05/27/16 5:00pm
Lady Aiko finishing her Art Wall for 2016. Photo via Facebook.

Lady Aiko finishing her Art Wall for 2016. Photo via Facebook.

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We told you about four NYC music fests that aren’t rip-offs (or on a small island)

PowerHouse Arena announced they’re closing next month, and told us why.

This quiz told you if you were part of the problem in NYC.

Our annual guide to getting the most out of Governors Island returned!

The NY “tampon tax” went into the garbage where it belongs.

We gave you a first look at the Brooklyn Barge bar, which is finally open.

We found eight late-night happy hours to keep the party going all night.

From rides to bars, we rounded up everything new in Coney Island this summer.

We asked: Where do Ikea haters get their furniture?

We showed you how to turn your crappy life into a performance art piece.

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05/27/16 3:00pm
Dance your face off with DJ Ali Coleman (#)

Dance your face off with DJ Ali Coleman (#6)

1. Plan for a cruelty-free feast at Haymarket’s Vegan Memorial Day Sale, with 10 percent off all BBQ supplies, plus treats by pop-up vendors Ponycakes, Brooklyn Whiskers, and Yeah Dawg. (Haymarket’s Corner, FREE)

2. Compete for swag prizes at Syndicated’s Downeast Cider Popup, featuring an oh-so-challenging single-hole putt-putt course, plus cider cocktails and a special cider-infused meal. (Syndicated BK, FREE)

3. Gorge and groove and gorge again at the YES Memorial Day BBQ // Pig Roast & Dance Party, with tunes by Tunico, Bonzai, and Saint Glock. (House of Yes, FREE) (more…)

05/27/16 2:13pm
Powerhouse Arena, home to stadium-style book readings with plenty of room for browsing, is closing in June. Via Facebook

Powerhouse Arena, home to stadium-style book readings with plenty of room for browsing, is closing in June. Via Facebook

You know this script too well by now: beloved New York City neighborhood staple announces it’s closing, there’s much hand wringing about “there goes the neighborhood” and everyone gets sad. This one feels a little bit different though: Dumbo bookstore staple powerHouse seemed as ingrained in the neighborhood as the cobblestone streets themselves. Watching readings from its huge concrete seating steps made cozy book readings feel like the high artistic combat of a Roman coliseum, and we were all better for it. The 10 years it’s been open have seen dramatic change (and increasingly expensive rents) in the booming neighborhood. Today the huge bookstore and event space announced via email that it’s shutting its doors at the end of next month after landlord Two Trees wanted to increase the rent to more than twice the $20,000 per month they were already paying.

But it’s not gone for good: Owner Daniel Power told us they’ll move to a smaller pop-up location a few blocks away this summer and open it as a full bookstore soon after, but gone will be the 10,000-square-foot “arena” space. Nothing is planned to move into the space after they leave, Power said.

“We’re not paying that,” Power said of the rent. “I can understand if it was someone coming in but personally would rather stay there until they had someone.”

05/27/16 12:57pm
Note the blanket.

Note the blanket.

With last minute picnic plans in the works for the holiday weekend, and summer fast approaching, it’s high time to start honing your chops in the art of the all-important summer picnic.

Picnics are the ultimate way to get outdoors with food and drink in your hand in the summertime; they cost less than dining on a patio; you can take breaks from the food to play frisbee, stickball, soccer or just take a sunny nap; and best of all, you can bring your dog.

Of course, in order to go full picnic you’ll have to stock up on essentials, so you aren’t just that sunburnt dummy with a wilted salad in a plastic bag, lying on the grass over an unwashed fitted sheet. You need a basket, you need a blanket and you need food. And while it certainly doesn’t take a six-figure salary to picnic, those elements can add up if you don’t know where to look.

Brokelyn to the rescue! We’ve put together a roundup of picnic blankets, baskets and edible bundles for every budget so you can have your picnic and eat it, too. From DIY PB&Js to prix fixe picnic deals, this list is sure to make your Memorial Day weekend one to be remembered. We’ll bet your dog agrees.  (more…)

05/27/16 11:00am
Kristin Kontrol is the new identity of Dee Dee from Dum Dum Girls. Photo by Jimmy Fontaine.

Kristin Kontrol is the new identity of Dee Dee from Dum Dum Girls. Photo by Jimmy Fontaine.

When I spoke to Kristin Welchez, she was multitasking. She asked me to wait a minute as she buzzed a delivery up to her Crown Heights apartment.

“I ordered a bunch of gear from Guitar Center, basically everything that’s going to allow me to play the new record live,” she said. “It’s a bunch of electronic stuff that I don’t totally understand, but it looks fancy.”

Multitasking is not an unusual thing for Welchez, 33: Under moniker Dee Dee, she made her mark as the ringleader of quintessential New York band The Dum Dum Girls. Recently, she’s been busy with a new project, Kristin Kontrol, and her new album X-Communicate, drops today via Sub Pop Records.

