10/23/14 3:43pm

This could be you, drinking free beer. via Bedford + Bowery

Here’s the thing about Brooklyn’s innumerable flea markets, from the very twee to the very not twee at all: sometimes you want to travel a little bit to get your vintage baubles. Also sometimes you want some free beer while you’re buying your vintage baubles. Bedford + Bowery is making that dream a reality for you this weekend, Saturday, October 25, with a free bazaar at the Hester Street Fair that has free beer from Brooklyn Brewery. Nothing makes shopping more fun, or dangerous, than free beer. (more…)

10/23/14 2:58pm

You wanna live in Bed-Stuy, you gotta get a pixie cut now

If your lease is up in Bed-Stuy soon and you like living there, you might wanna call your landlord and beg for a two-year lease. Hell, even if you just signed your lease yesterday, you might wanna take that tack because Bed-Stuy isn’t just being boldly re-imagined as the next Williamsburg, it’s apparently bewitching famous Hollywood types like Michelle Williams. Why doesn’t she just buy Zosia Mamet’s house in Bushwick though? Keep it in the famous person family. (more…)

10/23/14 1:46pm
brooklyn museum

Work at a place where everyone will think you must be smart. via Facebook

Hey everybody! We here in Brokelyn have been feeling pretty mature as of late, and feel that it’s time to look into getting an actual, what do you call those? Oh right, a career. Turns out that Brooklyn is tossing jobs all over the place these days, and we’ve gathered up a few of the best just for you. Remember, if you do end up getting one of these jobs, you’ve gotta pay Brokelyn $15 a month for the rest of your life. Okay fine, $5. A swipe with your Metrocard? Fine, whatever. (more…)

10/23/14 12:30pm
south 4th 1

Images by Sarah Bibi

South 4th Bar and Cafe    Food Games Wifi

90 South 4th St.
(Bedford Avenue and Berry Street)



south 4th 2

What it is: A neighborhood bar in forever-transient Williamsburg, South 4th Bar that transitions with the seamlessness of a Transformer from quiet and productivity-enhancing coffice to loud and populated drinking spot.

Why we love it: You can spend the entire day here. Start at 7am and take advantage of the free wifi and cheap coffee to get your work done, and then sidle up to the bar and relax when the regulars start coming in around 4 or 5. And don’t bother leaving for lunch, just ask the bartenders which spot in their full menu book will best satisfy your hunger. Kings of Karaoke starting on Thursdays is just one more reason to stick around.

Who to bring: Trying to get acclimated to the neighborhood? Bring yourself, the friendly cast of regulars provide the closest thing to Cheers that you’ll find in Williamsburg.

What to order: Their $5 beer and shot special is a cheap complement to their coffee if you want to change speeds.While things are icy, take advantage of hot toddies, but once things warm up around here, try their totally refreshing Hucklberry Vodka Lemonade..

Fun fact: South 4th is the perfect bar for creative types, offering an absolutely stacked Make Your Own Bloody Mary Bar every Saturday and Sunday for just $5, and holding a yearly chili cook off around the same time as the Super Bowl.

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10/23/14 12:00pm

Why “Welcome to New York” is bullshit [Sound of the City]
Here’s what would happen if a nuclear bomb went off in Times Square [CBS2]
DIY Williamsburg dying isn’t your fault, it’s real estate’s fault [Flavorwire]
Jamaica is getting a mighty big luxury development [DNA Info]
Hero steals big rig full of High Life [Atlanta-Journal Constitution]
People have ideas about where to move MSG [Capital]
We’re all riding the subway, but the MTA is still broke [Gothamist]

Behold: complete, utter isolation. (Photo courtesy of I Quant NY)

This morning, I Quant NY released their ranking of Brooklyn neighborhoods in relation to subway distances. Greenpoint topped the list for having the most apartments the closest to the train, but bear in mind that train is the G. Can we even call the G a train? Is Greenpoint really close to a train at all?

According to I Quant NY though, “The five neighborhoods whose centers are farthest from the subway are Marine Park, Sea Gate, Bergen Beach, Mill Basin, and Mill Island.” And the least convenient home to find your number one spot for showtime dancers is (drumroll, please)… (more…)

10/23/14 9:28am
fort lean

The sound at Fort Lean should be good enough that you don’t need to bend in to hear them. via Facebook

1. Head to Littlefield to see the world premiere of the Comedy Central web series New Timers, about two friends chilling after the apocalypse. (Friday)

2. CMJ 2014 goes through the weekend and we’ve tracked down some free shows for you. (Friday-Sunday)

3. Proceeds from For Ferguson: A Benefit Performance featuring dance and poetry go to the Michael Brown Memorial Fund. (Friday) (more…)

10/23/14 8:55am

There wasn’t really a song of the summer this year, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is going to go look for a song of the fall or song of the winter. Well, you’d think they wouldn’t, but that’s actually exactly what the Pine Box Rock Shop’s Late Night Basement did, teaming up with the Mates of State to record a whole song paying tribute to some people’s favorite season. “(I’mma) Light Sweater actually does a pretty good job of capturing the fall, what with not being too celebratory but also not being too much of a downer, and hits on all the major themes: pumpkins, how it’s kinda chilly but not really chilly, the days getting shorter, leaf blowers, guys just kinda barfing up leaves and how sweatpants give away your boner. Whether this will reach the heights of say, your “Blurred Lines” or “Time to Pretend,” we don’t know, but it may as well.  (more…)

10/22/14 4:26pm
roller derby jeer leaders

They’ve got spirit, how about you? via Facebook

So you read about what it’s like to try out to be a Brooklynette, and you decided it’s not for you. But you still have so much excess spirit in you all the time! You could dull it with drugs and alcohol, but you could also try out to be a different kind of cheerleader this weekend. One who wears fishnets and causes a ruckus. If that’s the kind of thing that might sound up your alley, you should try out to be a Gotham Girl Roller Derby jeerleader on Sunday. If not that, we just don’t know what you can do with that extra cheer you have. (more…)

10/22/14 2:32pm
comix zone

New York’s weirdest video game

Selling nostalgia back to you at a jacked up rate is a not nice thing that people do. So isn’t it nice when you sometimes come across something like this Groupon for a Sega console that comes loaded with a bunch of games (good games even), and because the price is knocked down some, manages to come out to just $40. That comes out to just $1/game, before you even factor the system in to the whole thing. Hey you know what 90s kids fucking love? Really good deals. (more…)