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Because George Washington died for your right to wrap things in bacon

Because George Washington died for your right to wrap things in bacon

Thanks to thousands of years of celebrating on behalf of the human race, there are holidays for just about everyone. The devout and nog-lovers have Christmas, the hideous and horny have Halloween, dreidel aficionados have Hannukah, but what of us, the frugal foodies? If only there was a holiday devoted to eating awesome, messy food made of the cheapest ingredients and drinking cheap beer while we’re at it. Also, it would be great if there were flags. And explosions. You get where I’m going here,

4th of July is quite possibly the best holiday available for people who love to cook and hate to spend a dime doing it. Even if you don’t happen to be running your big 4th of July barbecue, the fact is that you’re still expected to bring some sides, because that’s what Abraham Lincoln would do. So, if you don’t want to seem like a complete and eternal tool, you’ll bring something, ideally tastier than stale hot dog buns and ice. Here are a few recipes that require minimal effort for maximum “Holy crap, did they make those?! Get them a beer!”, as well as being as budget-friendly as you are American. That’s “very,” by the way. (more…)

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1. Get some global culture at the 44th annual International African Arts Festival, with world, soul, and reggae music, a craft bazaar, a youth talent show, and a lot more. (Friday through Sunday, FREE)

2. Take in a huge amount of independent music at the Julybalaya festival, created by indie artists, for indie artists. (Friday & Saturday, $25/day)

3. Dance your butt off at Dark Disco on the Roof, featuring Galcher Lustwerk, Young Male, DJ Richard, Morgan Louis, and Alvin Aronson. (Friday, $15) (more…)

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Only one face should be allowed to lord over Coney and demand your money with his eyes. via flickr user Loozrboy

And if the cops don’t drive the mascots out, this face will. via flickr user Loozrboy

There’s a new Biblical plague in town. It comes in all shapes and sizes, but it’s making a torrential descent onto the Coney Island boardwalk. According to Brooklyn Paper, a number of Times Square mascots seem to have relocated to the People’s Playground, after abdicating their midtown Manhattan posts due to recent police crackdowns on costumed solicitation.


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Gooooooal! via DUMBO BID

Góoooooooool. Via DUMBO BID

Remember, kids, July 4th is only 24 hours long. After that it’s gonna be July 5, and you’re going to have to quiet down and expand your cultural horizons all over again. A great place to start is with the Women’s World Cup, since the championship final is happening this Sunday: USA v Japan!

Now all you need is a place to watch the game, and here we are bringing you news of one. The Dumbo BID is bringing back its free World Cup viewing party, at the Archway under the Manhattan Bridge. Since one of the teams is ‘Murrica, you’ll no doubt be among plenty like-minded fans in attendance. (Hey, so you might not have to expand your horizons, after all.) (more…)

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It's almost America's birthday, so watch British people find love. Image via Netflix

It’s almost America’s birthday, so watch British people find love. Image via Netflix

Friday is here and it’s the 4th of July weekend. This holiday promises BBQ, loud fireworks and alcohol! But that’s all planned for Saturday. On Friday, it’s all about you. While everyone is out of town, you are going to chill. In the apartment, with the AC turnt up to keep the bugs at bay. And to help you relax, we’ve got just the right combination of noms, tunes and Netflix so you can bask in having that 4th-eve all to yourself. (more…)

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Like this, but minus baseball plus bands. Via Flickr user Eden, Janine & Jim

Like this, but minus baseball plus bands. via Flickr user Eden, Janine & Jim

There’s no shortage of summer concerts to while away your summer evenings on a blanket in the park or on a pier by the sea. But here’s just a few more gigs you can get excited about! Now in its 35th year, the Seaside Summer festival in Coney Island will bring an eclectic roster of live music to MCU park, otherwise known as the home of the Brooklyn Cyclones.

It’s a short little festival happening Wednesday, July 22 through Friday, July 24. But it’s managed to squeeze in sounds for every taste. Oh, and enjoy this #tbt: the first performance is by JT Taylor, formerly of Kool & the Gang.  (more…)

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Oh, dome, oh! Oh, dome, oh! via flickr user Anthony Fine

Oh, dome, oh! Oh, dome, oh! via flickr user Anthony Fine

It turns out that even a giant piece of floating debris can’t survive in the Gowanus Canal. There’s really no hope for any of us, is there? According to DNAinfo, the floating Harvest Dome was pulled below the surface of the canal yesterday, apparently due to its becoming “ensnared” by something below the water.

I mean, that is the stuff of nightmares. DNAinfo talked to dome creators Alexander Levi and Amanda Schacter, who claim it was art flotsam pulling the thing down below the water’s surface. But we know better, don’t we? It was obviously creatures from the watery deep.


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Go wreck it, for America

Go wreck it, for America

Congratulations to everyone reading this, you made it to the end of the week. We know what you’re thinking, about how it’s Thursday and not Friday, but given time’s fluid nature and more importantly the fact that the working week will more or less stop tomorrow in order to let people get a head start on screaming “Wooo America!”, we’re calling it today. Before you either go out of town or step away from your computers for a long weekend, you should let the Brokelyn Event Calendar point you to some cool things to do tonight. (more…)

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Aw, look, the bike is trying to boulder. via Ride Brooklyn's Facebook

Aw, look, the bike is trying to boulder. via Ride Brooklyn’s Facebook

Huzzah, weather for the 4th is slated to be sunny and BBQ-ready! And chances are, you’ve got more than one BBQ to hit up this weekend. Now it’s time to get your two-wheeled commute ready, courtesy of the folks over at Ride Brooklyn! They’re setting up shop at Brooklyn Boulders this Saturday morning, and offering free tune-ups to climbers. (more…)