01/26/15 12:00pm

Here’s the East New York rezoning plan [New York YIMBY]
Shelly Silver will still kind of be around [Capital]
Scenes from this year’s stupid fun Idiotarod [Bedford + Bowery]
Police ticket straphangers fleeing the bum car smell [Queens Crap]
Orson Welles: Failed Post columnist [New York Post]
People are either happy or sad about Continental closing [Grub Street]
Your friend might be a snob, but should you be a jerk about it? [The Awl]

01/26/15 11:29am
Tastes enough like meat that you'll wonder if it actually is.

Tastes enough like meat that you’ll wonder if it actually is.

The city might be gearing up for a snowpocalypse at the moment, but don’t let that distract you from the important things. For instance, you have about three hours to snag your free Chipotle burrito before the entire city implodes in a cloud of powdery snow. What’s that? You haven’t heard about the burrito chain’s big push to bring its Sofritas vegan burrito to the masses? Well, the deal is, you buy one of their new tofu-based gut-bombs and you can get another free burrito of any type in the future. The only catch? You have to eat tofu and you can only use your voucher between tomorrow and February 28. (more…)

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8910 5th Ave. (between 89th & 90th), Bay Ridge, (718) 680-8900
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What it is: Beer garden and sports bar with great grub eats, board and other games to keep you busy.

Why we love it: This is a sports nut’s dream. You can count on Red White & Brew to show the game you can’t watch at home since you finally cut the cord. And if you’re not exactly obsessed with your team’s road to the Super Bowl, you can duck out back to the beer garden to escape the cheering maniacs. On select Fridays and Saturdays, a cover band comes on through to keep your head bobbing to some live music.

Who to bring: Hang out with your fellow fantasy football owners to talk smack on any given Sunday, Monday, or Thursday, a few pals to rock out with to the live music or tunes of your choosing thanks to their jukebox, or even a date! Use one of their many board games to break the ice. And seriously did we mention the back garden?

What to order: Even if you’re the pickiest beer drinker, Red White & Brew will have something for you. With 14 taps and at least 6 of them from local to international to micro breweries, there’s something for everyone.

Fun fact: The space has been a bar in some form or another since the 1920s, so celebrate history and another Clue or Guess Who victory while you take another sip.

Red, White and Brew is featured in the 2015 South Brooklyn & the Rockaways Beer Book, on sale now.

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You've got feels, so take 'em out dancing

You’ve got feels, so take ‘em out dancing

1. Learn how best to slay your enemies as Brooklyn Public Philosophers discuss why metaphors make good insults. (Monday)

2. See films about protecting elephants, the Galapagos, and pronghorn migration at Videology’s Wildlife Conservation Film Night. (Monday)

3. Get a Fresh Perspective on comedy with the likes of Anna Drezen, Aparna Nancherla and Tim Racine at Muchmore’s. (Monday) (more…)

01/26/15 7:00am
Lucas Sacks

Brooklyn Bowl’s Lucas Sacks

Ever have a real good time at a cool show at Brooklyn Bowl, and wanted to thank the person who made it all happen? If it’s been in the last few years, you can probably thank Lucas Sacks, who’s been part of the talent booking team at the venue for the last three years and has been the main booker the past six months. Beyond thanking him, you might also want to ask Lucas how it is he managed to make a career out of booking acts like Robert Plant, Lauryn Hill, Deer Tick and The Roots. We wanted to know too, and Lucas was happy to clue us in. (more…)

01/25/15 4:30am
Location, location, location. (via Curbed)

Location, location, location. (via Curbed)

On Bubbles: “$100.4 Million” [NYT]
On the Clock: “Time no longer seems unlimited…” [Nation]
On Goals: “So, you want to be a professional adventurer?” [AH]
On Similarities: “‘It isn’t just chasing clicks,’ she says.“ [Gigaom]
On the Rocks: “…Death Valley is one giggle after another.” [LAT]
On Rebuilding: “Overgrown lots and stray dogs remain in the area.” [Curbed]
On Concerns: “Our concern is not with the proverbial “few bad apples…” [Medium]
On High: “…with Steinmetz and his camera hanging out of the open door.” [New Yorker]
On Landscapes: “I suspect people are starting to notice that I have lost my mind.” [Berfois]
On Demon Rum: “That’s 5,554 deaths and 157,132 hospital admissions a year…” [Guardian]

01/23/15 4:29pm


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-We were unimpressed with SNL’s trip to Bushwick

-Here’s all you need to know about doing music and comedy PR

-The MTA fare hike got here

-Adult preschool showed up too, and it’ll only cost you $333. What a bargain!

-Peak-say ood-gay pig latin? A fancy Cambridge study wants you

-We searched from the top (Greenpoint) to the bottom (Bay Ridge) of BK for cheap apartments

-The girls from Broad City focused on leaning in for episode two

-We met the lawyer who’ll rescue your security deposit

-An expert had advice on how not to die falling through a sidewalk cellar door

-We loved Lock Yard enough to make it our back yard and we loved sitting and sipping at Sayra’s Wine Bar

01/23/15 2:40pm
bushwick street art

WAR! via Instagram user Zexo

Bushwick might be hot enough to be the world’s seventh-coolest neighborhood, have shitty hotels “inspired” by it and get SNL and SantaCon to take a look at it, but that doesn’t mean it’s Park Slope. Bushwick can still be ravaged by WAR, although in this case it’s a graffiti vs. street art civil war that ANIMAL found, as spray paint can holding brother is turning against spray paint holding brother in a defacement battle over authenticity and gentrification. We haven’t enjoyed a Bushwick story like this since the one where Droid907 was interviewed sitting in a ditch and waiting to hop a freight train. (more…)

01/23/15 12:48pm

We know, we know, there’s some kind of death storm coming this weekend that’s going to bring bad weather and bad vibes. Allegedly. But think about how many times the weather has lied to you before. We mean, it’s sunny right now as we write this post. In that spirit of not trusting the weather, we think the smartest thing to do is make a whole bunch of weekend plans using this video of us and our pal Richard Burroughs from the Brooklyn Reader as your guide. After all, there’s so much going on this weekend just from our picks alone, how could you let a little Nor’easter ruin your fun? (more…)