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The 20 best cheap things to do this weekend, Valentine’s edition

1. Spark some love and excitement into faded and boring clothing and accessories at Love, Beer, and Tie Dye and learn about the craft of tie dye as you enjoy beer on tap. (Friday, Strong Rope Brewery, $40)

2. Strike up conversation at Skip the Small Talk and have the kinds of conversations where you feel safe talking about the things you actually care about. (Friday, Friends and Lovers, $10)

3. Find a friend or lover at Are You That Somebody? with host Carly Ann Filbin for a fun and interactive night of games including people bingo, Tinder IRL, and the ex files. (Friday, Parklife, FREE)

4. From first kisses to happy endings, celebrate An Evening of Romantic Comedy: Book Release Show and Party, where some of the funniest comedians will spend an evening celebrating all that we love about the romantic comedy genre. (Friday, Union Hall, $8-10)

5. Get your family together for the Match Game where you try and match your team’s wittiest and funniest answers with the hosts and special guests to score points and win cool prizes. (Friday, Friends and Lovers, FREE)

6. Be on the app in real time at Tinder Live and relate to Lane Moore’s live-swiping and laugh at her reactions and find inspiration in her ridiculous messages (and sometimes phone calls) to would-be suitors. (Friday, Littlefield, $15)

7. No need for reservations at the Heartflux Hotel, so check-in for a one night get away and dance out what’s been building up in our bleedin’ hearts in the middle of a two person art show. (Friday, Flux Factory, FREE)

8. Avoid the trappings of a manufactured holiday at It’s Friday, I’m (Not) In Love: Anti-Valentine’s Day Party and dance to songs of heartbreak and liberation from the 80s to today, strike a pose at the dark photo booth while adhering to the dress code of all black. (Friday, Littlefield, $7-10)


Make your own tie dye (#1). Photo via.

9. All hearts on deck for the 10th Annual Vegan Valentines Shop-Up and discover the best locally made, vegan foods, goods, and more, with free Smarties and an eco bag to the first 20 people. (Saturday, Pine Box Rock Shop, FREE)

10. Let out your inner bro at Tech Bro Techno with IPAs and IPOs, put a line of code or business logic into our system to enjoy a more customized experience. (Saturday, Eris Evolution, FREE)

11. Enjoy a steamy Valentine’s edition of Picture This, a live comedy show with comedians performing while they are drawn live by some of the best animators and cartoonists. (Saturday, Union Hall, $8-10)

12. Have a night of weird and wild at Goofy, a multimedia variety show including music, dance, and comedy from special performers and the Goof Troupe. (Saturday, Brooklyn Comedy Collective, $10)

13. Allons-y to Meet Me in Paris: A Clandestine Cabaret, with sensuous live music, sultry burlesque and variety acts, followed by late-night dancing and lounging in our softly-lit loft, and kissing on the sprawling roof.  (Saturday, Gemini & Scorpio Loft, $10-40)

14. You don’t wanna miss a thing at Power Ballads Sing Along and pump your fist in the air and sing along to a heart breaking collection of pro- and anti- love power ballad music videos from the 80s and 90s. (Saturday, Pine Box Rock Shop, $5)

15. Go gaga at Bad Romance: A Gaga V-day Party, a Valentine’s weekend pop dance party with tributes to Lady Gaga, with shows by Mini Horrorwitz, Charlene, and Juku. (Saturday, C’mon Everybody, $5-10)


Act as if you’ve never seen it with Kyle Ayres (#17). Photo via.

16. Gain confidence at Holistic Community Singing Class, a laid-back, low-pressure group singing class that will demystify the act and art of singing for people of all experience levels and backgrounds. (Sunday, The Chanda Lair, $15)

17. Pretend like you know at Never Seen It, where comedians rewrite famous movies and TV shows they’ve never seen, based on what they’ve overheard or learned through pop culture and pretending-at-parties. (Sunday, Union Hall, $8-10)

18. Don’t be scared when you can laugh at Hoff’s Horrorfest: From Beyond and see a full screening of the freaky  H. P. Lovecraft adaptation From Beyond, interspersed with comedy bits, host segments and prize giveaways. (Sunday, Brooklyn Comedy Collective, $10)

19. Take a journey down the rabbit hole to Madame Vivien V’s Madhouse, a kaleidoscopic variety show that takes you beyond the rainbow into a dazzling world of weirdness and wonderment with outrageous entertainers. (Sunday, Parkside Lounge, $5-20)

20. Dance and play at Trap Invaders, a Hip-Hop, R’n’B and Afrohouse party that will feature concert performances by 6 talented artists inside an arcade. (Sunday, Wonderville, $8-10)

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