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Brokelyn group shot

We want you to be as good at partying as we are.

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-We told you about free cheesesteaks happening tomorrow at Delilah’s for late National Cheesesteak Day

-We also told you about the free rum and PBR you can drink tonight if you support this benefit at Three Kings Tattoo

-Tim generously gave you a guide (parts one and two) to being better at parties

-Brokelyn alum, Alison Pels opened her very own pie shop, Pels Pie Co., that you should go to

-We helped you find new job opportunities so you can do what you love, still be poor

-Commuters weren’t the only ones pissed about the L train shutdown

-MTA fares went up, but there’s also a money saving button now

-You can take your pick of affordable housing units at Navy Green, or at least try

-One of our own tried to justify moving to LA, but the joke’s on him, we hate sand

-We told you the best places to eat and shop in Sunnyside’s Chinatown (and told you it exists)

-We loved The Way Station, Hope and Anchor and Hops Hill

03/27/15 3:00pm
Shaina Stigler

If Shaina Stigler hears the word “actress” one more time, she’s gonna blow her top. via Shark Party Media

It’s all any of my female friends can talk about right now: a three-day event starting tonight called Bad Assery: The Women & Comedy Conference.  It’s a weekend-long summit curated by Natalie Wall and Shaina Stigler, two NYC-based comedians who got tired of hearing silly, gendered terms like “comedienne” being tossed around. There’s more than that on the female ballot, of course — there’s also the age-old matter of pay disparity, though that’s thankfully getting some celebrity attention. But what makes this particular conversation about the future of comedy pressing (and prescient) enough to warrant a three-day affair that costs $75 to attend? We turned to Wall and Stigler for answers about why the Brooklyn’s funny-women model sets the stage better than any other city for a conference like this. (more…)



Hops Hill
886 Fulton Street (Waverly and Washington Aves), Clinton Hill


What it is: Clinton Hill craft beer stronghold, in the top 12 of Zagat’s 2014 list “Hottest New Beer Bars in the USA.”

Why we love it: At Hops Hill, beer is the main affair. There’s nothing to distract you from the mission of drinking good beer, plenty of it. Serious foam-heads will feel like they’ve finally arrived. Host to regular tap takeovers and themed drinking events like ‘Imperial Stout night.’

What to order: Pick from 12 constantly rotating taps, 53 bottles and 11 cans. Expect to see local NYC breweries like Single Cut and Barrier Brewing represented among American crafts like Evil Twin and Thirsty Dog along with an assortment of international selections. Whiskey-wise, the Hill boasts 80 different high end and small batch bourbons, ryes and single malts. Charcuterie and cheese plates will help you soak it all in.

Regular tip: Try one of the beer cocktails!—like the Nightcall, made with bourbon, imperial Stout, honey syrup and mole bitters—to mix it up.

03/27/15 1:00pm
A little party never hurt nobody, but not bringing anything may get you hurt.

A little party never hurt nobody, but not bringing anything may get you hurt.

Welcome to part 2 of our How to Be Better at Parties series. Yesterday we took you through a detailed tour of how not to suck at throwing a party; but today hits to the real crucial topic of bad NYC etiquette that spreads across our borough like crappy 10 year old Brooklyn jokes still spread across the normcore internet. Like yesterday’s guide, you might find some of these tips laughably — congrats to you! You are a functional human being who can interpret social cues. But you know you have friends you want to send this post too, the ones who show up empty handed, the ones who think hijacking your party playlist with their personal sludge rock mixtape is a good idea, the ones who vomit anywhere, ever. Send this to them with hopes of better party etiquette to come. (more…)

03/27/15 12:30pm

Update: 19 injured, at least one missing in East Village building collapse [NY Times]
In better FDNY related news, there are Instagram accounts for firehouse cats [Gothamist]
There are worse real estate markets than Brooklyn [Curbed]
Damn kids these days, slapping MTA train conductors [Daily News]
Brooklyn Bridge Park is 5 years old now—and we remember when it was just a road [Gothamist]
On the DUMBO waterfront: Empire Stores will now include  a watchmaker, so you don’t spend too much time at the beer garden [Crain's]
This is why catchy pop songs get stuck in your head, says science [Laughing Squid]

03/27/15 12:02pm
Erica Flannes

Donate funds and drink free rum to help this rad tattoo artist pay her medical bills. Photo via Twitter.

We live in a town where people like tattoos, like, a lot. And if you’re one of the people that likes tattoos, you probably like a certain tattoo artist you always go to because of his or her kickass inking skills. Erica Flannes, an admired ink expert at Red Rocket Tattoo, unfortunately came upon some bad luck that no one likes: a tumor. To help defray the costs of having the thing removed, Flannes’ friends are having a benefit and reception tonight at Three Kings Studio in Greenpoint where you can donate funds, purchase art and yes, drink some free Sailor Jerry rum. (more…)

Alison Pels at Pels pies

Alison at Pels Pie Co. Awww…

Nothing makes the olds around here happier than seeing members of the Brokelyn Alumni Club go on to bigger and other things. Longtime readers may remember Alison Pels’ seminal work on freeloading at museums and her bravery and fortitude in hydrant-testing drugstore makeup with the other Broketown Ladies. She is also the journalistic powerhouse behind the definitive investigation into whether Dr. Bronner’s really has 18 uses. (Spoiler alert: maybe.) Now she’s plying her smarts on pastry dough with Pels Pie Co. (446 Rogers Avenue), her pie shop, bar and coffee house opening today in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens with all kinds of merriment, then open daily from 7 to 10. Stop by, but don’t do any of these things! Mean time, here’s more on how Alison rose from the ranks of the doughless and achieved what 1 in 3 Brooklynites only say they’re going to do:  (more…)

Delilah's Steaks

Delilah’s wants you to get your cheesesteak on, fo free. via Facebook

We’ve got to hand it to ‘em: Philly did a pretty good thing when they invented the cheesesteak. Thinly sliced beef, melted cheese, sauteed onions and peppers, if you’re trying to be healthy…you might even say it’s a sandwich worth celebrating. Luckily, the holiday fairies agreed when they created National Cheesesteak Day, and to tout the noble feast, Delilah’s Steaks is giving away their cheesesteaks for free all day on Saturday. (more…)


Like Ferris & Co., we take our drinking games quite seriously

We’ve all got an elaborate hooky plan—doesn’t matter whether you actually follow through with that wild Wednesday afternoon, spent tearing down the BQE with the top down, running amok at the Brooklyn Museum. While helping you play hooky would be pretty un-American of us, we can direct you to a celebration of everyone’s favorite leisure-fest! Tonight, Union Hall is paying tribute to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off with a live reading-cum-drinking-game of the movie, to help you forget the whole adult responsibility thing. (more…)

03/26/15 1:44pm
Bike lanes with barriers on highways. It ain't all peaches and cream. via flickr user Sam Saunders

Bike lanes with barriers on highways, it ain’t all peaches and cream. via flickr user Sam Saunders

Yesterday, DNA Info reported that city officials were finally getting started on building the long-awaited bike lane for the Pulaski Bridge, which connects Brooklyn to Queens. Construction is expected to start mid-April, but its projected completion date isn’t until the end of the year. Of course, that’s assuming they finish on time. And if next winter is anything like this past one, the weather will probably postpone actual ridership along the path until 2016. That doesn’t exactly jive with what Assemblyman Joe Lentol of the DOT once said about sharing commuters’ “sense of urgency” for the lane. So what gives? Why does it take so long to build one goddamn bike lane? We found a city contractor who tells us there’s more to it than just painting some new stripes down the road.  (more…)