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To know our Beer Books is to love them. What’s a better holiday gift than a pocket full of free beers at the best bars in town? 

Previous Beer Books have featured bars from Greenpoint to Windsor Terrace. Now we’ve uncovered the best spots in Bay Ridge, Coney Island, Gerritsen Beach, Gravesend, Marine Park, Sheepshead Bay, Sunset Park and The Rockaways, all in one book: Beer Book 7, on sale today.

For $28, you get a gorgeously designed, limited edition, pocket-sized booklet filled with vouchers for 28 free beers of your choice at 28 great bars, redeemable through the end of 2015. That’s a dollar a beer, leaving plenty left over for burgers, tacos and even more beer.

Maybe you’ve been meaning to check out Bay Ridge for a while — or maybe you live there already and you’re a regular at places like Kettle Black, Bean Post Pub and Windy City Ale HouseBut have you ventured over to the beer Valhalla that is Gravesend’s Draft BarnWashed down a shot of nostalgia at Ruby’s as you sing along to the Rat Pack at the Coney Island boardwalk’s oldest boardwalk bar and grill? 


Draft Barn means business.

Pair stroganoff and crepes at Russian/French fairy-tale bistro Anyway Cafe in Sheepshead Bay. Get down with some meatloaf and some football at Marine Park’s Third & Seven. Don’t make the same mistake as Leo: order more than cranberry juice at Sunset Park’s Irish Haven, where THAT bar scene in The Departed was filmed.

Come warm weather, an icy brew awaits you at the surfing hotbed Rockaway Beach Surf Club, Sayra’s Wine Bar & Bier Garden, RippersPlayland Motel and more Rockaway favorites. Or explore 3rd generation family-owned marina-side refueling station, Tamaqua Bar & Grill in Gerritsen Beach.

Have you ever seen a cooler looking bar than Sayra's?

It’s always a July afternoon at Sayra’s.

Buy one for a friend and grab a spare so you can join along. The book pays for itself even if you only get to a handful of bars over the next year. But why not hit all of them? Here, all the great places featured in the South Brooklyn & The Rockaways Beer Book:

Bean Post Pub • Ho’Brah Taco Joint • Lock Yard • Longbow Pub & Pantry • Pipin’s Pub • Red White & Brew • Schnitzel Haus • Skinflints Bar & Restaurant • The Harp Bar • The Kettle Black • Windy City Ale House • Yellow Hook Grille • Zito’s Sandwich Shoppe • Freak Bar • Peggy O’Neill’s • Ruby’s Bar & Grill • Tamaqua Bar & Grill • Anyway Cafe • Draft Barn • Third & Seven • Caracas Rockaway • Playland Motel • Rippers • Rockaway Beach Surf Club • Sayra’s Wine Bar & Bier Garden • Whit’s End • The Brass Rail • Irish Haven

What are you waiting for? Order here and make 2015 your beeriest year yet.

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We'll follow the scent trail leading from The Good Fork to Gowanus.

We’ll follow the scent trail leading from The Good Fork to Gowanus.

Flushing is far and the 7 train is super moody, which can make getting to good Korean food and karaoke tough. Luckily though, DNAinfo reports you’ll soon be able to get Korean BBQ and belt your little heart out without having to spend an hour on the train. The owners The Good Fork, the Korean-inspired spot in Red Hook, are opening up a Korean BBQ and karaoke joint in Gowanus. (more…)

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He didn't even use a green screen for this one

Uncle Majic didn’t even need a green screen for this one

As everyone knows, the only thing more magical than pie and laughter is actual magic. Tonight the three are coming together for Night Train with Wyatt Cenac’s 2nd anniversary show at littlefield, and the people and pie lined up are pretty sweet. Oh, and as befitting a second birthday party, there’s going to be a magician too, so there’s your actual magic. (more…)

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What are you holding onto this for? (via Flickr user dmott9)

What are you holding onto this for? (via Flickr user dmott9)

Recycle your old electronics and get rewarded with brand new ones. Sounds like a utopian world where donuts rain from the sky and Beyonce shows up at your bedside to sing you lullabies, right? Well we can’t vouch for the last two, but swapping your old, broken tablet for a brand new one on the cheap is a real thing, thanks to UpWise. (more…)

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Wear your eatin' pants for the Thanksgiving Mac

Wear your eatin’ pants for the Thanksgiving Mac

Thanksgiving can be tricky when you’re away from your family. You and your friends could try to cook a turkey, but your lavish banquet may end up being turkey-flavored ramen if you don’t know how to roast a bird, even if you try following these handy Thanksgiving cooking tips. If cooking consumes time you’d rather devote to drawing handprint turkeys and watching the National Dog Show, check out this list of Brooklyn restaurants that are delivering and serving meals this Turkey Day, updated for 2014. Most require advanced orders or reservations, so be sure to call early. (more…)

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Time for some seasonal movies and bitter betrayal.

Time for some seasonal movies and bitter betrayal.

1. Go tell the folks at Brooklyn, Stand Up!! how thankful you are for their free jokes. (Monday)

2. Don’t forget to go to Brooklyn Public Philosophers’ talk Memory Holes, where they’ll be discussing memory manipulation and the self. (Monday)

3. Filthy Stinking Rich is Brooklyn’s most expensive free comedy show, so wear your good monocle to this one. (Monday) (more…)

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cooking-dinner-pets-in-kitchen-gotham-brokerageDon’t let the pups be a distraction | lindyi via Flickr

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Gotham Brokerage has been through a lot of holiday seasons in the city, and they know the special hazards holidays can bring.

Always keep an eye on the stove. Don’t leave the kitchen unattended, even when cooking your Thanksgiving turkey which can take a couple of hours to cook.
Keep kids and pets out of the kitchen while you’re cooking. You don’t want toys or dogs underfoot when you’re handling large pans full of piping hot food. And unless your kids know the rules, you don’t want them near the stove or sharp knives.

Knowing you’re covered for any possibility is one of the keys to being able to sleep in heavenly peace during the season. If you’re unsure about your coverage, contact Gotham Brokerage, and they’ll be happy to provide you with a free quote.

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781 metropolitan

We traded our sliders for this. Hope it’s worth it, New York. via Adam America

As we all know, Williamsburg lost a landmark fast-food operation this past year, as the White Castle on Metropolitan Avenue closed. It was sad that Brooklynites had one less place to go and get tiny hamburgers, but time makes ghosts of us all, so you move on. There’s something to look forward to though, since the boxy 81-unit apartment going up on the former burger site is going to come with 20 percent affordable apartment buildings in it. So you might be able to tell friends you live where they made the chicken jalapeño sliders, if you get lucky. (more…)