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It'll take more than covering your mouth to ward these off. Josh McGinn / Flickr

It’ll take more than covering your mouth to ward these off. Josh McGinn / Flickr

Over the past decade, we’ve had a number of national disease scares become public enemy No. 1 in New York City — and with good reason. H1N1 turned out to be as bad as everyone said, Ebola infected someone who rode the L train, Legionnaire’s got to the Bronx, and most recently, the Zika virus was confirmed in the US. With already three diagnosed cases in New York State, it’s time to get serious about protecting ourselves against all the transmittable diseases that might be floating around us, unseen.

Since discovering a number of these ourselves, we’ve decided it’s only right to warn you about six airborne and food-borne illnesses specific to Brooklyn (and therefore not widely covered on the national news). All of these illnesses are highly contagious — and in some cases life-threatening — so read carefully to educate yourself about the symptoms of each one, and stay safe out there this winter. (more…)

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Baby Soda Jazz Band is going to rock the Bootlegger's Tea Party (#)

Baby Soda Jazz Band is going to rock the Bootlegger’s Tea Party (#7)

1. No matter your feelings on the loviest holiday, we can all agree: your ex was the worst. Head to Syndicated for an Erase Your Ex Double-Feature of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. (Friday & Saturday, Syndicated, $5)

2. Get fit while finding—or rejecting!—love at Just Friends: The Chillest Valentine’s at a climbing gym, with live music, chocolates, and tandem climbing routes. (Friday, Brooklyn Boulders, $22)

3. Turn the love outward at the Bushwick Love Party, a charity fundraiser and kickin’ dance party with DJ sets by Chew-Fu, DJ Pony, and ILLspokinn. Proceeds go, via the 108 Lives Project, to earthquake sufferers in Phulping, Nepal. (Friday, Fine & Raw, $15)


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Ranked with POWER.

Ranked with POWER.

Brooklynites are in all your face all week long: they’re running for president, they’re fighting our superheroes, they’re accompanying their wives to the Super Bowl. They rise and fall with the tides of popular opinion or occasionally under the scrutiny of congressional hearings. To help you keep track of who’s up and who’s down, we made a power ranking of the top 10 people repping the borough right now, and whether they’re on the come up or the cool down. (more…)

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Chef Eric Kayser opened his new Brooklyn location in January.

Chef Eric Kayser opened his new Brooklyn location in January.

Paris is alive and well in Brooklyn. I catch snippets of French as I enter the subway. Bistro cuisine is almost as prevalent as ramen bars. And, no matter where I shop for wine, someone’s always suggesting that “super affordable bottle of Beaujolais.” The latest addition in this Francophile-ification of the borough? BK’s first-ever Maison Kayser, a multi-national bakery known for its piping-hot baguettes and grab-and-go lunches.

Chef Eric Kayser’s latest expansion just opened a few weeks ago in Downtown Brooklyn, so we figured we should take some time to chat with him about French bread, his love for Kings County, and how he turned his raison d’etre into a paycheck (after all, we could all use a little more dough). What is this pastry-mogul’s recipe for hard-earned success and how can you replicate it? Kayser explained it all to me — in heavily French-accented English — the night before his Brooklyn store’s grand opening on Court Street last month. (more…)

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guide to ski resortsThis post is brought to you by Sorta Outdoorsy, a weekly newsletter full of ideas for outdoor adventures around New York City. Like what you see? Subscribe to Sorta Outdoorsy.

Sometimes it seems like everybody’s family but ours took an annual ski trip, which means that most of our friends grew up going to resorts and know how to navigate them come adulthood. We, on the other hand, feel like a fish out of water every time we visit a new ski slope, and last weekend’s trip to Hunter Mountain was no exception. So to pass the time while we waited in the (wrong) line to rent gear, we made a checklist of tips that will help your first few trips to a new ski hill go off without a hitch. (more…)

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The Big Quiet, photo via Unblinking Ear Records.

The Big Quiet, photo via Unblinking Ear Records.

Marisa Cerio, frontlady of Williamsburg-based Big Quiet says that the best way to get started in music is just to make noise on whatever you have, be it chains or a guitar or a flock of semi-aquatic birds. And she’s worth listening to: her band Big Quiet is releasing a special fancy colored 7-inch record this year on their label, Unblinking Ear. You can also listen to their jangly-poppy music on Spotify, which is pretty rad. Apparently, they also have a large Nova Scotian fan base (I hear they have great smoked salmon over there) and Marisa has had enough bras thrown at her while playing that she hasn’t had to go lingerie shopping in quite some time. As someone who also wears bras, I can attest that lingerie shopping is v. annoying. Cerio talked to us about how her band go to the bra-throwing point. (more…)

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Impress your friends with how nicely you live vs. how little you make! via website

Impress your friends with how nicely you live vs. how little you make! via website

If you’ve wandered around Fort Greene any time over the last year, then you’ve seen the eyesore of a building that’s been under construction for forever at Ashland and Lafayette. Well, guess what? It turns out that the city wants people to live inside, and on any budget. From the looks of their breakdown, almost half of units in the building qualify as “affordable,” priced drastically below market value (prices below)

250 Ashland is now accepting applications through April, so read on to find out whether you qualify, and what you can look forward to if you win the housing lottery. (more…)

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All this Costco cheese, whenever you please. Via Yelp.

All this Costco cheese, whenever you please. Via Yelp.

Hello and welcome to weekly lifehacks, a recurring series where we share a simple tip on how to make your life just a little bit easier (and we promise not to overuse the word “hack”). 

For city kids, Costco exists only in rumors. Tales of its bounty make it sound like the warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, except instead of priceless treasures it’s filled floor to ceiling with bulk paper towels and cheap family sized jugs of peanut butter, discounted beer and jars of olive oil big enough to fry the world’s largest latke. It’s a discount fortress only accessible by car (the Brooklyn store is located in Sunset Park, under the BQE) and the admission fee is steep: You have to be a member to get in, and memberships alone costs $55 a year. But there is one trick that lets you get Costco items without a membership, and without having to find a ride there either. (more…)

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The NYC natives in The Prettiots herald dark-cute music.

The NYC natives in The Prettiots herald dark-cute music.

This week, we talk to Kay Kasperhauser of Brooklyn-based duo The Prettiots, recommended for fans of ukuleles, Sylvia Plath, temporary tattoos, Elliot Stabler and temporary tattoos of Elliot Stabler.

The Prettiots are comprised of Kasperhauser, who grew up in the West Village, and Lulu Landolfi, who was raised in Brooklyn. Their debut album, Funs Cool,  came out Friday on Rough Trade records. If you were smart enough to preorder it, you got a sweet Prettiots lip gloss AND a sheet of temporary tattoos hand drawn by Kay. And let’s just say this: they are adorable. Their music is sweet and fun, but with an often heart-wrenchingly honest voice that speaks to dealing with the darkness in the world. They also have an amazing dream pop Misfits cover with “Skulls,” and the world’s premiere love song about a fictional TV detective in pop ballad “Stabler.” (more…)