The Dum Dum Girls were known for their unique blend of retro-inspired pop covered in a thick layer of punk scuzz. While the new project shares some DNA with that band, she’s moved on from fuzz to embrace a sound inspired by the bubblegum pop stars she grew up listening to in the 80s.  (more…)

05/27/16 8:00am
Queer up your Friday with Sydni Deveraux (#4) (pic by Ben Trivett)

Queer up your Friday with Sydni Deveraux (#4) (pic by Ben Trivett)

[Note: We have a whole separate roundup just for Memorial Day events!]

1. Get graphic at the launch party for New York Review Comics, which will publish new editions of old masterpieces and translations of books that have never been published in English. (Friday, BookCourt, FREE)

2. Mellow out at the Halcyon Chamber Series, performing works by Ridout, Saint-Saens, Rossini, Hovahnnes, and Bernstein. (Friday, Scholes Street Studio, $15)

3. Support lady culture at the fundraiser for Suffragette City, a DIY intersectional feminist zine, while listening to tunes from Crazy Pills, Hard Nips, Fruit & Flowers, and Decorum. (Friday, Aviv, $8) (more…)

05/26/16 4:37pm
Beers, bus and beach go together perfectly. Via NYC Beach Bus Facebook.

Beers, bus and beach go together perfectly. Via NYC Beach Bus Facebook.

Beach season, aka the best time to be alive in the United States of America, is finally here again. Team Brokelyn frequently makes a case that New York City should be included in the pantheon of Great Beach Towns, thanks in no small part to the free beach parties that have popped up in recent years and the persistent success of blanket-side nutcracker delivery salesman. That’s also thanks to our wonderful, sometimes functional public transit that drops you off at any number of beach spots and can get you back for dinner in Manhattan by nightfall.

But the folks at NYC Beach Bus have made the trip to the beach even easier, quicker and more groovy for your summer weekends: starting this weekend, they’re back for another year, offering $15 roundtrips to Rockaway and Riis Park that come with free Sixpoint beer, which beats waiting anxiously underground for the A train to come. The NYC Beach bus is expanding its offerings even more this year with new beaches and a pickup spot in Manhattan. And we’ve got two pairs of passes to give to Brokelyn readers! (more…)

05/26/16 2:43pm
Whichever editor eats more pancakes wins the title.

Can Brokelyn editors consumer this many pancakes in one sitting? Tune in and see!

Even if you read Brokelyn every day, there are things you might not know about the two tireless editors who make it happen. Tim has two career-related tattoos, for example. And Sam is secretly Canadian, though maybe you knew that already. But the other thing you almost definitely didn’t know about your editors is, they’re vegan.

Yep, both Tim “No Beef With You” Donnelly and Sam “Does My Cat Feel Sadness” Corbin attempt to live lives of non-harm, opting for Trader Joe’s soyrizo and vegan queso instead of bacon and cheese on their nachos. We know way more about being vegan than BrooklynVegan! We also know that our lifestyle comes with a whole host of haterade, since no one really gets the whole vegan thing. People always wanna know where you get your complete proteins, or how you deal with pizza, or whether “you miss it.”

Well hey, we wanna answer those questions. So tomorrow (Friday) at 10am, Tim and I are going LIVE from Brooklyn on Facebook Live for a vegan Q&A. Ask us your questions! Maybe it’s stuff you’ve always wanted to know from a vegan but were too scared you’d offend them to ask. Maybe you’re vegan-curious and want to know about making a smooth transition without losing your BBQ-loving friends. Or maybe you’re also a vegan (nice) and you just wanna know where to eat in NYC without having to “just get sides.”

No matter the question, these hungry editors can handle it. We’ll be answering your questions while doing something else pretty excellent: trying to consume as many vegan pancakes as humanly possible. For a good cause, too, at vegan restaurant Champ’s Diner in Bushwick. Don’t worry, no one’s gonna vomit. That would be a gross thing to do on live television. (more…)

05/26/16 12:13pm
She's a beaut! All photos by Kate Mooney

She’s a beaut! Photos by Kate Mooney/Brokelyn

Yesterday, which at 88 degrees and sunny felt like the first day of summer, the Brooklyn Barge reopened for the season. Greenpoint’s waterfront bar, located between Transmitter Park and Milton Street, is literally housed on a barge jutting out into the East River. Its reopening has been long-awaited, as last year’s season was cut short due to permitting issues and it didn’t open the doors until the fall. But now it’s here to float, and we’re pretty dang excited about spending our summer chilling on a boat with stunning views of the Manhattan skyline, because honestly is there anything better than drinking on the waterfront?  (more…)

05/26/16 11:24am
Save your summer day by not paying a woman tax on a thing.

Save your summer day by not paying a woman tax on a thing.

The state assembly voted yesterday to toss the tampon tax — an unfair holdover from an era of creaky patriarchy that is fading out of view — into the trash bin, and the governor has pledged to approve it. It’ll take effect next tax quarter, so that means as soon as June 1, the 4 percent tax for regular things a human body does once a month could be no more. Here’s some things that were exempt from the tax already btw, according to the Daily News: Rogaine, foot powder, dandruff shampoo, ChapStick, facial wash, adult diapers and incontinence pads.  (more…)