03/02/15 3:14pm
Oh  captain our captain

Oh captain our captain

It’s slightly warmer outside today, but you know where it’s actually warm? Florida, which usually we have no use for, but for a few weeks we do, because our beloved Metropolitans have their spring training there. Speaking of the Mets, as has become an annual Brokelyn tradition, it’s time to tell you to buy some cheap Mets tickets again because the team just tweeted out an offer for $5 tickets. $5 tickets for a professional baseball game? Hot damn, let’s all go meet the Mets. Especially because this could be their year! (more…)

03/02/15 1:34pm


The Saint Catherine
660 Washington Avenue (at Bergen), Crown Heights
(347) 663-9316


What it is: Neighborhood bar and café with offerings-a-plenty, like weekend brunch with two-for-one cocktails, $1 meatball sliders at Happy Hour and a kitchen that stays open late night.

Why we love it: It’s a great spot to stop in on any day or night of the week, but they keep it fresh and fun with weekly activities, like trivia on Tuesdays and the new cocktail series “Wednesdays.” A projector screen comes in handy for the occasional movie night.

What to order: Pick from 8 rotating craft draft lines and a food menu of snacks and sandwiches, like a Dogfish Head pickle plate with mustard, or their take on the BLT, the “SALT” (speck, avocado, lettuce and tomato).

Regular tip: Grab a seat by the window for some prime Crown Heights people watching.

03/02/15 12:49pm
free pancake day

Can’t beat not paying for this. via Facebook

Whether you think pancakes are the best, heartiest way to start your day or you fall more on the Hedbergian side of the debate and think they’re good but a bit of a slog, Americans can all agree on one thing: not paying for pancakes is much better than paying for them. So in that spirit of “Give us the pancakes for free, dammit,” tomorrow is the 10th annual National Pancake Day, or as it’s more commonly known, Free Pancake Day. Show up, get a short stack and head into your day in a buttermilk and syrup-soaked haze. Which can’t be that different from your normal Tuesday, right? (more…)

03/02/15 12:00pm

Mayor Tall’s East New York rezoning is getting a slowdown [DNA Info]
Two Trees is relocating Front Street’s art galleries [Hyperallergic]
Remembering when hardcore ruled New York [The New Yorker]
Woman commits suicide by jumping off a Williamsburg ferry dock [New York Post]
There are 8 million stories in the Naked City, here’s some of their filming locations [Scouting NY]
Qatar, David Geffen, other rich people wanna buy the Nets [CBS]
Brooklyn Bridge repairs are just a teensy $100 million over budget [Daily News]
Here’s some art mashing up the LES’ gentrification with its gritty past [Gothamist]

Beer and flowers and then more beer sure sounds like a nice way to spend a day.

Beer and flowers and then more beer sure sounds like a nice way to spend a day.

Hey there, winter weary homebody who’s just dying to get out of the house. Have you listened to our frequent entreaties to go to Ditmas Park and have some fun there because it’s a really nice neighborhood full of great places to eat and drink and cool houses to stare at when you’re kind of tipsy and sad you’ll never own a house? If you still haven’t, March is the month to do it, because March is Eat and Shop Your Heart Out Cortelyou, which means Cortelyou Road will be home to both pub AND sandwich crawls this month. (more…)

03/02/15 9:48am

Sex toy savant. Photo via Mary Hoffer

What do you do with that gender studies degree? You might not think it’s going to lead you into a cool spot in the world of commerce, but that’s exactly what it did for Mary Hoffer, who’s in charge of the pleasure center that is the Babeland Park Slope shelves. As retail director, Hoffer helps make sure what sold at Babeland won’t hurt you and also has to be thinking of what you’re going to want to buy  before you ask for it. If that sounds fun, Hoffer says it is, so read on to find out whether you might be good behind the scenes at a sex shop and whether there’s such a thing as a typical day there. (more…)

03/02/15 8:41am
Take on the week

Take on the week

1. Share your poems, stories, and jokes with the strangers who really care at Kings County Saloon‘s Open Mic. (Monday)

2. Hear Rob Lieber discuss his latest book on how parents should talk to their kids about money, and either thank or resent your parents for the financial wisdom they passed you. (Monday)

3. Your smarts could win you booze, which we hear make you even smarter, at The Grand National’s Brooklyn Trivia. (Tuesday) (more…)

02/27/15 4:45pm
We imagine the sommelier will caution against hot sauce chugging

We imagine the sommelier will caution against hot sauce chugging

-Brooklyn already has a mayo store, so sure, a Greenpoint hot sauce store with a hot sauce sommelier

-Brooklyn, still affordable (if you’re a star of House)

-Abbi and Ilana took a booze cruise and hung out with bros

-The Gotham roller derby girls made their case for royalty

-It’s not too cold to start thinking about working at Coney Island

-Or at Brooklyn Bridge Park (but fine, there are some indoor jobs too)

-Oh, it’s also not too cold to talk about Rockaway getting new surfing beaches

-Tipped restaurant workers are getting a big ol’ raise all the way to $7.50 an hour

-They might have better luck with the tooth fairy though, who allegedly gives out $13/tooth in NYC

-Female and/or a minority? HBO wants to take you to sunny California for an intensive writing workshop

-We got news of the Williamsburg and Greenpoint Citi Bike expansion

-We love Beer Street, the Boobie Trap and the Irish Haven

02/27/15 4:13pm
How can a millennial possibly choose?

How can a millennial possibly choose?

Who’s going to capture the millennial vote in the 2016 presidential race? It’s a question that will surely be on the minds of political reporters and harried campaign staff wondering why they got into this stupid game in the first place. Despite the race being almost a year away, we’ve got our first millennial-pandering swag shots fired from PACs representing the two presumed frontrunners in the race,with a Jeb Bush flask from Millennials for Jeb and Ready for Hillary mason jars Hillary Clinton. Still, when voting with your dollars, what are you, the millennial voter, going to be swayed by more? (more…)

02/27/15 2:16pm
He's living as he arrived: Talking excitedly about food.

He’s leaving as he arrived: Talking excitedly about food.

Saying goodbye is never easy, and we really hate doing it, because when people leave New York you can’t even be sure if they’re still even alive. Still, tonight, Brokelyn has to do it, because our own Kenji Magrann-Wells is saying goodbye to Brooklyn and to America, to go to Scotland and learn everything there is to learn about making whiskey. If you’re going to miss Kenji as much as we will, you can come say goodbye before he goes on his spirit quest, when he presents a lecture on molecularly gastronomy tonight at Nerd Nite at Littlefield. (more…)