scene in NYC, as he attempts make a career in finding the next biggest sound in a time and place that fostered a sonic myriad of post-disco, angst-y punk, thriving rock and roll and emerging hip-hop. Between the big names and the era that’s still capturing imaginations, it’s obvious to see why people would be excited about the project and eager to be a part of the series, even if that means just being a background fixture.  (more…)

04/22/15 8:00am
Yohance Collins rules the stage at the Knitting Factory, one of Brooklyn's best free stand-up nights. Photo by Ray Krump via Comedy at the Knitting Factory Tumblr.

Yohance Collins rules the stage at the Knitting Factory, one of Brooklyn’s best free stand-up nights. Photo by Ray Krump via Comedy at the Knitting Factory Tumblr.

When BFF comedy trio Max Silvestri, Jenny Slate and Gabe Liedman brought free indie stand-up show Big Terrific to life in 2008, it was a welcome antithesis to the pricey and decidedly not-chill Manhattan comedy clubs. Seven years later, after paving the way for Brooklyn’s path to indisputable comedy dominance, Big Terrific is closing up shop (catch the final show tonight!). Max is heading to L.A., following Gabe and Jenny, who went West in 2012. But as we say goodbye to Big Terrific, say hello to everything else our fine borough has to offer. We’re part of a new comedy era, characterized by a quirky, casual approach that ditches old-school standards including the two-drink minimum and reserved seating.

Behold and befriend your comprehensive guide to the cheapest (almost all free, but none over $10) funniest, smartest shows in Brooklyn, and get your fill of stand-up on any night of the week. This is where you go to find everything from the groundbreaking comedians to watch to the frequent big-name drop-ins. Bookmark it; we’ll keep it updated. (more…)