07/25/14 12:54pm
portside newyork heavy metal sale

You can probably figure out what to do with this thing. via PortSide NewYork

Are you a prospective restaurateur struggling to think of a theme for your future eatery? Stocking up for an elaborate production of your one-person show, “If I Were a Pirate”? Perhaps you’re just looking for a way to decorate your apartment like a ghost ship so you can dub it “the hull,” kind of creeping out all those who visit from now on, you weirdo? No matter what your goal, there’ll be some deals waiting for you at PortSide NewYork’s “Heavy Metal” sale at Pier 11 in Red Hook this Sunday, according to DNAInfo, where you’ll find all the marine gear, and none of the scurvy. (more…)

06/25/14 3:18pm
destination red hook

It’s this or riding the bike there

It’s summer and dang it, that means it’s time for free stuff. Free outdoor movies, free concerts and sure what the hell, free ferries. That last one is a reality now, because a press release just landed in our inbox alerting us to the news that the free ferry between Red Hook and Manhattan that started last year is coming back for more, with service starting this Saturday, June 28. (more…)

05/21/14 9:05am
red hook flicks

Will Smith knows how to celebrate summer – by punching aliens

After making it through the winter, your first instinct when celebrating summer might be to punch the closest thing you can find that represents the season and yell “Welcome to hot!” Or maybe you’d like to make a stirring speech about it, in the key of Pullman. In which case you’ll be happy to know that Red Hook Flicks, at least according to their 2014 schedule, shares your sentiment. Why else would they be showing Independence Day? (more…)

04/04/14 8:57am
red hook secret garden

The Red Hook Secret Garden: New power players in the election scene

It was only a matter of time, of course, before participatory budgeting was going to go from quaint idea getting more people involved in democracy to brutal fights between neighbors who poured money into electioneering efforts. And now supporters of the Red Hook Secret Garden, a garden next to the Red Hook public library, released an attack ad against their opponents in the contest for a slice of city money. Nah, just kidding, it’s actually a very nice video about how sweet it would be to restore the garden. (more…)

04/03/14 2:03pm
grilled cheese

Tastes even better when someone else makes it and it’s free. via Flickr user Lucas Richarz

Grilled cheese is great comfort food, no matter if it’s incredibly cold or if things eventually someday warm up, like we think it will. And the only thing that makes comfort food more comforting is if someone just hands it to you for free, with barely any effort having to come on your part. Oh and hey, look at that, next Saturday, April 12, is National Grilled Cheese Day, and Brooklyn Slate Company is celebrating by just handing out grilled cheese. (more…)

10/30/13 8:49am

Rocky Sullivan's red hook

Rocky Sullivan’s
34 Van Dyke Street
Red Hook
(718) 246 – 8050

What it is: A cavernous Irish bar in Red Hook with a strong sense of community, clearly demarcated favorite local teams, two huge rooms and a menu that moves past your typical pub fare while still staying affordable.

Why we love it: Unlike Irish bars that are content with just hanging a flag and serving Guiness, Rocky’s hosts weekly Irish classes in case you wanted to learn and regularly host Irish bands of the traditional and contemporary variety. Also the “clearly stating what teams they like” thing is refreshing. In a town where sports bars try to appeal to every fan, Rocky’s proudly wears their Rangers, Mets and Jets colors. It helps too that it attracts a crowd that will talk hockey with you and offers a real sense of community, and that the bar has a staff that is endlessly hospitable. (more…)

10/22/13 2:42pm
I will take 4 dozen more, please. via Flickr user Jenn Larsen

I will take 4 dozen more, please. via Flickr user Jenn Larsen

You like oysters? Actually maybe this is more for the folks who love oysters. Love them more than any other seafood option available to people. Because if you feel that way, have we got news for you: Brooklyn Crab is throwing an oyster festival this Saturday where people will celebrate (read: eat) oysters for three hours. And to wash it down, all the beer you can drink. Yeah, that’s a good Saturday right there. (more…)

09/26/13 3:43pm
There are worse things you can do to your kids, we guess. via Columbia Street Gym

There are worse things you can do to your kids. We think. via Columbia Street Gym

Does your little tyke scale the sofa like it’s mini-Everest and make obstacle courses out of laundry piles, but just putting a basketball in her hands sends her screeching for the iPad? Races his brother up the stairs every day, but locked himself in his room the first day of peewee football? Well, maybe you guys just haven’t found the right outlet for his competitive, agile spirit. What if there were a way for your young’un to pursue his penchant for alternative exercise, but in an organized sports setting? Like, say, CrossFit? (more…)

08/19/13 2:37pm
Here is a place you can drink again (via flickr user waywuiwei)

Here is a place you can drink again (via flickr user waywuiwei)

No one ever said owning a bar in Brooklyn was easy. You’ve got people stealing your life preservers and urinal ornaments, lousy kids with their fake IDs and also hurricanes. Fortunately for all of us, legendary Red Hook bar Sunny’s has conquered that last one and will be reopening later this month after two successful crowdfunding attempts. Hooray for the providers of alcohol! (more…)

08/16/13 2:44pm
We're not about subtlety here, and we're not about backing down from any stupid storm either.

We’re not about subtlety here, and we’re not about backing down from any stupid storm either.

For six years now, the Red Hook Film and Video Festival has been doing the work of bringing international talent to Brooklyn to showcase their stuff. Often the festival has a loose Brooklyn theme. This year will different: they’re pulling together a tighter theme, “The Wake of Hurricane Sandy,” which is, of course also exactly what it sounds like. They’re also asking for submissions right now, so if you’ve produced a film, video, animation, video artwork, or commercial product in the last two years, now is the time to let it shine. (more…)