10/02/15 5:36pm
Hang at Mission Dolores this weekend and work on that screenplay. via Flickr user kliff53

Hang at Mission Dolores this weekend and work on that screenplay. via Flickr user kliff53

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-Get out of the home office and into a bar, or at least into these ones with wifi

Slonk Donkerson has some great tunes, but you could say that band name all damn day

-In other music news, Silent Barn could use a little help after their fire

-Wanna be polyamorous? Comedian Myq Kaplan lays out how and why you should do it

-Get on a boat this fall, with these cheap cruises, before it’s too late

-We might get a Queens version of Coachella, but it won’t be called “Queenschella”

-Everyone loved the Pope’s NYC visit. Everyone that is, except The Devil

Cameo is closing!

SCRATCHbread is closing!

-At least we get outdoor movies this fall

10/02/15 4:01pm
Whole lotta black and white on there

Whole lotta black and white on there

Look, we understand the Islanders’ move to Brooklyn was never going to be smoothest relocation imaginable, what with a devoted fanbase in the suburbs and cranky bloggers who allegedly know nothing about hockey throwing rocks at them. That being said, it hasn’t been made any easier by some self-inflicted wounds like hundreds of obstructed-view seats or a goal horn that the team’s existing fans immediately turned against or that boring black and white jersey. Barclays Center CEO Brett Yormark went on the radio to defend the team’s choice of goal horn and alternate jersey color scheme, and while doing so, blurted out that everyone knows that Brooklyn’s official colors are black and white (they are not). Well, at least we know he has the same deep connection to Brooklyn history as he does to our country music scene. (more…)

Last week, we alerted you to the pissed off residents of a Park Slope block haunted by a mysterious person or persons dumping shit, piss and used feminine hygiene products all over the block. With police claiming they couldn’t do anything about it, we figured that was the end of the story, but then one of the residents on 17th Street and 6th Avenue reached out to us to let us know that it was widely known around the neighborhood who was engaging in this disgusting act. This anonymous resident shared a video with us that you can see above, a video he claims captured the neighborhood shit bandits who he referred to as “Stan” and “Nancy,” in the act. (more…)

10/02/15 12:00pm

The story of how the “Ground Zero mosque” came to be and not be [The Awl]
Mayor Tall should maybe stay away from sports [Daily News]
Could the MTA extend the G to Manhattan? Maybe! [vanshnookenraggen]
10 pictures of Scarlett Johannson to distract you from our gun problem [StarWipe]
A potential solution to Times Square’s “problem” probably won’t work [Curbed]
The Guardian Angels are having some recruitment problems [amNewYork]
Jon Bois destroys the Washington football team, moves them to BK [SB Nation]
Kathleen Alcott has had enough of your goddamn Pinkberrys, Park Slope [BrickUnderground]

10/02/15 10:32am

Camping in Brooklyn

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My friend promised his fiancé there would be no strippers at his bachelor party. Which is how I found myself sparking a campfire right here in Brooklyn.

While this might not be the perfect weekend for camping, it is possible to heed the call of the wild without leaving the borough of Kings. Or doing anything that might jeopardize your marriage.

And we aren’t talking some illegal overnight deep in Prospect Park. We’re talking about a Sorta Outdoorsy spot at New York City’s very first airport—Floyd Bennett Field. (more…)

10/02/15 9:23am
You've seen Abbi destroy one grocery store, now see her try to work at one

You’ve seen Abbi destroy one grocery store, now see her try to work at one

Very soon (February to be exact so maybe not that soon), our long national nightmare will be over, and we’ll have more Broad City episodes. Until then, we don’t know, watch the shorts that are being slowly released before Season 3 starts. Or, you could get an up close and personal view of everyone’s favorite misadventuring Brooklyn girls by heading to Bed-Stuy on Monday, because the show will be filming at a food co-op in the neighborhood. NOTE: Do not actually try to get up close and personal, that’s creepy as fuck. (more…)

10/02/15 8:50am
Is it getting hot in here...? (Pic courtesy of Flambeaux Fire)

Is it getting hot in here…? (Pic courtesy of Flambeaux Fire)

1. We are very excited about the Parks Department’s outdoor October movies, which begin tonight at McCarren Park with Fright Night. (Friday, FREE)

2. Get trippy at the Rock Shop’s Electronic Music and Visual Experience, with performances by DJ/VJ TM5, redgreenblue, and I, Synthesist. (Friday, $10)

3. The whole weekend is full of Bushwick Film Fest, with screenings, panels, and more—plus use code BFF2015 to get 20% off. (Friday through Sunday, $12) (more…)

10/01/15 4:35pm
Better sate that itchfor SCRATCHbread while you still can. via instagram user amyrbutler

Better sate that itchfor SCRATCHbread while you still can. via instagram user amyrbutler

It’s rare we post two closure notices in one day, but that’s because it’s rare that there are two to report. But here it is: SCRATCHbread, the long-adored coffee outpost and purveyor of heavenly grits on Bedford Avenue, will close its doors for keeps on October 11.

10/01/15 2:56pm
Cameo, we salute you. via Facebook

Cameo, we salute you. via Facebook

Well, it’s official. After a summer of rumors, Cameo Gallery has announced that it will close permanently on November 21. We kind of knew it was coming, and probably so did they, but it’s still no fun to hear.

The news comes as the latest in a slew of closures of BK event venues. Cameo has gone the way of Trash Bar, and dozens of other venues that suffered rent hikes and shuttered their windows. (more…)

10/01/15 1:36pm
Photo by Mindy Tucker

Photo by Mindy Tucker

If you’ve been looking for love in Brooklyn lately, you’ve probably been out with at least one person who describes themselves as ‘poly.’ They go on to explain that it’s short for polyamory, and that it means something about loving more than one person at a time. To the rest of us, it just sounds like a free pass to sleep around while still having a steady at home to watch Narcos with.

What makes a ‘poly’ person different from a ‘commitment-phobe?’ Or a cad? We wanted a live poly specimen to break it down for us, so we reached out to friend-of-a-friend Myq Kaplan. He’s a comedian you’ve probably seen on Conan, Letterman, Comedy Central Presents or Last Comic Standing. Kaplan, who’s been in a non-monogamous or ‘poly’ relationship with his current girlfriend for the past 1.5 years—and actually lives with her—sits down with Brokelyn today to discuss the difference between being an evolved emotional being and a sexual opportunist. (more…)