12/01/15 3:13pm
The ability to destroy a planet is nothing compared to the power of the Dark Side ('s ice cream flavor profile). via Ample Hills

The ability to destroy a planet is nothing compared to the power of the Dark Side (‘s ice cream flavor profile). via Ample Hills

Star Wars fever: huge swathes of America have caught it, throwing any caution we might have learned from the last time we got excited about a new movie to the harsh winds of Tattooine and embracing this shit like an offer of safe haven from our old pal Lando. As you know, Halyards is showing the films in Machete Order (you can catch the unfortunate Attack of the Clones tonight), and adding to Gowanus’ space cachet, you can now pick up Episode VII-themed ice cream at the Ample Hills Gowanus location, provided you order it online first. (more…)

12/01/15 1:45pm
Get ready to see a lot of this. via Flickr user Adam Kuban

Get ready to see a lot of this. via Flickr user Adam Kuban

If there’s one thing everyone in Brooklyn can seem to agree on, it’s that it’s expensive to live here. How to solve that issue is where things start getting kind of hairy, with the camps divided between building more apartments to increase supply to let the market take care of the rest and stronger government action to spur the creation of permanently affordable housing. Going by how the rest of the country is looking next year, it appears the “build shit and let God sort it out” crowd is going to win in 2016, because Forbes reports that Brooklyn is going to add over 6,000 units of housing to the borough next year, which is the biggest planned housing increase in the country. Hope you all like the sound of jackhammers. (more…)

12/01/15 12:00pm

Coworkrs Farmigo

Sponsored By Coworkrs.

Coworkrs offers coworking memberships, desks, and private office suites in Gowanus, FiDi and Flatiron NYC. Be 'At Home at Work'

Created By BlankSlate

The face of small business has changed a lot over the past decade. Thanks to rising rents and businesses that have become more virtual, coworking spaces have exploded. No longer do entrepreneurs and freelancers have to choose between working out of their home or entering into a two-year lease for a space they may outgrow in a year.

So when Coworkrs opened their space in Gowanus, it didn’t take long for them to start filling up their offices. Creative and entrepreneurial types from the surrounding neighborhoods — Gowanus, Carroll Gardens, Park Slope — snapped up space to pursue their passion projects. It’s a good arrangement for freelancers, startups, and regional branches: Coworkrs takes care of managing the offices, there’s a kitchen and lounge areas and conference rooms, and all you have to worry about is getting your own work done.

We figured that the best way to know what it’s like to work at Coworkrs in Gowanus is to talk to the people who work there. The four companies we talked with were very different, but they all had similar things to say about Coworkrs — the convenience of the location, the coolness of the space, and an admiration for the other companies down the hall.

Above: Farmigo’s new national headquarters at Coworkrs. Photos by Farmigo and Jeff Scherer.


12/01/15 11:42am
Horses! Kids love horse toys, give the one of those. via Facebook

Horses! Kids love horse toys, give the one of those. via Facebook

Christmas is on its way, and that means everyone trying to be nice and listening to Bob Dylan’s phlegmy version of “O Come All Ye Faithful” and thinking about the brotherhood of humakind and of course, presents. Some kids aren’t as fortunate as others though, and rather than just treating them as the collateral damage of capitalism left to fend for themselves, you can help make sure they have a decent Christmas by donating some toys to a toy drive. And because sometimes you want an immediate reward for your philanthropy, the Big Brooklyn Holiday Toy Drive will gladly give you things, useful things, in exchange for giving them a toy this holiday season. (more…)

12/01/15 9:58am
Put your phone down when she's talking

Put your phone down when she’s talking

Up until this point I’ve been pretty uptight about making sure that all of the bands that get written about in this column are from Brooklyn, or have at least one member who lives in Brooklyn, or are, at the very least, from New York, but I just can’t be bothered with any of that right now because since Erykah Badu released her But You Caint Use My Phone mixtape over Thanksgiving break, it’s all that I want to listen to. Location be damned.

