03/31/15 4:00pm
Because nobody wants problems with the IRS

Because nobody wants problems with the IRS

Tax time is a stressful time for everyone, unless of course you’re some rich goon with an army of lawyers who know how to convince the government your highly profitable sweatshop operation actually made no money. Presumably, that isn’t you, so you’re sweating it out and trying to do your taxes on your own. Don’t do that! Your pal, the Brooklyn Public Library, will help you out with FREE tax preparation at the Central Library Branch, per Park Slope Stoop. Now who needs an army of battle-scarred tax fraud attorneys? Not you! (more…)

03/31/15 1:33pm
They'll be so happy if you come

They’ll be so happy if you come

We knew the power-drinking, chain-smoking, secretary-harassing 60s would have to come to a bitter-sweet end eventually, but we also know we can’t let them go too peacefully. While our pilot for a disco spinoff of Mad Men hasn’t taken off yet, we supposed we’ll have to start saying goodbye to our favorite well-dressed, self-destructive advertisers. Here are some spots in Brooklyn (would they have even associated with this borough?) that will be screening Mad Men this Sunday at 10. (more…)

03/31/15 12:37pm
Ratnatunga and Goldberg want to give you more, give you, give you more. via Instagram @surir

Ratnatunga and Goldberg want to give you more, give you, give you more. via Instagram @surir

Calling all Spears fans: have you always wanted to know what made Britney so Lucky? Wish you knew what pitted her Against the Music? Do you find yourself wondering what happened while she was Not a Girl anymore, but Not Yet A Woman? Now you can find out all that stuff, and you don’t have to stalk her on TMZ or go to college all over again to do it. According to DNA Info, there’s a “Britney Spears 101″ workshop being offered in Greenpoint, and it’ll only cost you $25.  (more…)

03/31/15 12:01pm

::Seinfeld voice:: What’s the deal with our transit construction costs? [Capital]
The battle over Sheepshead Bay’s party boats has a deeper meaning [WNYC]
Just some body parts washing up in Gravesend, no big deal [DNA Info]
Mayor Tall is kind of energy hog [Brooklyn Paper]
Stephen Levin saves pregnant, shot cat from doom on the BQE [Gothamist]
Coffee: Still good for you [Grub Street]
The woman who wants to be the first female Muslim FDNY firefighter [Runnin' Scared]
Sacred parking garage knocked down for apartment buildings [Brownstoner]

03/31/15 9:51am

Ah, Hollywood. It’s the place where killer robots, killer dinosaurs and killer ants all come to glorious life, sprung forth from thin air or popular books. This spring though, those wizards of the silver screen have whipped up their craziest idea yet in 5 Flights, inviting us to watch as attractive elderly couple Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton…try to sell their Williamsburg apartment (via Curbed). No, no, see they can’t seem to sell the apartment, because the neighborhood is so hip and so cool and that makes it hard for some reason. It’s so hip and cool because of those lousy hipsters driving out a painter who moved to Williamsburg “before it was cool” and hey…wait a minute…

A PAINTER who moved to Williamsburg when it wasn’t hip? Excuse me sir, but those high-falootin’ paintings on canvas scattered around your apartment clearly show that you aren’t the kind of painter who paints houses. You are clearly some kind of fancy pants “artist,” a proto-hipster if you will, and mellifluous voice be damned, YOU helped make this happen. And now you’re leaving, because Brooklyn is “over.” We see right through you, Morgan Freeman. (more…)

03/31/15 8:53am
See what Basquiat was scribbling about these guys all those years

See what Basquiat was scribbling about these guys all those years

Jean-Michel Basquiat was one of the city’s coolest, most legendary icons, not to mention a Brooklyn native. We know this not just because of our deep art and hip-hop history knowledge, but because Jay-Z and Kanye keep rapping about him. It follows, then, that the works of one of New York’s biggest legends pay a visit only to one of the city’s coolest museums. The Brooklyn Museum has gotten a hold of Basquiat’s rare notebooks, and you can see his 160 pages of sketches, poems, observations, and general scribblings of ideas starting this Friday. (more…)

03/31/15 8:15am

Land sharks. Oh wait sorry, Desert Sharks.

