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Do you heart ice cream? Us too. via Facebook

Do you heart ice cream? Us too. via Facebook

1. It’s your penultimate chance for the waterfront lit series Books Beneath the Bridge. This week Word Books showcases fantasy novelists Naomi Novik and Peter V. Brett. (Monday, FREE)

2. Relive your youthful g-l-o-r-y—or create some glory your young self never knew—at the Williamsburg Spelling Bee. With any luck, you might even get m-e-m-e-d while you’re at it. (Monday, FREE)

3. If spelling’s not your thing, prove you’re not just some sucker MC at Hip-Hop Trivia, hosted by rapper / producer / funny man Donwill. (Tuesday, FREE) (more…)

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Don’t drive around with a D.I.Y. license plate, you’ll go to jail [DNA Info]
Cabbies plan their own fight against Uber [New Yorker]
There was a mass shooting at an East New York house party this weekend [Gothamist]
Not everyone is a fan of the streetcar idea for the waterfront [Second Avenue Sagas]
Your garbage fast food would still be cheap even with a $15 minimum wage [Fast Company]
Everyone is still mad about the Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6 housing towers [Brooklyn Paper]
Stop bringing your guns to the 9/11 Memorial [New York Post]
A peek at President Trump’s future cabinet [Something Awful]

freddy's bar

What lurks behind the door tonight? Something cool we bet. Photo by Sarah Bibi

Freddy’s Bar and Backroom   
627 5th Ave., (between 17th and 18th Streets), South Slope, 718-768-0131

Facebook • Twitter • Website

What is it: A Brooklyn staple nestled in the South Slope, boasting both cult celebrity and a history stretching back to Prohibition. Freddy’s, with its trademark comfortable and casual flavour is friendly and endlessly interesting.

Why we love it: Whether you’re there for the acid-tavern experience (TVs run award-winning video montages 24/7) or to see a free music, comedy, or art show show in the back room, Freddy’s always has something to revive a sleepy night. This neighborhood favorite hosts a welcome mix of locals and far-flung visitors, thanks to its beautiful other worldly decor, bustling vibes and charming staff. Just a few reasons why it was voted one of the best bars in the country by the likes of Esquire and others.

What to order: Aside from the whiskey and craft beers, Freddy’s offers a solid menu of what it calls “Pan-Brooklyn.” This includes burgers, fish tacos, local Polish kielbasa (meaning that they’re actually made across the street by two great Polish butchers), a curious twist on a BLT sandwich, and much more. All tasty and cheap as hell.

Regular tip: The intoxicating video collages you’ll see all over the bar are actually edited/created by co-owner Donald O’Finn.

08/03/15 9:41am
Mosey along in your weekend. Photo by Sam Corbin

Mystery solved. Photo by Sam Corbin

For nearly all of July, I thought I was going insane: I kept seeing a guy on a horse riding down the Franklin Avenue bike lane. It happened around the same time every day, like clockwork. I’d watch this horse emerge from the north and stare from my window, mesmerized, as the horse’s easy rider trotted down the street with a self-satisfied smile on his face. Somehow, his expression offset the absurdity of it all.

I wasn’t the first or the only one to spot the horseman; this guy’d been all over the place, popping up on Instagrams and making the local news. Now, I know we’ve all had our theories. But either this was just one of those New York characters you eventually get used to — the pigeon guy in Washington Square park, the Nutcracker salesman on the A Train, etc — or this guy had rhyme and reason to his constant to-and-fro. Now, though, we’ve caught up with the mystery horseman to ask him what the deal is.

So meet Walter Blankinship, president of Kensington Stables. He’s the guy who’s been riding a horse named Tonka through the streets. And as it turns out, he’s got a pretty good reason for doing it.  (more…)

08/03/15 8:05am
tk. Photo by Etienne Frossard, via Facebook

tk. Photo by Etienne Frossard, via Facebook

Another Monday. Used to be you could come out of the weekend saying “Well, at least this is one more day closer to retirement.” Now, we’re never going to retire ever, because CEOs need your pension money for gold-plated bathtubs and bribes. Sorry, we mean “lobbyists.” Anyway, think less about that and more about enjoying yourself tonight, with these fun nights out found on the Brokelyn Event Calendar. (more…)

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Made you weekend a work of art. via Facebook)

Made you weekend a work of art. via Facebook)

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– If you’re a working artist, you’ll need this guide to cheap and free studio space in Brooklyn

Here’s how you rule every day in August

– Emily Elsen of 4 & 20 Blackbirds has a guide to what to see in Gowanus for you

– New map will show you the city’s most miserable subway stations

– Taylor Swift abandons her post as global tourism ambassador when we really need her

Jonathan Safran Foer and Michelle Williams have started dating and what?

