02/27/15 4:45pm
We imagine the sommelier will caution against hot sauce chugging

We imagine the sommelier will caution against hot sauce chugging

-Brooklyn already has a mayo store, so sure, a Greenpoint hot sauce store with a hot sauce sommelier

-Brooklyn, still affordable (if you’re a star of House)

-Abbi and Ilana took a booze cruise and hung out with bros

-The Gotham roller derby girls made their case for royalty

-It’s not too cold to start thinking about working at Coney Island

-Or at Brooklyn Bridge Park (but fine, there are some indoor jobs too)

-Oh, it’s also not too cold to talk about Rockaway getting new surfing beaches

-Tipped restaurant workers are getting a big ol’ raise all the way to $7.50 an hour

-They might have better luck with the tooth fairy though, who allegedly gives out $13/tooth in NYC

-Female and/or a minority? HBO wants to take you to sunny California for an intensive writing workshop

-We got news of the Williamsburg and Greenpoint Citi Bike expansion

-We love Beer Street, the Boobie Trap and the Irish Haven

02/27/15 4:13pm
How can a millennial possibly choose?

How can a millennial possibly choose?

Who’s going to capture the millennial vote in the 2016 presidential race? It’s a question that will surely be on the minds of political reporters and harried campaign staff wondering why they got into this stupid game in the first place. Despite the race being almost a year away, we’ve got our first millennial-pandering swag shots fired from PACs representing the two presumed frontrunners in the race,with a Jeb Bush flask from Millennials for Jeb and Ready for Hillary mason jars Hillary Clinton. Still, when voting with your dollars, what are you, the millennial voter, going to be swayed by more? (more…)

02/27/15 2:16pm
He's living as he arrived: Talking excitedly about food.

He’s leaving as he arrived: Talking excitedly about food.

Saying goodbye is never easy, and we really hate doing it, because when people leave New York you can’t even be sure if they’re still even alive. Still, tonight, Brokelyn has to do it, because our own Kenji Magrann-Wells is saying goodbye to Brooklyn and to America, to go to Scotland and learn everything there is to learn about making whiskey. If you’re going to miss Kenji as much as we will, you can come say goodbye before he goes on his spirit quest, when he presents a lecture on molecularly gastronomy tonight at Nerd Nite at Littlefield. (more…)

02/27/15 12:06pm

Multimillion dollar lawsuit is on the menu at Roberta’s [New York Post]
Anyone wanna buy the Daily News? [Capital]
Oh right, there’s still arguments over the Pier 6 housing in Brooklyn Bride Park [BHB]
Someone killed themselves by jumping in front of the L train yesterday [Bedford + Bowery]
Decoding broker buzzwords [BrickUndergound]
Taco Bell has Cap’n Crunch doughnut holes, because why not? [Grub Street]
Mayor Tall and the Sergeant’s Union like each other again [AP]

02/27/15 11:14am
Can the Gotham Girls win the hearts of Brokelyn as well?

Can the Gotham Girls win the hearts, minds and votes of Brokelyn as well? Derby photos by Sean Hale

Editor’s note: When we heard that Jay-Z and Beyonce were packing it in for LA recently, we ran a post seeking a new king and queen of Brooklyn. This is clearly a topic that arouses our readers’ passions because, at last count, 1,666 people voted in this vitally important election, which is a very democratic way to choose a monarchy if you think about it. So after weeks of counting chads and paper ballots and weeding out dead people’s votes, we are down to two finalists, the Halkiases, the owners of Grand Prospect Hall, and the “couple” (loosely) comprised of King Henry, the Cyclones’ mascot, and the lady on the logo for Gotham Girls, who is not technically human (though the Gotham Girls appear to be). There will be a runoff next month, after all parties have a chance to make their case. The Halkiases had their moment to tell readers why they deserve to be the next king and queen, not the least of all because they’re promising a big fancy party for hundreds of Brokelyn readers. What will the Gotham Girls do if they win? Here, Eva McCloskey, the captain of the Brooklyn Bombshells wing of the league, antes up. Stay tuned to hear King Henry’s stump speech next week, then be prepared to cast the final vote, oh, sometime really soon.


