09/30/14 3:26pm

TK. via Downtown Brooklyn Partnership

Remember the days of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe? Neither do we, but we’d love to find out more. We aren’t as smart as Doc so rigging up the ol’ DeLorean might be a tall order. We can’t even ask grandma ever since she overshared about that one time with grandpa at the sock-hop. If you want to see what Brooklyn was like half a century ago though, drop by the free time capsule unveiling in Downtown Brooklyn tomorrow, October 1 at 11am (370 Jay St) over by the Downtown Brooklyn information kiosk. (more…)

09/30/14 2:55pm
3rd ward

3rd Ward, the way it appears in most people’s minds now.

When we first checked in on Robin Grearson’s project to try to tally up the debt that 3rd Ward owed teachers and students and members, she had guesstimated that the total would come out to somewhere between $20,000 and $50,000. Well, if you were betting on it, you should have taken the over, because Grearson’s total is already up to $70,503. It’s a good thing we live in a society that quickly repays small debts, otherwise the indebted might never see their money! (more…)

09/30/14 12:37pm
via The Brew Inn

via The Brew Inn

The Brew Inn  Food   

924 Manhattan Avenue (at Kent)


What it is: Greenpoint’s new brewcentric spot with a twist: it only serve beers from New York. Which, as people who love New York and breweries, is fine by us.

Why we love it: The Brew Inn may not have the plethora of distinctive domestics or intriguing imports as some other Brokelyn approved bars, but what they purposely lack in geographical range, they make up for in a list of 30 local drafts, a great looking bar-food-gone-fancy menu and the unexpectedly unique interior. Details like a retro bar, recycled doors, old street lamps, pendant lighting made out of antique pictures frames and our favorite: beer tap everything (tap handles double as decorations, door handles and sink faucet knobs–quick, someone call Pinterest!) are everywhere you turn, and it’s great.

Another nice touch is the beer flights, which you can purchase to take home with you (we recommend drinking the beer first), and a special something they call a growler locker, for those times you want to get lots of beer but just don’t feel like carrying your jug all the way down Manhattan Ave. Genius!

Who to bring: Someone who appreciates and has genuine interest in New York breweries, or could stand to learn a little more about them. If a friend lives in the area, this is a great meeting point to knock back a few just-brewed pints before heading down toward busier streets. Just make sure it’s not someone who’ll shake their fist at not being able to get a Coors Light or cranberry vodka (no liquor here yet).

What to get: There’s a brunch menu, a burger and beer deal for $10 and $2 off any beer for happy hour every day from 4 to 7. Every Tuesday, grilled, boiled or fried pierogies are just 50 cents all day. The Brew Inn pairs “craft beer with crafty grub” and the food looks freakin’ delicious. Other “bistro” staples like shrimp po-boys, grilled sardines and meat and cheese plates are a few standout items. Polish food, fancy food and bar combine for the best.

Fun fact: The space was acquired by its owners when one of them, a Greenpoint local, took over his mother’s traditional Polish restaurant and made it his own — and, quite obviously, made it Upper Brooklyn’s. Its beer is locally sourced, its furniture repurposed, its walls (and pretty much everything else) charmingly decorated and allegedly, they’re only hiring Brooklyn residents.—Cat Wolinski

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09/30/14 12:00pm

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09/30/14 11:00am

Hey! You got a permit for those moves buddy?

A good thing about living in New York is that it doesn’t bear much resemblance to the small Midwestern backwater of Bomont, the setting of the documentary Footloose. Oddly, the one way life in New York mirrors life in Bomont is that dancing is strictly regulated, with anyone who wants to host “public dancing” in their establishment required to get a cabaret license from the government. The owner of Williamsburg’s Muchmore’s doesn’t think that’s fair, and according to the Wall Street Journal is now suing the city of New York over the constitutionality of the cabaret law. (more…)

09/30/14 9:58am
dustin diamond bayside the musical

See how Dustin Diamond, and therefore you, ave aged, RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES. via Facebook

Hey guys, are you excited about the Brokelyn High Homecoming Dance? We sure are, and one of the reasons is that our host, “Principal” Scott Rogowsky is clearly excited as well. Why else would he book Dustin Diamond for the premiere Season 6 of “Running Late With Scott Rogowsky” tonight at 8pm, if not to get into the mindset of a high school principal? Well OK, probably because also it should make for an interesting show, what with the Saved by the Bell Lifetime movie having just come out and Diamond bringing the cast of Bayside! The Musical! with him. (more…)

09/30/14 7:00am
red hook fairway cheese

Head to the Red Hook Fairway and you might find yourself in a cheesy part of the world.  And you may ask yourself, “Is this cheese cheaper than Whole Foods’?” All photos by Joanna Purpich

Fairway and Whole Foods, the great behemoths of responsible eating and fresh produce in Brooklyn. While their wide variety of organic and specialty products make the sticker shock more bearable, shopping ethically-yet-thrifty is a cherished Brokelyn tradition, so I wanted to find out which store gave you less sticker shock.

I made a list of common grocery purchases like grapes, bacon and rice then hit both stores for a side by side comparison. I matched brands whenever possible and tried to find comparable products for meat and produce. I also compared the experience of shopping at the two stores because a good collection of samples can make a worthwhile trip all on its own. Neither Whole Foods or Fairway has a reputation for being all that budget friendly, but when push comes to shove, which one is cheaper?  (more…)

09/29/14 4:03pm
escape music festival

Red Hook said No-by.

Earlier this month we learned Red Hook was getting a music festival featuring Yeasayer and Moby October 11 and 12. Well just kidding guys, because according to the Brooklyn Paper the Escape Music Festival is honoring its name and has fled from the Red Hook Container Terminal to Governors Island.

Get each roll blessed

Bless those rolls.

Your pet dog or cat or manatee (just bring him back to SeaWorld already) probably hasn’t been to church in a while, considering the last time you tried your dog wouldn’t stop howling and your cat used the pews as a scratching post and your manatee kept picking fights with Sister Bernadette. If you’re concerned all dogs but yours go to heaven, don’t worry, there’s still hope, because a Flatbush church will be bestowing blessings on your animal buddies for free this weekend. (more…)

09/29/14 2:06pm

Make sure these kids learn how to read good and things. via Facebook

You consider yourself a good person because you pay your taxes and don’t push other pedestrians into traffic, don’t start too many bar fights and have a charitable streak in you. Other people have also commented on your goodness. You’re also unemployed, but have some experience in education. Well, lucky you, because 826NYC, the nonprofit devoted to superhero supply and helping children in their creative writing endeavors, is hiring an office manager/field trip manager for their Williamsburg location. Can you be the office manager that these kids deserve and the one they need? (more…)