If my facts are straight, Badu currently splits her time, residence wise, between Texas, and Fort Greene, which I actually just learned right now while Googling her name. I was under the impression that she just lived in Texas. I wonder how she chose Fort Greene out of all the different neighborhoods she could have chosen in Brooklyn. Well, I’m sure she had her reasons, and this is great news for me because now this particular column remains 100% legit. Giddy up! (more…)

12/01/15 8:52am
What are New York City's pests plotting?  Find out tonight!

What are the pests of NYC plotting? Find out tonight!

Welcome to Tuesday. It’s…well you know, it’s a Tuesday. It’s fine, it’s not that exciting but it could also be worse. At least we’re a day closer to the weekend. Also at least you’re not heading to jail for the rest of your natural life like Sheldon Silver. Man, imagine that. In jail forever for selfish crimes of corruption, never able to enjoy the Brokelyn Events Calendar ever again. Take it from me kids, don’t do selfish crimes of corruption and don’t hang around politics for 50 years. Instead hang around Brooklyn do some fun stuff tonight. Maybe hang around politics for 20 years though, we need some decent leadership. (more…)

11/30/15 4:17pm
Morgan O'Kane brings the ruckus (#) (pic by Eraj Asadi)

Morgan O’Kane brings the ruckus (#8) (pic by Christian Kropfmuller)

1. Who would possibly want to be at Art Basel where it’s all hot and gross when you could save your money and hang with endless artists right here? Celebrate your prudent decision to stay put by hanging up one of your works at the Living Gallery’s Not in Miami BYOArt fair. (Monday, $5 suggested)

2. The New York Obscura Society specializes in strange and fascinating things, from cemetery parties to unusual lectures. Tonight the group presents Sita Sings the Blues, and animated film about the Hindu text Ramayana via 1930s jazz music. (Monday, $12)

3. Storytelling shows are all the rage, but here’s a new spin: at Take Two, each story will be told twice—the way it actually happened, and then the way it should have. With Cassie J Sneider, Kelli Dunham, Elana Lancaster, and more. (Tuesday, FREE) (more…)

11/30/15 3:28pm
The gator in question

The gator in question

Anything out of the ordinary happen during your Thanksgiving? Yeah, ours was pretty normal too. One reader of the site though, claims he had the weirdest Thanksgiving of them all, coming across one of New York City’s fabled sewer alligators swimming around the East River, just outside of East River State Park. These photos of an alleged East River alligator that we’ve named Noam Chomsky on account of all his teeth were sent to Brokelyn by a reader this morning. Is this finally proof that the famous NYC urban legend about alligators living in the sewers is real? (more…)

11/30/15 1:50pm
Give a coat, get either some stuff or just the warm glow of knowing you did the right thing. via Flickr user A Healthier Michigan

Give a coat, get either some stuff or just the warm glow of knowing you did the right thing. via Flickr user A Healthier Michigan

Once you’re all shopped out from Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday steals, don’t forget that there are people out there who can’t afford to do either. Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday, which benefits individuals and communities in need of a little holiday cheer, or just basic food and shelter in the colder winter months.

Giving doesn’t have to be a slog, either: various organizations in the borough are offering fun ways to donate to a good case — including the ALMOST WORD SERIES CHAMPION NEW YORK METS. We rounded ’em all up for you here, so the only rummaging you have to do is in your closet. (more…)

11/30/15 11:59am
Heck, who needs the hot cocoa? via flickr user Bryan Ochalla

Heck, who needs the hot cocoa? via flickr user Bryan Ochalla

Thanksgiving dinner may be a thing of the past, but you aren’t out of the woods, no sir. Now there’s Christmas to focus on, and that’ll bring its own host of food-related challenges unless you strengthen your kitchen game in time for the holidays. Lucky for you, we’ve got a way for you to save money on your next cooking adventure.

In honor of Cyber Monday, our friends over at Coursehorse are offering a $15 coupon for any cooking class over $75. You can learn how to whip up homemade lemon preserves and marshmallows, wield alcohol in the frying pan, make a Momofuku-approved gingerbread cake, and so much more. (more…)