05/29/15 4:56pm
Go forth and drink outdoors. Photo by David Colon

Go forth and drink outdoors. Photo by David Colon

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• It’s outdoor weather, so it’s a good thing we found you almost 200 outdoor bars

• You have more free summer movie choices thank to the People’s Republic of Brooklyn

• We have a definitive ranking of the bike paths on the East River bridges

• When Slate attacks goofy coffee shop sandwich boards, we’ll be there to defend them

• Bensonhurst-born musician Marilyn Carino is intimidating, but not threatening

Imagen Vincent van Gogh modarn in Brooklyn

• Need an apartment? There are affordable, spacious ones to be had

• Freaking out over Brooklyn’s baby tooth jewelry that’s not made of baby teeth means we’re getting boring

• We love Freak Bar and we love Glorietta Baldy

Fitzcarraldo will be at the Taste of Bushwick. Will you? via Fitzzcardo

Fitzcarraldo will be at the Taste of Bushwick. Will you? via Fitzzcardo

You know that annoying food dilemma where you want to make a meal out of a number of different dishes from a number of different places? It’s similar to the “having your cake and eating it too,” phenomenon but instead you want to have a slice of cake from every place that sells cake and also eat them, too. It’s eaters like you who are bound to be in foodie heaven at the Taste of Bushwick. (more…)

05/29/15 1:01pm

Maybe you’re still wondering what you should do this weekend. If that’s the case, you better figure it out fast, there’s only a few hours left in the work week! Instead of making you feel bad about it though, we’re here to help, because we like you. Well, we’re here and so is our pal Richard Burroughs from the Brooklyn Reader, for a very beard-y segment of BK Live. Also there were negronis from Ken Gray, because it’s negroni season. In case you were wondering, yes that is a hand drawn “C” on the Rangers sweater and yes having a playoff beard when it’s this hot is kind of unbearable. If you’d like to know more about our weekend picks, read about them here:

Roar at Videology
Odragyssey at Coney Island USA
Brooklyn Spaces book launch at Gowanus Ballroom
The Macauly Culkin Show’s Comedy Prom at Shea Stadium (more…)

05/29/15 12:01pm

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05/29/15 10:57am
red hook flicks

Don’t you want a hand in this? via Facebook

Seeing as how it involves free outdoor movies during the summer in a neighborhood we like, we’re obviously fans of Red Hook Flicks. And that’s not even taking into account that they usually have an awesome lineup, which only makes us like them more. They’ve been selflessly playing cool movies for free for you, so how about hitting up their annual fundraiser this weekend and giving them a helping hand? Hate the concept of charity on a Randian level? You can also win stuff and eat food, so your self-interest can be rewarded too! (more…)

05/29/15 9:00am
Glorietta 1

Images by Sarah Bibi

Glorietta Baldy     
502 Franklin Ave. (Hancock and Fulton), Bed-Stuy
(347) 529-1944

Facebook • Twitter • Instagram • Website 

What it is: The Bed-Stuy piece of the growing beer empire from team behind Bar Great Harry, Owl Farm and Mission Dolores, this dark and cozy neighborhood spot offers more of the crew’s typically great beer selection.

Why we love it: They’ve got pinball! But if that’s not enough, Glorietta Baldy hosts 12 rotating tap beers that make it a perfect spot for both beer snobs and people who just want a beer. Past the great tap choices, they also rotate through rare, limited edition bottle-only beers. You can fuel your journey through all this beer with grub from Bklyn Burro ever first Friday. Low lighting and friendly knowledgeable bartenders, plus the pinball for flirtatious smack talking, make this a great date spot.

What to order: Forget wine or champagne: the 750ml limited edition bottles are perfect if you’re out celebrating an accomplishment. If it’s just another night out drinking, you won’t go wrong with any of the draft choices or the $6 beer and shot special.

Regular tip: Glorietta Baldy is named after the Glorietta Baldy mountain bike trail, found in New Mexico.

05/29/15 8:19am
(Relatively) smooth sailing. By Sam Corbin

(Relatively) smooth sailing. Photo by Sam Corbin

Bike month may be coming to a close, but riding season is just beginning. In that spirit, we wanted to bring you some cyclist-friendly service information. If you’re a two-wheeled commuter, you begin every day with the same dilemma: which bike lane should you take to Manhattan? It’s not so straightforward, after all. Three bridges, three bike paths, all of which leave you generally downtown—but is one really better than the other? Brokelyn’s here to help. We’ve broken down the pros and cons of each bridge and ranked them best-to-worst, so you know exactly what you’re getting into before you start the climb. (more…)

05/28/15 3:59pm
This could be us but you playin

This could be us but you playin

Tired of the same old bullshit chairs in your apartment? Looking for something that will be unique AND bring the childhood traumas of your guests up to the surface? Look no farther than Bushwick, where for the price of a truck big enough to transport them, you can have these two electric dental chairs. They’re perfect for reenacting that cinematic classic The Dentist or even its sequel, The Dentist 2. (more…)

05/28/15 3:00pm
kings county distillery

Could these bottles from Kings County Distillery wind up a couple of bucks cheaper? via Facebook

Here at the ol’ Brokelyn dot come, we don’t talk too much about Congress. For one thing, we’re not Wonkette. For another, when it comes to protecting the interests of humble brokesters like yourselves, we feel like Congress is usually more interested in fulfilling Krusty the Clown’s campaign promise to be a slave to big oil than in protecting you, the humble brokester. So color us surprised and pleased that a couple of Congressmen are taking action that could make your life easier, by lowering the amount of federal taxes levied on liquor, which theoretically will make liquor cheaper for you. (more…)