01/30/15 4:00pm
l train shutdown

Well, this emptoness will be familiar soon. via Flickr user Sean ‘O Sullivan

-The L train made plans to make your life hell this spring

-Braising lessons helped you turn your cheap meat into a royal feast

-Brooklyn Bowl’s main booker Lucas Sacks dished on how you too can have a cool music industry job

-You might scoff at regular yoga, but heavy metal yoga saved our writer’s soul

-Here comes Ponycon

-At least it’ll have fewer STDs than the adorable Gowanus rabbits

-The Snowpocalypse was a bit underwhelming, but if provided some pretty pictures

-Brooklyn Brewery was hiring, MTV was hiring, a bunch of places were hiring

-From kitty litter boxes to garbage can lids, the best DIY sleds sitting around your apartment were ranked

-Mike Pace and the Child Actors provided some tunes

-We love waving the flag at Red, White and Brew, tacos at Ho’Brah and footy at Longbow Pub & Pantry

01/30/15 1:00pm


Longbow Pub & Pantry, 7316 3rd Ave., (73rd and 74th St.), Bay Ridge, 718-238-7468
Facebook • Twitter • Website

What it is: A Welsh pub near the north end of Bay Ridge’s famed main drag, Third Avenue.

Why we love it: A bit like Wales itself (we imagine), this bar boasts some of the best scenery, sporting paraphernalia, food and friendliness that Britain has to offer, only in Bay Ridge. There is a welcoming ambiguity here that’s reflected in the staff (is that bartender English or Irish?), the menu (cobb salad, curry or cheeseburger?) and the beer, a precise selection of 12 draughts, 30 bottles and 2 cans representing English, Irish and European classics and American crafts alike. Bring UK expats, visiting Brits and friends who are inexplicably fans of Manchester United. Also people into British accents and other “charm” from across the pond.

What to order: We recommend the fish and chips because Longbow claims they make the best in Brooklyn and we believe them. Other traditional British fare options include shepherd’s pies, bangers and mash and “butty” (sausage, bacon or chip variety). All those chips, pies and bacon-draped delectables will likely leave you thirsty, but luckily you’ve got a selection of international drafts like Carlsberg, Strongbow and Old Speckled Hen and craft domestics like Chicago’s Two Brothers Brewing Co., Pennsylvania’s Victory Brewing and the more obscure Nine Pin Cider of the Hudson Valley to choose from. The bottle selection is refined but long and leans English and Scottish, with options like Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout, Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Beer and Brew Dog Hardcore IPA making it hard not to stay after that first draught.

Regular tip: According to owners Michael and Jennifer,  Longbow is the only Welsh pub in New York City.

Longbow Pantry is featured in the 2015 South Brooklyn & the Rockaways Beer Book, on sale now.

01/30/15 12:01pm

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Ebola doc Craig Spencer talks life as the Ebola doc [WNYC]
Cops with huge guns just gonna be wandering the city from now on [Capital]
Here’s how Albany will maybe change without Sheldon Silver there [New York Magazine]
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01/30/15 11:33am
star snow

What does it mean, though? Photos by Faye Penn

For years, Jews have watched in silence as the goyim have reported seeing Jesus in everything from toast to oranges to potatoes, and have gone back and forth between thinking the goyim were a little meshugeh or if they were on to something. It looks like we’ve gotten our answer in the form of the latest snow that blew into town last night, as our own Faye Penn found these Magen David-shaped snow flakes on the floor of her blessed mini-van. Finally, a message from Hashem to his people! What is he trying to say, though? (more…)

01/30/15 9:51am
gowanus rabbits

::Greg Sniper voice:: All these rabbits have syphilis. Photo by Margaret Bortner

Brooklyn was captivated by the story of the Gowanus rabbits, a warren of bunnies living in an abandoned lot near a tire shop that were described by their caretaker as “angry, hardened city rabbits and possibly carnivorous.” The story got a little less cute when the police and animal welfare workers seized a bunch of the rabbits to during Monday’s blizzard to make sure they didn’t die of exposure, and now things have gotten even less cute because it turns out a bunch of the rabbits were full of rabbit syphilis. Man, this story about about hundreds of rabbits living in an empty lot near a Superfund site got real dark real fast. (more…)

01/30/15 8:55am
shake shack

via Facebook

Shake Shack is suddenly valued at $746 million, $200 million more than they were worth last Tuesday, and a staggering amount of money for pretty good hamburgers. Fine by us though, because they’re using their newfound wealth to play Rich Uncle Meatbags, announcing they’ll be giving away breakfast sandwiches and hamburgers today in front of the New York Stock Exchange. Inside will be men screaming “BUY!” and “SELL” and things about capital gains. Outside it’ll be snowing and you’ll be waiting for a free hamburger. Advantage: You. (more…)

01/29/15 4:31pm
She's sure to be just as much of a jawbreaker at Splitty tonight. via rebloggy

She’s sure to be just as much of a jawbreaker at Splitty tonight.

Broad City started up again this month, and TV’s favorite brokesters continue to deliver on the wry, racy laughs that made the show’s first season such a success. Tonight, you can catch the dirtier half of the Broad City duo (that’s Ilana Glazer to you) at Splitty’s weekly comedy show in Clinton Hill. Best part? It’ll only set you back five smackeroos. (more…)

01/29/15 3:54pm
roberta's pizza

Apparently these Roberta’s pies aren’t some of the 100 best things you should east this year. via Flickr user Premshree Pillai

Recently, Yelp released its 2015 list of “Top 100 Places to Eat in the U.S.”, and we were mighty surprised to see that only a few places in New York—none of which are in Brooklyn—made the cut. For the love of all that is Traif, in the name of Roberta’s, what does this mean? Has New York finally lost its foodie luster and been reduced to the likes of mediocre drive-through towns, with nothing but corporate eateries and a few white tablecloths to show for all its growing pains? (more…)

01/29/15 3:16pm
Abbi just strolling on the Carroll Street bridge with her life-sized tooth friend

Abbi just strolling on the Carroll Street bridge with her life-sized tooth friend

This week on Broad City we’re in Brooklyn, whoo hoo! Abbi gets her wisdom teeth removed by Lincoln (we recognize the exterior of the dental office on N. 6 and Driggs) and ends up on a drug-addled quest to the Gowanus Whole Foods where she manages to spend $1,487.50. She doesn’t buy any of the absurd items we catalogued, but makes a mess in the bulk foods aisle, knocks down a stack of “earth friendly cereals,” and shatters a jar of Manuka honey. (more…)

01/29/15 1:26pm
l train

Might get so bad you miss this. via Flickr user Ken

Ah spring, season of rebirth, season of hope and coming soon, season of godawful L train shutdowns that will prevent easy access from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Yes that’s right, after already breaking your spirit in the winter, we got a tip, later confirmed by an MTA spokesman, that L train will put you back on the rack in spring, with nine straight weeks of weeknight track work starting March 24 that will shut it down between 8th Avenue and Bedford Avenue. Plus, you get six straight weekends of no L train between 8th Avenue and Bedford Avenue starting April 11. At least the weekend track work might keep Manhattanites out? (more…)