In the campaign for King and Queen of Brooklyn, are you going to vote royal or are you going to vote for some of the most determined, passionate and real women living and working in Brooklyn? The Gotham Girls Roller Derby work extremely hard to bring the aggressive and exciting sport to New York, and they have won more international titles than any other sports team here. (Knicks? Dodgers? Puh lease!) The 15-person Brooklyn roller derby team, called the “Brooklyn Bombshells,” are skating to win your hearts (and your votes) as the queens of Brooklyn. You’ve probably seen them skate or work all over Brooklyn, whether you’ve been to a game or not. (more…)

02/27/15 11:08am


5721 4th Avenue (corner of 58th)
Sunset Park
(718) 439-9893

What it is: A down-to-earth Irish pub bar in the heart of Sunset Park, it’s the place to go when you want a good, cheap drink with none of the nonsense. Even though you’ll encounter lots of regulars, any newcomers will still feel right at home. This place is as relaxed as it gets, so head over and put a few dollars in their jukebox, grab a cheap beer, and enjoy.

Why we love it: It’s a neighborhood staple with great drink deals and even a few food giveaways like Taco Tuesdays. Come and play a game of foosball, pool, or darts with some of Brooklyn’s natives. There’s plenty of space and potential for a great conversation with a Sunset Park lifer.

Who to bring: Your buddies, who you’ll take down in darts or pool. If you know anybody who needs to save a few dollars, rest assured that nobody will break the bank.

What to order: With 11 beers on tap, you’re bound to find a favorite of yours, and you won’t need to be a baller to get any of them. You can’t go wrong with $5 for a perfectly poured 20 ounces of Guinness.

Fun fact(s): Irish Haven was featured in the bar scene of The Departed, so feel free to head out and do your best Leonardo DiCaprio impression. Also, Irish Haven just turned 50, so make sure to wish them a happy birthday when you get that second $5 cocktail.

02/27/15 10:40am
citi bike

Coming soon to a Williamsburg near you. Photo by Mary Dorn

Hey, remember Citi Bike? Probably not, since you’ve spent the entire winter cooped up inside, thinking about anything but riding a bike (you still can ride though). However, #summeriscoming, so it’s time to start thinking about getting outside again and topics related to the outside, like that Citi Bike expansion we talked about last year. This isn’t going to be some piddling little expansion either, not according to a map the Brooklyn Paper has showing a slew of new stations that are supposed to land in Williamsburg and Greenpoint by the end of the year. (more…)

02/27/15 10:05am
These outfits will look even better on you

These outfits will look even better on you

As we’re sure you know, humanity is currently having a complete meltdown over the color of a blue and black dress. We’ve been taking meticulous notes to explain it all to our grandchildren when they eventually interview us for some 2nd grade project about their heroes, but we’ve also gotten to wondering where we can find a fancy chameleon outfit like this for ourselves. After all, there’s a pretty big thaw a comin’ and we can’t keep wearing this strategic blanket pile much longer. We’re ready to look shiny for spring, like we showered more than three times this week. Looking fancy, as with most goods and services though, costs money we don’t really have. That’s why we’re super excited about Housing Works’ Best of Spring event, since you not only get to dress like the aristocrats you should have been at a steep discount, you also get to feel like a good person. (more…)

02/26/15 2:47pm
death by audio

Never forget the cargo net. Photo by Mary Dorn

The end of 2014 was a particularly rough stretch for the Brooklyn D.I.Y. scene, losing pretty much every foothold in Williamsburg. Even before that though, a lot of beloved D.I.Y. venues closed up shop, leaving a bit of a hole in the scene. With that in mind, Williamsburg art space Cloud City (85 N. 1st Street) will be taking a look back next month with the “RIP DIY” photo exhibit, featuring pictures capturing moments at Brooklyn’s closed venues from 20 photographers. We’re pegging the odds of the exhibit closing due to being replaced by a condo at 4:1. (more…)

02/26/15 1:13pm
They've always been progressive

They’ve always been progressive

A hot topic preceding the Oscars before the real controversy of Neil Patrick Harris’ bad job as host overshadowed everything was the fact that Hollywood is white as hell. Just a bunch of whiteys giving each other awards, talking about how Selma couldn’t get award votes because the stars wore protest t-shirts and then when a Mexican director actually wins an award there’s a completely bizarre green card joke. HBO figures maybe they can fix this by getting more women and minorities into the movie business, so they’re looking for women and minorities for their intensive writing fellowship/TV development program. (more…)