07/31/14 4:47pm
bushwick mall

Yes, see, the black-and-white suggests themes of a simpler time, before we saw the world in color. via Wyckoff Heights

Despite our occasional appreciation of it, we here at Brokelyn are by no means art experts. Unless you’re counting Cowboy Bebop, some of us have seen every episode something like three times. Otherwise, stick us in front of an abstract painting or some experimental photograph and the best we’ll come up with is, “Yep, that’s a thing.” Still, even we were struck by the haunting new renderings of the long-dreaded Bushwick mall, delivered to the world in black-and-white instead of the usual splashes of color that developers try to show off with. What does it all mean? (more…)


You could maybe learn to make something that approaches looking this good. via Facebook

If you’re anything like me (which you probably aren’t, because my parents say I’m “very unique”) you assume that anything that comes out of a kitchen other than your own automatically tastes better.  It’s not that I’m a bad cook, but I prefer having someone else do the dirty work. But perhaps under the tutelage of some of Brooklyn’s top bakers, my confidence in my kitchen skills would rise? I can answer that question now, and so can you, because Robicelli’s is offering a slew of kitchen skills classes for August, from knife skills to pastry making. (more…)

panera bread

Free energy beats…not free energy. via Facebook

You may not be getting artisanal cold brew free everyday, but Panera Bread is generously pouring out a close second to hype up their new Bay Ridge location: free coffee! We know, Panera Bread. Still, anything free and caffeinated in general should not be scoffed at, so you may as well take it. (more…)

07/31/14 12:30pm
Photo by Sarah Gainer

Photo by Sarah Gainer

Mission Dolores  Dog Friendly Outdoor Space Wifi

249 Fourth Ave.
Park Slope


What it is: This former auto shop has turned into an awesome funky bar with outdoor space that is indoor. Does that make sense? You may think not, but it is truth.

Why we love it: You can go there and get the best of both worlds having yourself an indoor/outdoor bar experience. We love their selection of drafts and the fact that the bartenders are always super chill.

Who to bring: The openness of the space lends itself to larger groups or events. However, we’ve popped in with a friend or two and had a total blast. Two pinball machines provide some fun while you’re working through the beer list.

What to order: Grab a pint of the rotating cask beer.

Fun Fact: Mission Dolores loves to update their 20 taps and one cask beer regularly. Be sure to follow their blog in order to monitor when your favorites are coming out.—Emily Berninger

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07/31/14 12:00pm

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07/31/14 10:54am
577 new lots avenue

Yeah? Then where are the horses and the saloons and the syphllis. via Curbed

As spotted by Curbed, new apartments at 577 New Lots Avenue in East New York are being advertised as “the next frontier,” which is exactly what Spike Lee just got done yelling at motherfuckers about. The worst part about this ad is that it obviously appeals to someone, maybe even someone you know and love. Beyond that, there’s not much to say, or do, about this, except stare at it until your eye starts twitching and then you eventually start laughing because hey, whatever, nothing matters.

07/31/14 10:11am

That could be you, up there on that water tower. via Facebook

Hey you, struggling grad student trying to get your MFA. Tired of plugging away at story assignments only to have some disinterested professor barely pay attention to the words you’ve written unless he wants to sleep with you? This is what happens in grad school, yes? Well, how about going around the professor and getting famous by being published in McSweeney’s, by winning their Student Short Story Contest. You could win $455, the envy of your peers, the right to say you’ve been published in the same places as Zadie Smith and Jonathan Ames, but most importantly, the envy of your peers. (more…)

07/31/14 7:00am
Don't worry, you're not too old.

Don’t worry, you’re not too old.

1. Head to Industry City for R100, a Japanese film about a guy who joins an underground S&M club and discovers things can get weird when you do that. (Friday)

2. Salute one of humanity’s greatest inventions (or was it a discovery?) with a four-course cheese-centric meal at this Speakcheesey. (Friday)

3. See garage rockers Galapagos Now! and the Dreadful Crows at Glasslands. (Friday) (more…)

07/30/14 4:05pm
Make sure your application game is on point, so you can snag an affordable apartment

Make sure your application game is on point, so you can snag an affordable apartment

Hey, remember how whenever there’s an affordable housing lottery people FREAK OUT? Over the next three years, that’s gonna keep happening in Downtown Brooklyn as over 1,000 affordable units are going to hit the market. It turns out that even with the lottery system having been in place for awhile, the application process confuses a huge number of applicants, who wind up automatically disqualified. So, in order to try to avoid that when Downtown’s affordable housing lottery starts, the Brooklyn Downtown Partnership is holding free classes to walk people through the application process. (more…)

07/30/14 2:51pm
sports illustrated jobs

Replace “on the cover” with “in the office” and there you go. via Facebook

If you are currently on this website, then we can deduce three things about you: First of all, you have excellent taste and probably very stunning facial features, second, that you live in Brooklyn or nearby, and third, that you are not overly rich. To help out with the money problem, since you’ve already got the location and arrestingly good looks covered, have you considered getting a sweet, kick-ass job that would turn your life into the physical form of an epic guitar solo? No? Well check out these awesome jobs and see if you start to hear any music. (more…)