– There are a whole bunch of great jobs for you to go out and try to get

– Go say goodbye to Montero’s while you can

– Whether they’re described as “indie R & B” or “pop”, Wet is fun to listen to

Another housing lottery opened, this one with cheap housing Downtown

– We love Nitehawk Cinema, we love Videology and we love Full Circle Bar

07/31/15 4:13pm
Hang out in a dark theater watching porn, and have it be totally cool. via Facebook

Hang out in a dark theater watching porn, and have it be totally cool. via Facebook

Hey there, person who misses the Old New York. We know you miss the cheap rent and Ed Koch looming over your bed every morning to scream “How’m I doing?” as a wake up call. Do you also miss watching porno in a movie theater with other perve- uh we mean “sex positive humans”? Great, because you’ve got a chance to do that soon, as Dan Savage’s ordinary folks porn film festival HUMP! is coming to Brooklyn in August. Even better, if you use our new cheap tickets portal that we have on the top of the site, you can even get tickets to it cheaper than usual. (more…)

07/31/15 2:54pm
These people are all happy because they learned death is nothing to fear. via Morbid Anatomy Museum

These people are all happy because they learned death is nothing to fear. via Morbid Anatomy Museum

As we went over on Monday, death permeates everything surrounds us, and will eventually befall you and everything you love. In that sense, it’s nothing to fear, but it’s also such an abstract concept full of unknowns that rote acceptance is hard. So, the Morbid Anatomy Museum is here to help with Death Cafe, an event where British funeral planner Louise de Winter, a kind of Mary Poppins of death, will chat with you about any topic on death you’d like to talk about. (more…)

07/31/15 12:26pm

nitehawk 1

Nitehawk Cinema     
136 Metropolitan Avenue
(between Berry Street and Wythe Avenue)
(718) 384-3980

Facebook • Twitter • Website

What it is: Nitehawk Cinema is independent movie theatre meets cozy local bar. It features three small theatres that show anything from new blockbusters to old cult classics. The upstairs theatres feature tableside food and drink service while the bar downstairs has plenty of events that keep it bustling throughout the week.

Why we love it: Beside the great atmosphere, Nitehawk’s bar has plenty of free programming such as Monday night Simpsons Club screenings, Movie Trivia Night, VHS Vault, and Artist Film Club. In addition to the usual specials, Nitehawk serves food and cocktails inspired by films shown at the theatre. In honor of August: Osage County, they served Eat the F*cking Fish (catfish, blackeyed peas, and kale) and hard Sweet Tea, while Dallas Buyers Club inspired Support Group Coffee Doughnuts and spiked Border Crossing Coffee.

Who to bring: The bar is dim and cozy, a great place to bring a date or small group. Movie trivia buffs and general Simpsons fans will particularly love it here.

What to order: Nitehawk has eight draft lines and a wide range of rotating bottle specials, with a focus on local breweries. The first weekend of every month is Country Brunchin’, which features Southern food, live country music, and a film set down south.

Fun fact: Nitehawk managed to get the New York State ban on serving alcohol in movie theatres overturned after its owner hired a lawyer and lobbyist to convince Governor Cuomo to repeal the law.

07/31/15 11:40am
You've still got time to be carried away by summer! via Flicker user  Lara Wechsler aka Shveckle Havameyer

You’ve still got time to be carried away by summer! via Flicker user Lara Wechsler aka Shveckle Havameyer

Yeah, I see you. It’s the dawn of August, it’s hot outside, and you’re ready to put a fork in your summer, ‘cause she’s cooked. Memorial Day weekend, so full of summertime promise, feels simultaneously like yesterday and a distant memory. You had a vision for summer 2015, and then, without fail, your weekends filled up as quickly as an affordable housing lottery. And now you’re already writing off those untapped activities as maybe-next-years. Surrender your utensil. I’m here to remind you that there’s still plenty of summer left– and you need to embrace it.

Sure, opening your door now feels like opening the Ark of the Covenant, but I also have a theory (rooted in no science or research) that most of us have been conditioned to feel a sense of dread in August regardless. Way back in your school days, this month meant the party was almost over, you’d be returning to another, older grade, your precious youth, assuredly slipping away. But the good news is that you’re old now, and summer ends when you say so! This time around, don’t get “excited for fall” like a chump when the weather turns ghastly hot for a week. Live in the freaking moment for once in your irreversibly smartphone-addicted life. Here are some pointers for using your summertime wisely, mitigating common regrets, and, as your roommate’s tattoo roughly translates to, seizing the day. (more…)