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What’s a better holiday gift than a pocket full of free beers at the best bars in town? 

Previous Beer Books have featured fantastic bars from Greenpoint to Windsor Terrace. Now we’ve uncovered the best spots in Bay Ridge, Coney Island, Gerritsen Beach, Gravesend, Marine Park, Sheepshead Bay, Sunset Park and The Rockaways, all in one book: Beer Book 7, on sale today.

For $28, you get a gorgeously designed, limited edition, pocket-sized booklet filled with vouchers for 28 free beers of your choice at 28 great bars, redeemable through the end of 2015. That’s a dollar a beer, leaving plenty left over for burgers, tacos and more beer. (more…)

11/26/14 2:57pm
d.b.a. brooklyn

You’ve got one last chance to enjoy the party. via Facebook

Another day, another spot in Williamsburg that we love is shutting its doors: d.b.a Brooklyn, a bar we love and solid Beer Book bar, announced that they were closing with a post on their Facebook page. There was no reason given for the closure and a call to the bar went unanswered, but all we know is that Sunday, November 30 will be the bar’s last day open. That day, you can watch the Saints play the Steelers, and then help the bar have a send off, or as they put it “drink the inventory.” (more…)

11/25/14 4:31pm
Your office was never this sexy. 2013 photo by Yucca Miyata

Your office was never this sexy. 2013 photo by Yucca Miyata

Office culture is the actual worst sometimes. Those awful K cups of coffee that taste like they were boiled from rat bunghole; those magic midtown lunch spots that can turn 12 whole dollars into a single unfulfilling salad, not to mention CAROL IN ACCOUNTING who you’re pretty sure is the world’s leading expert on Real Housewifery. So instead of pining for an overrated office gig this holiday season, come party with the freelancers, under-employed and non-office-drones of Brooklyn. Brokelyn and our buddies at the skint are back hosting the fourth annual No Office Holiday Party at Littlefield on Dec. 11!

We’ve got live-band karaoke so you can sing like a rock star, mistletoe, comedy, a photobooth, sexy santas, food, presents, dancing and more! All for just $5, the same as a roundtrip subway ride to whatever awful midtown venue those real office parties happen in. Details below, buy your tickets now here(more…)

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spike hill

Later. via Facebook

Hey, you done being sad about Death By Audio and Glasslands closing? Oh and 285 Kent too? Cool, because now it’s time to talk about all the great times you had at Spike Hill and how you’re gonna miss it, because whoops, Gothamist got word that Spike Hill is closing too. Guess the only reasons left to go to Williamsburg are Rosemary’s and the hopes of being cast in the Daredevil Netflix show(more…)

11/25/14 3:35pm
film biz recycling

Sweet crap like this at Film Biz Recycling, all for 25% off? Sign us up. via Facebook

If you’re not camped out for Black Friday “deals” already, well we don’t know what to tell you. Sadly, you’ll have to miss out on the biggest state-sanctioned riot of the year we guess. It’s not so bad though, because while capitalism devours the world in the form of people fighting over $11 TVs at bog box stores, you can shop sanely and safely at the best thrift and secondhand stores in the city during Green Friday. We’re talking deals like 50% off clothing at Goodwill, 25% off at Film Biz Recycling and so much more. (more…)

11/25/14 2:08pm
bushwick daily village

It takes a village to make a village

If you read Brokelyn, you might also be a reader of Bushwick Daily. It’s OK, we’re pals, we don’t consider it cheating. Other websites, maybe we do. Anyway! We bring up Bushwick Daily because they’ve decided to take some crazy step forward and evolve into a new website called Village, that will combine news, deals from local merchants and events all in one easy-to-use platform. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it’s kind of expensive to do that, so they’ve got a crowdfunding campaign going that could use your help. ‘Tis the season and all. (more…)

11/25/14 12:14pm

Someone’s landlord allegedly booted him to turn the room in an AirBnB [DailyDot]
Brooklyn is a DNC finalist [POLITICO]
Will trade fancy lettering for food [Daily News]
NYC protests Ferguson, mostly peacefully [DNA Info]
Poor neighborhoods in Brooklyn don’t have enough to eat [New York 1]
Here’s some video of the Astor Place Cube being taken away [Bedford + Bowery]
The final Bridging Gowanus meeting meant one last time to argue about tall buildings in Gowanus [Brownstoner]

11/25/14 11:48am
link nyc

Maybe you can just set up a tent outside of one.

Hey, were you briefly excited about the city’s LinkNYC plan to turn our payphones into free Wi-fi hotspots, before stopping to think that this couldn’t possibly turn out to be as good as you hoped? Congratulations if you were cynical about this whole mess, because it turns out that poor neighborhoods are gonna start with slower Wi-fi speeds, and a look at a map shows that while huge swathes of Midtown and Times Square will be covered by this, outside of Manhattan will see a lot less free internet. (more…)

11/25/14 10:00am
brooklyn charm shop

Why fight someone over a charm bracelet when you could just learn to make you on the cheap at Brooklyn Charm Shop? via Facebook

Black Friday is upon us and if you completely hate yourself, it’s prime time to buy presents for the holidays. Sure, we get it – the discounts are great, but it’s always a little awkward when your one friend gives you the perfect present and your gift to her was found after a hard won fight at the bargain bin.

Make your friends and family wish you were their secret Santa this year by giving them something you made at one of these six craft classes that you can take for $40 and under. We’re usually against learning anything that’s actually practical, but we would love to find a hand-knit scarf under the tree this year. (more…)

11/25/14 9:17am
thanksgiving drinking

Going to Colorado for Thanksgiving? Keep in mind that taxes are lower on wine than on liquor. via Flickr user Jason Meredith

So maybe you’re going home for Thanksgiving to get beat up by your old high school bullies. Or maybe you’re going to some far-off family member’s place to get beat up by your cousin’s high school bullies. Either way, you’re leaving New York for Thanksgiving and you know you’re gonna be drinking Wednesday night. Just because you live Brooklyn though, doesn’t mean you should leave your Brokelyn attitude of finding the cheapest way to do things behind, so Slate put together some data on state excise taxes on alcohol to help you figure out the most efficient thing to chug when you go home and try to explain that “social media manager” is a real job. Warning: maths ahead. (more…)

11/24/14 4:16pm
We'll follow the scent trail leading from The Good Fork to Gowanus.

We’ll follow the scent trail leading from The Good Fork to Gowanus.

Flushing is far and the 7 train is super moody, which can make getting to good Korean food and karaoke tough. Luckily though, DNAinfo reports you’ll soon be able to get Korean BBQ and belt your little heart out without having to spend an hour on the train. The owners The Good Fork, the Korean-inspired spot in Red Hook, are opening up a Korean BBQ and karaoke joint in Gowanus. (more…)