The trouble found in working a job with normy co-workers while also exploring your fun, creative, soul enriching (opposite of soul sucking) pursuits on the side is that when something great happens you can’t even brag about your successes because no one will know what the hell you’re talking about. It’s like when we all try to describe our weird internet jobs to our families and they’re just like “That’s nice, honey.”

Stephanie Gunther, who provides vocals and bass for Brooklyn’s Desert Sharks, probably has it a bit easier than most – she works at a fun jewelry store in Williamsburg called Cat Bird when she’s not performing with her band. Not quite a Joe Vs. The Volcano life of drudgery, but if she were stuck in such a rut, she knows exactly how she’d spruce it up. We randomly asked her “If you suddenly woke up one morning as a business woman who worked 9-5 in an office, what kind of stuff do you think you’d have on your desk?” and  she said: (more…)

03/30/15 4:34pm
brooklyn pop-up market

This could be you, but you gotta get out there and apply first! via Facebook

Spring is coming and so is summer, even if they’re a little stuck. They just are. That means of course, the return of Brooklyn’s many nice pop-up markets taking their rightful place in our storied vacant lots and playgrounds, with vendors hawking all sorts of nice handmade and vintage goods. Vendors like you, maybe? If that’s the case, you should get on your horse, figuratively, and apply to be a vendor at the Brooklyn Pop-Up Market’s outdoor space in Clinton Hill. After all, you can’t sell your handmade Han Solo/Luke Skywalker hybrid dolls if you don’t have a place to show them off. (more…)

03/30/15 2:00pm
Brouwerij Lane

via Facebook

Brouwerij Lane
78 Greenpoint Ave. (at Franklin), Greenpoint,
(347) 529-6133

Facebook • Twitter • Website

What it is: “Greenpoint’s fresh beer store,” a bottle-and-growler shop and tasting bar with the most extensive selection of local, domestic and imported craft brews in North Brooklyn.

Why we love it: The seemingly endless refrigerator selection, the cleverly named brews on the chalkboard, the back area nestled between buildings; the reasons to love Brouwerij Lane are simple but many. This is a shop perfect for trying half pints between errands, or sit awhile to enjoy the many bottles and cans. The soft spoken, expert staff and the oft-art-covered walls add to the intrigue.

Seasonal, local and rare beers are each served one case or keg at a time, keeping the selection diverse and fresh. Beer nights and tap takeovers draw the local beer-loving crowd in regular intervals and newcomers looking to bump elbows with brewers, reps and other beer community characters are welcome.

What to order: A pretzel and a hefeweizen. Or a bag of chips and an Imperial IPA. Or the latest whale that will only be on tap for the next few days, or maybe hours.

Regular tip: Some of the staff here overlaps with that of Dirck the Norseman [link to Bars We Love for Dirck the Norseman] on North 15th St., where Greenpoint Beer and Ale Co. is brewed on premises. For the freshest of the fresh, ask for the latest Greenpoint brewed just down the road.

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03/30/15 12:41pm
Park views, but your neighbors will hate you.

Park views, but your neighbors will hate you.

Fearful of Brooklyn’s always-apocalyptic real estate forecast? Yeah, us too, it’s the only forecast that’s constantly worse than the weather (nailed itttt). Anyway, if you want to find some kind of protection from it, you could always get lucky and win the lottery. The housing lottery we mean, like for Prospect-Lefferts’ new monstrosity, 626 Flatbush Avenue, which is offering $843/month 3-bedroom apartments to some lucky winners (via The Q at Parkside). Yes, that’s right, three rooms for the price you’re paying a bedroom with no window and some roommates you’re always seething about. (more…)