sidra house

Tobey Maguire PROBABLY won’t be there, but you never know!

While the end of summer is inevitably a downer, don’t resort to hibernation mode just yet. We still have one more (albeit short-lived) season of decent weather before seasonal depression officially begins, so make it count!

Kick off the fall festivities Spanish style at the Sidra House Rules pop-up bar in Boerum Hill. On Thursday, September 25 hit up Building on Bond (112 Bond Street) for unlimited cider starting at 6pm. This $25 deal includes all-you-can-drink cider until the barrels run out (there will 3 kegs containing 80L of alcohol, you’ll get your money’s worth, relax) and a mix of Spanish tapas. (more…)

09/18/14 2:55pm
Get culture for free (via Facebook/BrooklynMuseum)

Get culture for free (via Facebook/BrooklynMuseum)

#deblasio’s New York is shaping up to be a good place for people who like free stuff.

Signed into law this past July, municipal ID cards will become available to New York City residents, regardless of citizenship or immigration status. The municipal ID works instead of a state ID, like a drivers license (because New Yorkers really need those…), and offers perks like the ability to get a library card or a bank account. And, now free and discounted admission to some of NYC’s finest cultural institutions! (more…)

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skinny dennis

Photo by Tim McDonnell, via Facebook

Skinny Dennis    Games  

152 Metropolitan Ave
(corner of Metropolitan Ave and Berry St.) Williamsburg


What it is: Skinny Dennis is a self-described honkey-tonk, a country bar with a warm divey vibe. The brick and wood panel walls are covered in Western memorabilia and there’s free live country music every night.

Why we love it: Skinny Dennis really commits to its country atmosphere. You’ll spot a mounted boar’s head, a 1984 F-100 pickup truck seat, a 100-CD jukebox, and, behind the bar, a haunting portrait of Willie Nelson. They offer 18 draft lines of mostly American craft beers, in addition to a selection of whiskeys. Skinny Dennis is most famous for its free nightly live country music, so come prepared to dance.

Who to bring: Bring your homesick friend from Omaha, bring a crowd that’s ready to two step, bring your roommate who would be an Olympian if the Olympic Committee would just finally recognize shuffleboard bowling.

What to order: If 18 drafts aren’t enough, Skinny Dennis’s most popular drink is Willie’s Frozen Coffee, made with bourbon and coffee from Oslo Coffee up the block. There’s also Bourbon Sweet Tea, served in a 24 oz mason jar, naturally.

Fun fact: The bar is named for Skinny Dennis Sanchez, a country singer from the Los Angeles area who stood at 6’11″ and weighed 135 pounds.—Camille Lawhead

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09/18/14 1:04pm
Poster by Madelyn Owens

Poster by Madelyn Owens

Five years ago, Mike Bloomberg was still just a two-term mayor, mayonnaise didn’t have its own artisanal store, 285 Kent hadn’t even opened (or closed) yet and The New York Times only mentioned Lena Dunham in 1 out of 10 stories, as opposed to 1 in 3 stories. Also in that long-ago Brooklyn era, a new site called Brokelyn crawled onto the blogging shores. And my how we’ve grown since then (thanks to our great readers).

We’ve spent five years helping you live big on small change, from basic DIY tipshot scoops and hot takes to stuff that just helps make you a better Brooklynite. So let’s celebrate! In honor of our blogging adolescence, we’re taking you back to high school for a big party at the Bell House on Oct. 16: Brokelyn High Homecoming. We’ve got dancing, games, prizes, comedians, a photobooth and a raffle, featuring a BRAND NEW BIKE!! (more…)

09/18/14 12:00pm

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09/18/14 11:01am
gowanus canal

For once, the answer isn’t the Gowanus. via Flickr user prizepony

Here’s an uncomfortable thing to think about, especially if you’re eating lunch right now: New York’s waterways are full of shit. In a very literal sense, poop just streaming along without a care in the world like the salmon of the Miramichi River. Which New York waterway is the MOST full of shit though? Well, in case you were curious, IQuantNY’s Ben Wellington has determined the answer. It’s in Brooklyn, but it’s not the Gowanus. (more…)

09/18/14 9:58am
Colonie's salad uses ingredients you may have thrown away via Melissa Kravitz

Colonie’s salad uses ingredients you may have thrown away via Melissa Kravitz

If you’ve been busy pickling, you probably haven’t had time to cook much else. But if that’s not the case, there’s a good chance you’ve been tossing (composting maybe?) your apple cores and corn cobs without a second thought as to how you can save a few bucks on meals with this supposed trash. Well, Chef Andrew Whitcomb of Colonie is back and here to help us eat our (potential) food waste. “There are lots of ways to be thrifty when you have to be,” Whitcomb said. And who doesn’t have to be, even with Brooklyn’s alleged rent decrease. (more…)

09/18/14 9:19am
If you have any better ideas of how to get people to hold your hand we'd like to hear them.

If you have any better ideas of how to get people to hold our hands we’d like to hear them. via Facebook

1. Join the DJs, musicians and artists of Late Bloomers at 7 Dunham to help out the New York City Urban Debate League. (Friday)

2. Why contra dance on land like a mere peasant when you can dance on a barge? (Friday)

3. OK GO are spinning DJ sets at Glasslands, hopefully from the comfort of a treadmill. (Friday) (more…)

09/17/14 3:19pm
waka flocka flame

Will your blunts pass muster? via Facebook

Remember when your parents said you were throwing away your life smoking weed? Well maybe they we’re wrong! Every pothead’s dream started to come true when a job as a blunt roller was posted by rapper Waka Flocka Flame. What was once a pipe dream, is now a literal pipe dream. Well, a blunt wrap dream, anyway. (more…)

09/17/14 2:42pm
Amazing Garden

Look at all the fun people had their last year. via The Amazing Garden

Community gardens are just one of the multitude of reasons why Brooklyn is so amazing. Unfortunately these gardens are not just designated open spaces that grow and maintain themselves, but that’s okay because raising money for one of them this weekend involves you listening to live music and enjoying the best grilled sandwiches in the borough. (more…)