04/27/15 4:46pm
We've mastered the very nature of time itself! via Flickr user Nicole Lee

We’ve mastered the very nature of time itself! via Flickr user Nicole Lee

We give a lot of support to people who ride their bikes around here, but we don’t want to come off as being hostile the humble pedestrian. Walking, after all, is the ultimate broke form of transportation, more so than even a bike. If you’ve walked in New York for long enough, you’ve probably (hopefully) developed a form of ownership over our streets and sidewalks, as that attitude denoting that you’re in fact walking here is the best part of being a pedestrian around here. We wait for no car and no walk signal. In face, according to an anecdote in a Times Magazine story about how to make the intersection of Atlantic Avenue, Washington Avenue and Underhill Avenue safer, we step off the curb so quickly we’ve broken the usual metrics for timing crosswalk signals and possibly even time itself. (more…)

04/27/15 3:44pm
The best disaster you'll see all week

The best disaster you’ll see all week

The Late Night Disaster is a new variety show dressed up like a traditional late night talk show helmed by Rob Blatt (“The internet’s favorite person” – Uproxx). For tomorrow’s inaugural show, Rob is joined by:

Jon Glaser (Girls, Parks and Recreation, Delocated) for something weird
• opera-singing burlesque performer Sarah Screams (Operotica)
Ginny Leise and Soojeong Son from The Shame Game for fun and awkwardness
• Comedy Central “Comic to Watch” Julio Torres for stand up
• and band leader Leslie Goshko (Sideshow Goshko, Time Out New York “Critics’ Pick”) (more…)

04/27/15 3:22pm
Dawwww. via Flickr user Kellinahandbasket

Dawwww. via Flickr user Kellinahandbasket

Kitten season is upon us, which means it’s time to give kittens the appreciation they so rarely receive, despite all the work they put into the war on manspreading and computer illiteracyBut instead of in addition to saluting them by exclusively wearing kitten t-shirts and kitten lapel pins during very important business meetings, you can honor this glorious period between tax and construction season (or if kittens make you sneeze, the allergy season within allergy season) by giving kittens a place to crash until they find a new home. It’s like you get to be a mama cat, without eventually having to pay for kitten tuition. (more…)

04/27/15 2:33pm
film biz recycling

Goodbye to all this. via Facebook

It was a final resting place for movie props instead of the dump, an innovative thrift store that instead of selling cast-offs from everyday people sold furniture, electronics, sports equipment and even a giant naked man statue that had been used on movie sets. Sadly, after recycling 600 tons of movie set waste and being recognized by the EPA for their efforts, Gowanus’ Film Biz Recycling has announced that they’ll be closing at the end of June due to an inability to raise money to cover their rent. Despite disappointment over having to close up shop, the non-profit’s founder Eva Radke told us she’s still proud of the work Film Biz has done in the past six years.

“My heart is broken, but I’m walking away with my head held high.” (more…)

04/27/15 12:04pm

No one in New York City wants to have babies [New York Post]
Over in Netsland, things are pretty lukewarm [Wall Street Journal]
The empty Park Slope storefront that housed a hidden artist gallery [New York Times]
Sure, LaGuardia is bad, but you could be forced to land at its predecessor [Untapped Cities]
Citi Bike is turning things around, they promise [Crain's]
Mayor Tall has heard your booing of him at baseball games [Gothamist]
Previously Brooklyn’s most expensive singe family home, now it’s gonna be condos [Curbed]

04/27/15 11:00am


899 Bergen St. (btw. Classon and Franklin),
Crown Heights

Website • Facebook • Twitter • Instagram

What it is: A Brooklyn beer hall from the founders of Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg, with food from Asia Dog, Mighty Quinn’s BBQ, Pizza Moto and Ramen Burger. Featuring draft beers from Other Half, Barrier, Peekskill, along with cool bottles and cans from all over the world; Parlor Coffee, Dough donuts and a springy outdoor courtyard.

Why we love it: Sometimes you want to eat popcorn at your cozy little bar on the corner and sometimes you want to inhale the collective energy of a Brooklyn moment. At Berg’n, the borough’s real estate and industrial ambitions collide with its ramenburger culture to produce a post-modern food-and-drink court where you can hatch your own get-rich conquests. Or just drink beer and play Metallica pinball.

What to order: You can’t really go wrong with all the chow here, but Asia Dogs ($4.50 to $5.50) are a personal favorite. The Luke overfloweth with beef chili topped by Thai basil and pickled onions, and the Vinh is a mashup between a hotdog and a Banh Mi.

Regular tip: In a Village Voice interview last year with the founders, Eric Demby says that Smorgasburg vendors are subject to his partner  Jonathan Butler’s curious food whims: “Jonathan’s a picky eater — he doesn’t like pickles, tomatoes, mushrooms — so those people never get in,” Demby says.
04/27/15 10:06am
Keep that head on a swivel (or just brake at red lights). via Flickr user Juan José Richards Echeverría

Keep that head on a swivel (or just brake at red lights). via Flickr user Juan José Richards Echeverría

Getting a ticket for running a red light on your bike isn’t fun for anyone. You think it’s too expensive and hate having to pay it, people not on bikes hate you and wish you physical harm, the immortal dance continues unabated. If you’d like to avoid getting roped into said dance, we have some advice for you: stay the hell out of Fort Greene for the foreseeable future, because DNA Info reports police there are promoting a dubious crackdown on cyclists. Just in time for Bike Month! (more…)

04/27/15 8:45am
We guess we've heard of it?

We guess we’ve heard of it?

1. Do some thinking and talking about race with Brooklyn Public Philosophers as they discuss W.E.B. DuBois and Brown vs. Board of Education. (Monday)

2. Hear comics angrily growl “and let me tell you” at Antagonist Storytelling Show (or ASS, naturally) at Over the Eight. (Monday)

3. Alcohol and strong opinions are always a great mix, so join Allen McDuffee and John Flowers as they break down the 2016 elections at Politics and Pints. (Monday) (more…)

04/24/15 4:36pm
Swim away from the week. Photo by David Colon

Swim away from the week. Photo by David Colon

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-This Bay Ridge couple’s loud boning has led to the most sex-related 311 calls in the entire city

-We love Midwood Flats, we love Hamilton’s and we love St. Gambrinus

04/24/15 2:31pm
l train

You’ll get more of this, in December. via Flickr user Juha Uitto

We give the MTA a lot of shit around here, and while we’d like to say we’re sorry, we can’t in good conscience do that. One thing we can do is give them props for doing something good, so we’ll gladly share their announcement that a bit more L train service is coming in December. The MTA is ADDING service and not cutting it? Now we’ve seen everything. (more…)