The Red Hook Flicks schedule is here and it looks fantastic

Gather up the crew, it's time for some free movies
Gather up the crew, it’s time for some free movies

What’s the best way to make your summer truly fantastic? We’ve got a suggestion for you: head on down to Red Hook and sit on the Valentino Pier and watch free movies once the sun has gone to sleep. If that sounds as appealing to you as it does to us, then great news, because the Red Hook Flicks schedule is out and includes great selections for all nine weeks of its run, and with the inclusion of The Fantastic Mr. Fox you can probably use some other superlatives to describe the lineup. The word isn’t coming to us for some reason though.

Like every year, the movies start at 8:30pm or once it’s dark enough to see the screen, with all screenings happening at the Valentino Pier (Coffey Street and Ferris Street). Among other things, this year’s lineup will allow you to you revel in the days when kid’s movies could end with a main character telling someone to “shove it up their ass,” and will also catch up on how the saga of Jurassic Park began so that you understand what’s going on if you see Jurassic World.

July 7: Jurassic Park
July 14: Coming to America
July 21: Fantastic Mr. Fox
July 28: Big Trouble in Little China
August 4:
When We Were Kings
August 11:
High Fidelity
August 18:
The Incredibles
August 25:
Bad News Bears
September 1: 

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