10/31/14 5:02pm

If you need a quick Halloween costume, you can always be a Brokelyn writer. Illustration by Shaylyn Berlew

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-These DIY Halloween costumes came with their own pickup lines

-Step aside T-Swift, we had your real NYC anthems right here

-You learned how you could own a dog and not go broke

-These were Brooklyn’s best chicken and waffles for under $13

-If you want to be buried in Brooklyn, start saving now

-Here’s 10 hours of catcalling

-Wanna sell your stuff at this year’s holiday markets? Now you know how to

-There were a bunch of 3-bedroom apartments waiting for you

-Veselka is having a 60th birthday party and we all got invited

-Gentrification wasn’t as inevitable as you thought

-Babeland had a real buzzy Halloween treat for you (it was free vibrators)

-We loved running into Supercollider and we loved hopping over to Brooklyn Brewery

10/31/14 4:35pm

When it comes to spooky lives, obviously every day in the lives of haunted Williamsburg apartment dwellers the Triplets of Kings County is Halloween. Still, even for these three identical 18-year-old triplets who are just trying to make it in this crazy city, their Halloween adventure was a step above the norm. They get free meat, meet their dopplegangers, attend a murder mystery dinner (with real murder) and learn some valuable lessons before the twist ending. We won’t spoil that though, because it’s on par with Hitchcock and other masters of the plot twist. Anyway, Happy Halloween! (more…)

10/31/14 3:27pm
thanksgiving turkey

Help some other families get this. via Flickr user Tim Sackton

We know, we know, Halloween is barely over and you’ve barely even started on your candy coma. With that being said, Thanksgiving will be here before we know, and while most of us are lucky enough to have family or a Friendsgiving to go to and eat well, there are too many people in this city who don’t have that. Enter Flatbush food kitchen CAMBA, who’s trying to make at least a small dent by giving 500 turkeys to 500 families in need. Sounds nice, right? You can help, by just throwing some money to their Indiegogo raising money for that. (more…)

10/31/14 1:55pm
cypress hills cemetery

Hey, maybe you’ll make it here after all. via Facebook

So you were all set to make sure that one day you were going to be a New York City resident…forever. Then you read our investigation on how much it costs to get buried in Brooklyn and you figured you’d just try to dig a shallow grave in a construction site instead. But wait! Turns out that in true NYC thrift fashion, you can buy a secondhand grave. Some of them are only slightly used! (more…)

10/31/14 12:30pm

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10/31/14 12:00pm

brooklyn-i-heart-ny-mug-gotham-brokerage-insuranceWelcome to your new apartment | Jennine Jacob via Flickr

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10/31/14 11:07am

If you’re still in morning over 5Pointz, you might not want to watch the above video of it’s five-pointed star being torn down by a crane (courtesy of Untapped Cities, who also has more pictures of the building coming down) and crumbling into dust about one second after being unmoored from the rest of the building. As for the rest of us who might be sad but not super attached, well, here it is just in time for Halloween, another reminder that everything dies, even art. (more…)

10/31/14 10:09am

Franky doesn’t give a shit if you know what a bodega is.

Taylor Swift was elected mayor of Times Square last week and we don’t remember voting for her but whatever. Despite the rage aneurysm Dave gave himself, I can’t spend much time worrying about what a lady who released her album through a Target exclusive has to say about New York, because talking too much about these things only makes them stronger, like some sort of blonde X-Man whose mutation is the power to summon a smothering tidal wave of thinkpieces.

Anyway, we asked you last week what your real NYC anthem was, and you came through big time, with a greatest hits collection of jams so good, we put them into a Spotify playlist to share with you. It runs the Gotham gamut, from Sinatra and Gershwin to Jay Z and the Beasties, from LCD Soundsystem and the Ramones to Black Star and the Julie Ruin. Pump it through your headphones the next time you’re stuck behind tourists with Target bags on the Manhattan sidewalk and need to remember that the city is big enough to have a song for every person. (more…)

sunshine laundry

It’s gonna be bumping

In case you were unaware, the marathon is this Sunday. No, we don’t mean the New York City marathon, we don’t care for people in better shape than us. We mean the third Sunshine Laundry pinball marathon, during which, Greenpoint’s famed laundromat/pinball arcade Sunshine Laundry (860 Manhattan Avenue) will make all of their machines free for the duration of the NYC Marathon. Can your flipper fingers handle that kind of intensity? We hope so. (more…)

146 Fenimore Street

Do you live here? Sorry. via Google Street View

Real estate speculation! Sometimes it takes the form of horrible arson. Oftentimes, it takes much more banal, but somehow more unappealing-sounding forms, like this article in Real Estate Weekly about Pittsburgh-based HLC Equity buying a building in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens. Why are they doing it, and what’s their plan? Funny you should ask!

Farber said he saw 146 Fenimore Street as the ideal first investment in Brooklyn because of its proximity to several subway lines and the neighborhood’s untapped, fast-growing potential…convincing Farber that Prospect Lefferts Gardens is on the cusp of a major influx of white-collar residents.

Most of the building’s units are rent-stabilized, and HLC plans to slowly renovate the entire building.
“We could probably sell it at a profit right now,” Farber said. “But we want to hold on to it.”

Well, sucks to be you, rent-stabilized resident’s who we’re sure won’t be harassed in any way by your out-of-town landlords betting on “more white-collar residents.” Just to be sure though, don’t forget that you’ve got rights when it comes to improvements, and your rent in general.