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Get lyrical with OSHUN (#2) (pic by @bettsydabait)

Get lyrical with OSHUN (#2) (photo by @bettsydabait)

[Ed note: Reminder, we now have a separate roundup for activism-focused events, which we encourage you to check out here.]

1. Hurl yourself down a mountainside (metaphorically) at Dynamic Alpine Sexual, a site-specific multimedia theatrical experience following anti-hero skiing legend Dirk Dassler. (Friday & Saturday, Umbrella Factory, $15)

2. Get lyrical at Poetry 2017: Word. Sound. Power., an eclectic showcase of spoken-word artists, including The Peace Poets, OSHUN, Frank Waln, and Lady Logic. (Friday & Saturday, BAM, $20)

3. Flaunt your feminine side at An All Alpha Female Experience, with live painting and live performances curated by Monique Cheri Welsh and Color Scenes, plus free food and wine. (Friday, Bushwick Street Art, $10) (more…)

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Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 4.55.23 PM

Despite our city-wide affinity for drinking, many Brooklyn booze crusaders may not realize it can take years to open a beer or spirits business here in New York. For Jesse Ferguson and Laura Dierks, co-founders of East Williamsburg’s Interboro Spirits & Ales, it took nearly two —from early 2015 to late 2016 — to build their dream business.

Even though their valiant effort and success in opening a small alcohol-making business here was not unique, Interboro brought something special to Brooklyn — and to New York as a whole — last summer, when we were lucky enough to sit down with Ferguson to chat and make a video about what Brooklyn is in for now that Interboro has arrived.


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Look familiar? Photo via NYPL

Look familiar? Photo via NYPL

For 150 years, Prospect Park has served as a green haven for Brooklynites, a place to breathe fresh air, cry under a bush, smoke a joint, actually maybe see a star or two, take a long walk, observe non-pigeon/squirrel wildlife and generally get away from it all. If you squint your eyes and look away from the park’s perimeter you can even pretend for a moment that you’re not in the city but in, like, Connecticut, or upstate or somewhere like that, with trees. It’s a blessing and a beauty, Prospect Park, and thank god it was built 150 years ago because there’s no chance the city could or would purchase such a large swathe of land for public space in 2017. (more…)

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It's 96% fat free and sustainably caught: no mermaids were harmed in the making of this product. Photo via Harris Farms Market

It’s 96% fat free and sustainably caught: no mermaids were harmed in the making of this product. Photo via Harris Farms Market

It almost definitely won’t be the best prank of the year, but as far as we can tell it is the first: Coney Island Brewery sent out a press release this morning announcing their move into food production with the debut of their newest product, Siren of the Sea, a gourmet line of canned mermaid. (more…)

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Can you read the writing on the wall? The graffiti crystal ball has a message for you.

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We salute you with cotton candy, oh wondrous wheel. Photo by @laurenswells

The Spring Equinox has come and past but the world, or at least New York, still feels grey and damp, so here’s a surefire sign that spring weather and good things are coming: Coney Island’s Opening Day is just over a week away (!).

The Happiest Place on Earth (ya, we know that actually refers to Disneyland but, like, Coney is proof that money and sterile fairytales can’t buy you the same quality happiness decaying theme park rides, funnel cake, and drunk boardwalk dancing with topless strangers can) is coming back to life from its winter dormancy on Saturday, April 8 for the start of its official 2017 season. (more…)

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They wouldn’t be able to flail nearly as freely if they were holding beers. Photo via Daybreaker / Facebook

Trying to scrape a living together by working several jobs, keeping up with friends and attempting to find a little time for ourselves can lead us to live functionally alcoholic lives. Thursday, as we all know, is the real start to the weekend and getting trashed with your squad on Friday is the norm. We make no apologies for it. We are over-worked and underpaid millennials and we need to let off steam. But as we find ourselves crawling to yet another Sunday brunch, raging hangover in full swing, we might start to hear people say phrases like “booze fast” or “dry month” and they may even start to sound appealing.

After drinking like the British fish that I am for the last ten years, (I’ve probably put the children of the Bombay Sapphire gin empire through college with my love of G&Ts at this point) I have of late, taken a more sober approach to my NYC life.  I decided to stop drinking four months ago to see how my life would shake down. This began my journey into sober living in Brooklyn. (more…)

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Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 10.42.48 AM

A working flash sheet. A finalized version will be posted on the Facebook event page once complete

Following the great success of their last benefit discount tattoo event, Party to Protect is back with another day of cheap tats and performances in the name of benefiting a cause the Trump administration is opposed to: The well-being of the Earth.

Tattoo to Protect the Planet for Earthjustice will set up its pop-up salon at the same venue as last time, Greenpoint’s Magick City at 37 Box St., with $60 black ink only flash sheet tattoos available from noon to 6pm privy four artists from Williamsburg’s Magic Cobra Tattoo Society on Tuesday, April 25. All proceeds will go to Earthjustice, a nonprofit organization devoted to representing environmental cases pro bono, “because the Earth needs a good lawyer.” (more…)

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THIS COULD BE YOU — via Flickr user F Delventhal

These dogs could all be you. Via Flickr user F Delventhal

Having your own public access show is the dream of every teenager circa 1992, but as it turns out, it’s a surprisingly attainable dream in 2017 Brooklyn. New York has several public access channels and not only are they full of hidden gems, they’re also very open to giving television shows to people with something to say (read: You). Plus, with public broadcasting looking down the barrel of a rather unfriendly national budget proposal, we here at Brokelyn thought it as good a time as any to take stock in our fair city’s rich public access television scene. (more…)

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Hot damn, double feature. Photo via Yelp user Bina S.

Hot damn, double feature. Photo via Yelp user Bina S.

Since its grand opening on Grand St. in September, Williamsburg’s Korean fried chicken joint Mahji has been breaking the barrier between upscale bar atmosphere and the ability to stuff your face with drumsticks in public.

The hyper-curated menu offers soy garlic or spicy glazed chicken in the form of boneless breast strips (tendies, essentially), wings, drum sticks, or combo drum sticks & wings. There’s also a lone salad option, a variety of sides (dumplings! Korean pancakes! Kimchi fried rice! Korean rice-ball!) and two alternative main course options: a Kimchi quesadilla and stone bowl bibimbap (“tempered vegetables on a bed of sizzling rice served in a heated stone bowl topped with an egg and Gochujang sauce”). (more…)