04/20/15 4:13pm
It's not outside exactly, but the skylight will make you feel like that.

It’s not outside exactly, but the skylight will make you feel like that.

Ah, the old “pool on the roof” bit. Great way to trick freshmen and other newcomers, but would also be nice if there really was a pool on the roof in some buildings. Oh hey, look at that, there are and even though it’s buildings in Manhattan, you can get some deals that allow you to swim in them for as low as $15. Looks like you’ve got a new place to workout this summer, if that’s the kind of thing you do. (more…)

04/20/15 2:40pm
Hang around a while

Hang around a while. via Facebook

Back in November we told you about how The Muse, the last place in Williamsburg where unironic strong man mustaches thrived, was being kicked out to make room for the new strongman in town, Vice Media. The circus training and performance venue has since piled into an amusingly tiny car and moved on to Bushwick, where they’re ready to show off their circus school and theater. This Sunday you can help them celebrate their successful Kickstarter and renovation with a day of free classes, performances, and floppy shoes at their grand opening. It’s like clown college without the crushing student loans! (more…)

04/20/15 2:16pm
This could be you, just making everything

This could be you, just making everything yourself.

Spring is here and we’re green with plans for change and personal growth, cutting our jeans into jorts, potting herbs on the fire escape again (despite having neglected them last year and every year before that) and designing our own swimsuits, or at least thinking about it. Well, here’s another opportunity to begin anew: Brooklyn Craft Company is giving away $250 to spend on classes and kits, exclusively to Brokelyn subscribers. (more…)
04/20/15 2:00pm
brooklyn feral cats

When reached for comment, other feral cats yawned and licked themselves. via Flickr user Anthony Fine

The MTA isn’t exactly on what anyone would call a winning streak. There’s the frequent train breakdowns and delays during rush hour, the weekend L train shutdowns, the fare hike and the sense that they’re an enormous faceless government entity that doesn’t care about puny human existence. Now on top of all that, the Brooklyn Daily reports that cat-lovers in Bensonhurst are claiming that the MTA constructed a wall in front of a feral cat colony, blocking the animal lovers’ attempts to feed and rescue the cats.  (more…)

04/20/15 1:00pm

Midwood Flats

Midwood Flats,
577 Flatbush at Midwood, Prospect Lefferts Gardens,
(718) 484-4466

Facebook • WebsiteInstagram

What it is: The wood, iron and Edison-bulb craft bar and gastropub that the neighborhood wanted. With its extensive beer and spirit lists paired with unabashedly hearty app-and-burger menu, Midwood Flats draws nightly crowds.

Why we love it: While there are a handful of great new bars in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, the neighborly but just-upscale-enough vibe here will draw you back again and again. Open less than a year, Midwood Flats feels like it’s been here forever.

What to order: Artichoke hearts, the catfish BLT or a lobster roll (in two versions: classic and nouveau) that recalls the best New England shacks. Did we mention the burgers?

Pro tip: It’s not actually in Midwood, or anywhere near it. Take the  Q to Parkside.

04/20/15 12:02pm

Drama at the NYPD as they search for a new bee cop to replace “Tony Bees” [New York Post]
The City was slow to notice Russian hackers broke into their computers [WNYC]
What’s corporate communal living doing to NYC’s affordability problem? [BrickUnderground]
Pumpkin Peach Ale: From fake Budweiser thing to real-life beer [Chicago Tribune]
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Here are the renderings for the city’s new tallest building ever [New York YIMBY]
Legal weed in New York looks a little something like this [Crain's]
Gentrifying neighborhoods are selling diversity like a tchotchke [City Lab]

04/20/15 12:00pm


Sponsored By Wildlife Conservation Society.

The Bronx Zoo is turning NYC into a social safari to celebrate 120 years of saving wildlife. Brooklynites can join the #NYisWild scavenger hunt at the NY Aquarium and Prospect Park Zoo.

Created By BlankSlate

Winter’s over, guys. (We hope.) After what seemed like a million months of dirty snow and black ice, the crocuses are blooming and the birds are singing again. And it’s not just the birds who are happy — from the Bronx Zoo down to the New York Aquarium, animals are getting ready to throw a party in the celebration of Spring.

And lucky you… you’re the official photographer!

On April 26, the Wildlife Conservation Society, the parent organization for the Bronx Zoo, New York Aquarium, Central Park Zoo, Queens Zoo, and Prospect Park Zoo, turns 120. To celebrate, they’re inviting New Yorkers on a city-wide photo safari. By completing 120 photo challenges and sharing them on Instagram and Twitter, you can earn the chance to win such prizes as a free trip to the Belize barrier reef, a whale-watching expedition with WCS scientists, or the opportunity to be a sea lion trainer for a day.

To sign up and check out a list of the “120 Ways #NYisWild,” go to NYisWild.com, or read below for more details. (more…)

04/20/15 10:31am
The Magic Flight box comes ... highly ... recommended.

The Magic Flight box comes … highly … recommended.

Back in the day, when you talked about “vaporizers,” the only thing that came to mind were the huge New Age-looking pyramid contraptions that squatted on the tabletops of recent college dropouts. Now, you can’t skulk out for a late-night pint of Cherry Garcia anywhere in Brooklyn without passing a few fellow travelers taking drags off sleek handheld vaping wizard wands. What’s in those pipes? Is word getting around about the supposed “health and stealth” benefits of vaping? Or does everyone want to get famous winning prestigious cloud competitions?

Fascinating as this analysis could be — and regardless of what’s inside the pipes — let’s ask the really important question: Does vaping save money? (more…)

04/20/15 8:40am
Goodbye, sweet comedy prince.

Goodbye, sweet comedy prince.

1. Refine your enemy outwitting/slaying skills as Brooklyn Public Philosophers explain Why Metaphors Make Good Insults. (Monday)

2. Pour it up at this Rihanna reading party at Over the Eight, where you can do literate things between DJ sets. (Monday)

3. Learn about tenants’ rights and preventing landlord harassment with help from Eric Adams at Tenant Protection 101. (Tuesday) (more…)

04/20/15 8:30am
nyc spring

Don’t do cherry blossoms. Find a woman hanging out of her apartment cleaning windows in a sundress. That’s spring in New York. via Flickr user Sheila Y

Finally, after weeks of false starts, it looks like spring has finally got to sprunging around here, and not a moment too soon, we say. Apparently the powers that be in the city (the Illuminati) are excited to have lived through the latest most awful winter ever as well, because they’re running a photo contest asking you to send in your best shots of NYC in spring. If you take the spring-iest photo out of everyone, and you’ll wind up being New York City’s official Instagram Ambassador. Which is a cool position, but sadly, has less power in City Hall than Taylor Swift’s cultural ambassador position. (more…)