05/27/15 2:00pm


Freak Bar
1208 Surf Avenue
(Corner of W. 12th Street)
Coney Island

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What it is: The bar and museum on the ground floor of Coney Island USA headquarters; gateway and social lubricant into the world of all things “freak” and sideshow.

Why we love it: Having a beer in the kitschy fun house serves as a disarming pre-game to the sites you’ll witness next door at the Circus Sideshow ($10). You’ll need a beer after the show, too.

What to order: A local microbrew on tap, from Brooklyn Brewery, Sixpoint or Coney Island Brewery. Bring friends visiting from out of town who want to experience a real legendary Brooklyn attraction; circus freaks you have known; your boardwalk companion who’s ready for some post-beach-and-rides action.

Regular tip: Check Coney Island USA so you can make a trip out in conjunction with a Circus Sideshow, burlesque performance, or other special event.

05/27/15 12:53pm
jimmy's famous heros

Don’t just have a hero. Have a famous hero. For free.

The culinary event of the season is upon us. Tomorrow, people from all over Brooklyn will be venturing out to Sheepshead Bay with their stomachs empty, and returning to their homes with their stomach overwhelmingly filled. The Bite: Sheepshead Bay is going to feature over 20 restaurants serving over 50 different dishes. The only thing stopping you from enjoying the best local food in Sheepshead Bay is buying a ticket. Wait, you don’t have money for a ticket? You spent your last pay check on bills and college loan payments. Well perhaps luck will be on your side for being so responsible. We have not one, not uno, but two tickets for The Bite. Do you want a pair of tickets to The Bite? Keep reading. (more…)

05/27/15 12:20pm

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05/27/15 11:20am
full moon festival

The best kind of sandwiches, for the best kind of price (free)

We’re into the jorts and jerseys part of the year, which means a person’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of…ice cream. What, did you have another end to that sentence? Anyway, it’s ice cream season, which is good because ice cream is delicious. Even better, you can get some ice cream for yourself for free on Thursday, when an ice cream truck parks in front of Roberta’s and just starts handing out ice cream sandwiches all willy-nilly. (more…)

05/27/15 10:50am
Hello I am v. modarn, I ride the subway

Hello I am v. modarn, I ride the subway

Vincent van Gogh was a famous artist or whatever back when ppl didn’t have TV and Twitter to distract them. Some guy look’s just liek him and rode the subway. Now, imagen Vincent van Gogh doing art today and was modarn:

“He’s a fish out of water and he’s just making his way, but the absurdity comes out of no one knowing who he is. As far as anyone knows, he’s just this Bushwick hipster and another pretentious artist.”

“Be prepared to see some hipster culture satire: van Gogh uses Tinder, van Gogh makes latte art, van Gogh gets overwhelmed at Trader Joe’s,” Davis, 27, said.

Imagen Vincent van Gogh use Instagram:

VINNIE (modarn name): Look my best paenting ever, “Starry Night Over WilliAmsburg



OMG so modarn

05/27/15 9:53am


Can you believe it’s only (almost) June? We skipped spring and scooted right into summer weather, But you can’t just start lazing around, kiddo! Your lease is up soon. You gotta move, remember? As per usual, Brokelyn is making it easy for you. This week’s apartments feature beautiful, sprawling boxes to call home, in locations we never thought we’d see again for a brokester’s price range. Let’s check ‘em out, shall we? (more…)

05/27/15 8:28am
sonya art walk

Look how much fun these people are having with art! via Facebook

It’s late spring in New York City, and you’re probably being inundated with images of all the highly Instagrammable art happenings that are perpetually popping up around here. Though it’s inarguably awesome to have access to so much new art on the reg, maybe you want to have a serious art binge without venturing into Manhattan or taking a boat. Look no further than the 16th Annual SONYA Art Walk this weekend! (more…)


Goodbye, Nuteria. via Instagram user dallekvist

One of Brooklyn’s age-old questions has finally been answered: If you opened a shop devoted entirely to mayonnaise and a shop devoted entirely to Nutella, which one would last longer? The answer, surprisingly, turns out to be the mayonnaise shop, with word coming down from Park Slope Stoop that the Nuteria has quietly thrown in the chocolatey towel. (more…)

05/26/15 3:16pm
Looks pretty safe out there to us!

Looks pretty safe out there to us!

When will you be hit by a car in New York City? If you never stop to ponder this question, well good for you. The rest of us normal people at least think of it sometimes, especially when we watch people drive. Some of us because we’ve experienced close calls with almost being run over, and some of us who’ve had more than a close call. There’s a lot of data on the subject at this point, and thankfully, someone put it all on a map and some charts to demonstrate where people are being hit by cars and even the demographic most likely to be run over. Are you a male Baby Boomer wandering around Brooklyn? You might wanna strap some armor on. (more…)