07/27/15 4:25pm
Naomi Ekperigin and friends want you harness your laughter for a cause. via Facebook

Naomi Ekperigin and friends want you harness your laughter for a cause. via Facebook

After the tragic, racist attack on churchgoers at Mother Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, you maybe have been left wondering how you could help the church and its parishioners. This week at least, you’ll be able to do something beyond getting into Facebook fights with those couple of friends who don’t think there’s anything wrong with the Confederate flag. This Wednesday, July 29, some great comedians are getting together at The Bell House for Stand Up For Charleston, a show that benefits Mother Emmanuel AME Church. (more…)

07/27/15 3:15pm
Save Montero's. Photo by Catherine Wolinski

Save Montero’s. Photo by Catherine Wolinski

An important thing to remember when you live in New York City (anywhere really, but especially in New York today) is that anything you love will eventually be replaced by condos. This is an immutable law, only superseded by the fact that the angry ocean will swallow up every last trace of you and your accomplishments. That being said, it’s doesn’t make it any easier to deal with the news that the owners of Montero’s are weighing selling the bar and that someone is talking about the stretch of Atlantic it’s on potentially being “the next South Street Seaport” like that’s a good thing. (more…)

The Sandwich Shop-Grand Street Restaurant Week-Brooklyn-Brokelyn-Cheap Eats-001

Looks good, huh? Image via The Sandwich Shop

Grand Street Restaurant Week has returned! After a very successful restaurant week this past February, the Grand Street Business Improvement District is setting up a summer week for you to fill those bellies with great deals on delicious food from various Grand Street restaurant in Williamsburg. From August 3-9, you can visit anyone of the 16 participating restaurants for lunches as cheap as $10 to dinners that will only run you about $30. We know, you’re probably drooling all over your phone, keyboard, or stranger on the train while reading this. So much so, you don’t know which ones to choose. You can’t go wrong with any, but let us offer some recommendations to help you out. (more…)

07/27/15 1:00pm
full circle bar

via Full Circle Bar

Full Circle Bar
318 Grand St. (between Havemeyer and Marcy)

What it is: The national home of Brewskee-ball, the first-ever national competitive skeeball league, with an epic canned beer selection and no shortage of good times.

Why we love it: It’s a mix of Brooklyn cool and boardwalk fun. Even if you’re not on a Skee-ball league you can roll your luck on one of the four Skee-ball lanes. the fun vibe at the bar is helped by the decorations made of reclaimed old skeeball machine parts and a staff so dedicated to the game they’ve got Skee-ball tattoos. Tuesdays and Thursdays are some of the best cheap nights out in all the land: not only is Skee-ball free those nights, but you get a hot dog or pretzel with every beer purchase! If you live locally, take advantage of the special “sip codes” nights every month, which is an open bar for people in the Williamsburg zips. Bring boardwalk-loving buddies, competitive friends, lovers of canned beer, pun-masters for creating clever Skee-ball team names (ie: M Skee A, the Beaskee Boys, etc.)

What to order: Try one of the copious amounts of rotating canned beers selection or the all-the-time specials like a $6 Genny  and whiskey (aka Whiskee).

Regular tip: The Full Circle gang is responsible for all sorts of summery fun shenanigans, including the annual National Skee-Ball Championship tournament which takes over Knitting Factory, cornhole contests and a summer long deal that lets you hop on a bus and check out a Brooklyn Cyclones game (with some beer included) for a low price. The name of the bar is a reference to a skee-ball term where a player sinks all 9 balls in the 40 point slot.—Tim Donnelly

07/27/15 12:05pm

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07/27/15 10:40am

Many heads make, uh, light music? #10 (Pic by leesan on Flickr)

1. Play hard at the Kickstarter panel Talking Shop: Building Community Around Games, with speakers from Babycastles, Bitsummit, and Indiecade. (Monday, FREE)

2. All aboard for the alt-comedy showcase Night Train, with guest host Aparna Nancherla, and featuring comedians Rob Cantrell, Ayanna Dookie, Guy Branum, and Robert Dean. (Monday, FREE)

3. Be poetic at Mental Marginalia, featuring Nicole Steinberg, Gregory Crosby, Sara Jane Stoner, and Emily Skillings. (Tuesday, FREE) (more…)

07/27/15 10:07am
Taylor, help us. We're all waiting for you.

Taylor, help us. We’re all waiting for you.

Last night if you were hanging out online, you probably came across New York Magazine‘s devastating story in which they spoke to and photographed 35 women accusing Bill Cosby of rape and sexual assault. This morning though, you couldn’t read it. What people thought was just high demand turned out to be a DDOS attack by a hacker, but not just any hacker. This hacker claims to have a burning hatred for all things New York City due to a bad experience he had as a tourist here, and says he’ll continue to strike at any and all websites and businesses that have “New York” in their name.

Someone needs to talk this person down, before we face a future where the latest Style section or Andrea Peyser hate read isn’t available on the websites of the New York Times or New York Post, and as luck might have it, we’re supposed to have that hero waiting in the wings. Yet she’s been strangely silent at the moment. So if no one else will ask, we will: Where is our global tourism ambassador Taylor Swift to deal with this spurned tourist? (more…)

07/27/15 8:01am
Let's talk about a book-free future. No, not as a goal, ya dummies.

Let’s talk about a book-free future. No, not as a goal, ya dummies.

“Monday, Monday” goes the old song, although I’m surprised to learn it’s actually about a relationship or something and not about someone complaining that the weekend is over. Well, you learn something every day! Like how you’re here to learn what wonderful things there are to do tonight that can be found on the Brokelyn Events Calendar. (more…)

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Mosey along in your weekend. Photo by Sam Corbin

Mosey along in your weekend. Photo by Sam Corbin

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Coincidentally, these maps match up with the "New Headlights Purchased" map.

Coincidentally, these maps match up with the “New Headlights Purchased” map.

Look out, cyclists: there’s one place in NYC where motorcars are gunning to kill you: Clinton Hill and Fort Greene. Auto Insurance Center analyzed traffic collision data from the past twelve months and found that the 88th precinct, home to the Pratt Institute and Susan Sarandon, has the most cyclist injuries (7.7) per 100 collisions, quadruple the city’s precinct average. What’s going on here? Are late-night munchie runs sending student cyclists to the hospital? Is the BAFTA Award winning actress taking out her aggression on two-wheeled vehicles? Or is something else going on? (more…)