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You can see Life Size Maps up close and life-sized, for free at CMJ. Photo by Narumi Iyama, via Facebook

You can see Life Size Maps up close and life-sized, for free at CMJ. Photo by Narumi Iyama, via Facebook

This year marks the 35th anniversary of CMJ Music Marathon, one of the best platforms for new music in, well, America. It just so happens to take place in New York City, and you too can own an access badge to the whole thing for the low low price of most of your rent for the month. Alternatively, if there’s a show on this list that really appeals to you, you can buy an individual ticket for that show. OR, you could check out OUR handy dandy list of shows, chock full of up and coming artists hand picked by CMJ, that are all totally FREE! You are reading Brokelyn, after all. We know our audience. So here we go! Free shows! Yeah!

Note: Some of these shows require an RSVP, so we’ve let you know which ones. We’re helpful! (more…)

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Look at her, she looks thrilled to be avoiding baggage fees! via Orion

Look at her, she looks thrilled to be avoiding baggage fees! via Orion

Baggage fees, we all hate baggage fees. We hate that so much that we all bring clearly oversized bags onto planes as carry on items and pretend not to hear flight attendants asking if anyone can maybe just check their bag because the cabin is out of room. There’s a way out of this socially graceless phenomenon though, and all it takes is you signing up with a company that will turn your luggage into a rolling ad in exchange for paying your baggage fees. Would you become a walking Minions billboard (and have a GPS installed in your bag, no biggie) in order to never pay baggage fees again? (more…)

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Apple Picking New York

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As you may have noticed during last weekend’s trip to the farmers’ market, apples are suddenly everywhere. Red ones, green ones, in between ones—the greatest of fall fruits wherever you look. And the varieties are seemingly endless, with poetic—and (golden) delicious—names like Northern Spy and Autumn Gala. It’s amazing when you think about how good the apples grown right here in the Empire (not coincidentally, also the name of a great apple) State really are.

So why not go check out some local orchards and make a day of it? There’s really nothing better than eating an apple you picked with your own two hands. It’s a great autumnal tradition, along with hayrides and foliage. The nostalgic charm factor of apple picking is hard to beat. Grab your kids or an OKCupid date, reserve a Zipcar and go! (more…)

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Seriously one of the most unusual places in Brooklyn (pic c/o Atlas Obscura)

1. Flaunt your feline fandom at Bar Bahche’s Silent Auction to benefit no-kill cat shelter KittyKind. (Friday, FREE)

2. Or get a little darker at Big Irv’s with New York Remains, an art show featuring paintings of animal bones and skeletons found on the streets of NYC. (Friday, FREE)

3. Support a sweet raffle for teachers: the Way Station is giving away Amazon gift cards to buy school supplies, and each drink gets you a raffle ticket. (Friday, FREE) (more…)

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Hungry March Band will leave you wanting more—much like hunger itself. via website

Hungry March Band will leave you wanting more—much like hunger itself. via website

Boy, oh, boy, October just keeps getting better. It’s as if the Fun Gods—I don’t judge your religion, so don’t knock mine—looked down at all the fun we weren’t having in September and said, “Oh, okay. Here you go. Here’s some fun.”

Next week’s fun comes in the form of HONK NYC!, a week-long street music festival extravaganza with an emphasis on brass and percussion. Bands from around the globe perform in parks, bars and other public spaces across metropolitan New York. And as luck—or the Fun Gods—would have it, we rounded all the performances that are happening in Brooklyn! (more…)

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BYO vampire teeth. Please control yourself if you're a real vampire

BYO vampire teeth. Please control yourself if you’re a real vampire

New York Comic Con is almost upon us again, and among the standard convention panels, previews, cosplayers, and what we can only assume will be an overabundance of Star Wars exclusive trailers, comes an event that perfectly marries NYCC to the spookiest month of the year. BBQ Films, the folks behind this past April’s sold-out, multi-night Empire Records phenomenon, are bringing Marvel’s pre-Phase 1 cult classic, Blade, to life with a no-kidding vampire blood rave at Terminal 5. Yes, you heard right: There Will Be Blood.

The tribute to 1998, or as I like to call it, the year of Stephen Dorff (not counting 1987’s The Gate), will happen on October 9, and will feature a screening of Blade, but anyone who knows BBQ Films knows it doesn’t end there. They specialize in interactive movie experiences, which in this case means an actual rave headlined by The Crystal Method, among other electronic artists, actors roaming the floor re-enacting scenes from the movie, sword fighting demos, raffles, and mystery special guest appearances. Oh yeah, and there’s going to be a “splash zone.” The best news though, is that you can be there for free! (more…)

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Carrie Bradshaw has nothing on these ladies

Carrie Bradshaw has nothing on these ladies. Photo via Facebook

Hey, remember when a group of dummies said we should defund Planned Parenthood? We sure do. Help smash the Patriarchy—and anyone else who says women shouldn’t get to choose what to do with their bodies—by heading into Manhattan tomorrow night, for Awkward Sex and the City, Natalie Wall’s recurring comedy show featuring some of New York’s best comedians retelling their most hilarious, interesting or just plain-old-weird sexploits inside of a sex shop. A portion of the proceeds from this show will go to Planned Parenthood.


Stop waffling, don't be chicken, etc. via Brooklyn Beso

Stop waffling, don’t be chicken, etc. via Brooklyn Beso

Ah, brunch. That age-old institution of midday eating that leads to an afternoon and evening of napping, and then more eating. If you love this fictional, all-day meal as much as I do, then get excited, because Bed-stuy is getting another brunch crawl this year, courtesy of the Bridge Street Development Corporation. Start stretching your stomachs for Sunday, October 11.


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via Seleni Institute

“Look at all of these Tweets” – you, as the new digital media assistant at Seleni Insitute. via website

It’s the first week of October and so far, the month is going pretty damn well. The long weekend is swiftly approaching us, and the weather this past weekend was fairly decent (no thanks to Joaquin). In doing our part to help you live your best life this October, we are once again giving you some fresh job ideas. Feeling lackluster about your current income situation? Dig those resumes out from your desktop, and start applying! (more…)

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