Page, ho! Pioneer Books in Red Hook is almost here

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Now with books! Photo by William Wiedmier

It’s always nice to hear something good happening in Red Hook. People who hate walking or are allergic to cycling always complain that Red Hook is too far away from everything. We’ve already shown you how to have the perfect day inside Red Hook, but now we got one more reason for you to head there, besides going to IKEA: Pioneer Works, a creative center already established in Red Hook, is expanding with a brand new book store just up the street from its factory space, and they had a soft opening Sunday.

First reported on DNAinfo, Pioneer Books will be located on 289 Van Burnt Street (the site of a former boedga) and is set for an official opening sometime in the middle of June. The bookstore will have a broad selection of books from “science, art and music to occult traditions, Jewish mysticism and even a selection of children’s books” according to DNAinfo.

We reached out to Catherine Despont, Pioneer Works Director of Education and she tells Brokelyn that the bookstore will serve as an “outpost to share our publication” and will “not be the place to find the latest best seller.”

Their goal is to encourage people who enter the shop to find books for themselves and for others, to “bring them to ideas” as Catherine put it. The official opening party will feature live poetry readings and book signings. From the interior shots we’ve seen over at Brownstoner, Pioneer Books looks like a great new addition to Red Hook. A place where creatives can come for expression, inspiration or for a nice gift for their fellow artists.

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