11/20/14 4:21pm
powerhouse on 8th

Prepare to save big, ye who enter here.

Do you need to do some holiday shopping for nerds who love to read books. Ugh, the worst, right? Who can read in this Golden Age of Television we’re living in? Well, if you know some people who want books, you should do a little early holiday shopping next week at powerHouse on 8th (1111 8th Avenue, Park Slope), because they’re celebrating their one-year anniversary by offering 20% off all the books and merchandise in the store. (more…)

11/20/14 3:10pm
The A/C shut down on the weekends will be the new topic to bitch about at brunch come this spring. (via Flickr user Adam Fagen)

The A/C shut down on the weekends gives you a new topic to bitch about at brunch come this spring. (via Flickr user Adam Fagen)

Add this to the list of hexes you’re putting on your MTA-inspired voodoo doll: Gothamist reports that the tunnel that ferries A and C trains between Brooklyn and Manhattan will be closed for a whopping 40 non-consecutive weekends starting next spring. Hurricane Sandy is the gift that just keeps on giving. (more…)

11/20/14 2:30pm
you don't have to settle

Now you can know when it’s time to party like 1999, all the time. via Facebook

If you’re anything like us, you love a good dance party. We’ll take ‘em in any shape or size, as long as there are great tunes and a steady supply of booze. Wouldn’t you love to open up your web browser of choice, type in one address, and view all of the craziest, wildest dance parties Brooklyn has to offer? Well our friends over at the You Don’t Have to Settle, the “Captain Planet-style DJ Collective” behind some of our favorite Brooklyn dance parties like Head On, Feeling Gloomy, Footwerq, Crazy Since Da 90s, No Tears, Happy House, and more have answered your prayers and ours with a new website that lists all of Brooklyn’s dance parties. (more…)

11/20/14 1:00pm


Sponsored By Hunter's Point South Living.

Hunter’s Point South Commons and Hunter’s Point South Crossing offer a variety of moderately priced rent stabilized apartments.

Let’s face it, you can’t wait around forever for the affordable housing that’s eventually coming to Brooklyn, some day. So, since we can agree on that, why not look for the next best thing, and try to snag an affordable apartment in a shiny new high-rise apartment going up in Queens? A shiny new apartment with deluxe amenities and stunning views. Going up in Hunter’s Point South, to be specific.

Hunter’s Point South Commons and Hunter’s Point South Crossing are the first two mixed-income residential buildings at Hunter’s Point South in Long Island City. All 925 units are moderately priced rent stabilized apartments. They’re offering studio apartments for as low as $494 a month, 1-bedrooms for $689, 2-bedrooms for $835, and 3-bedrooms for $959. Of course, as always, the demand for these apartments is gonna be high, but that shouldn’t stop qualified applicants from applying to the apartment lottery. (more…)

11/20/14 12:02pm

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11/20/14 10:59am
This, plus drinking games.

This, plus drinking games.

1. Soul Understated brings their soul-hip-hop-jazz sound to The Classon Social Club. (Friday)

2. The author of 33 Artists 3 Acts discusses her work on behind the scenes narrative studying artists like Ai Weiwei, Jeff Koons, and Carroll Dunham. (Friday)

3. Laugh, cry, make witty cultural references, and call your mom at Videology’s Gilmore Girls Party. (Friday)

4. See apolocalyptic art rock trio Bugs in the Dark and find out of that genre is as scary as their name. (Friday) (more…)

11/20/14 9:59am
thanksgiving cooking

It doesn’t have to be this way! Photo by Flickr user Alessandro Valli

Congratulations! If you are reading this article, brave and noble Brooklynite, it means that you have decided to take on the Goliath task of cooking a Thanksgiving dinner whether in your New York City apartment kitchen or in the house of the family member hosting it. At the very least, you’re helping cook.

Great fortune awaits you if you are able to pull of this incredible feat, but griping from long-forgotten family members is waiting just around the corner for those unable to complete the task. We here at Brokelyn believe in you, though, and as the resident chef of our financially-challenged website, I felt it was my duty to share with you some easy Thanksgiving cooking wisdom I’ve gained while surviving the chaos that is making your own dinner on November 27. (more…)

11/20/14 9:12am

There’s still a lot of conspiracy and mystery as far as we’re concerned. via Flickr user Dave Bledsoe

There was gnashing of teeth and plenty of protest, and in the end it turned out that Bushwick is maybe more of a Chrimbus town than a Christmas town, because SantaCon organizers officially announced that they weren’t converging on Bushwick for New York City’s most hated bar crawl. If it was ever really showing up there to begin with… (more…)

11/19/14 4:15pm
We love this body-inclusive fashion spread from Issue 01 of Golly Magazine (via @gollymagazine)

We love this body-inclusive fashion spread from Issue 01 of Golly Magazine (via @gollymagazine)

We’re at that magical sweet spot – the calm before the storm, the capitalist insanity that is the holiday season. Come Black Friday, it will officially be a present buying (or more likely, procrastinating) race against Father Time AND Father Christmas, which is enough pressure and daddy issues to make us want to crawl into bed with a month’s supply of eggnog and hope for the best.

Instead of making that slightly pathetic image a reality, why not get a leg up on the competition this year and casually peruse some great vintage and designer wares, sip on some free PBR, subscribe to a brand new magazine, and maybe get a hand poke by an up-and-coming, Insta-famous tattoo maven? All things you can do at Golly Magazine’s holiday pop-up shop Friday. (more…)

11/19/14 3:35pm
bushwick santacon

Look, we’re just asking questions here. Photoshop by Curtis Glenn

As you all know, Bushwick, and Brooklyn in general, has been freaking out since the news broke that SantaCon was puking up on the neighborhood’s shores. In fact, since the announcement, Bushwick bars have been falling all over themselves to let it be known that SantaCon isn’t welcome in their establishments. It’s understandable, given that even in the gentrified state it’s in now, Bushwick doesn’t seem like prime bro stomping ground. Given this predictable reaction, and other information that’s been collected since the announcement was made, we have to start asking if there was ever any plan for a Bushwick SantaCon to begin with. And if there wasn’t, who benefits from the chaos this has caused in Bushwick, in Brooklyn and beyond? (more…)