05/22/15 3:30pm
Sprint into the weekend. Cartoon by David Ostow

Sprint into the weekend. Cartoon by David Ostow

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• All of the fixtures of life in Brooklyn, made into a bunch of handy cartoons

• You, too, can live on $2.50 lunches and save an absurd amount of money

• This search for the best rosé under $10 will let you live a fancy Hamptons life at a fraction of the price

• The MTA does something actually cool, and makes a 16-bit video explaining subway delays

• It’s Governors Island time and we’ve got the only guide you need to enjoy it

• You can drink in the Navy Yard in the Kings County Distillery’s new backyard

• Get mad when you have to, with Freya Wilcox and the Howl

• Work with T Swift at Universal Music, or get one of these other jobs

• We were there for the thrilling competition of the first-ever NYC Kolache Eating Contest

• Want to work at TED? Here’s what it’s like, according to a producer there

• Make sure you get in and say goodbye to the Trash Bar by June 27

• We love the Great Georgiana and we love Caracas Rockaway

05/22/15 12:36pm

The Manhattan $30 hot dog gouger in a hero [Gawker]
Bushwick rooftop farm evicted for some bullshit [Bedford + Bowery]
Mayor Tall gets a mixed reception on Staten Island [Staten Island Advance]
Not that this cartoon could possibly describe you… [Times Magazine]
Pro-car forces defeat Vision Zero warriors in Bed-Stuy community board battle [Streetsblog]
All of NYC’s new bougie breakfast sandwiches, in one web page [GrubStreet]
People used to actually vote for mayor [CityLab]

05/22/15 12:25pm
bedford avenue

Isn’t this a sight for sore eyes. via Flickr user Roshan Vyas

L Train,

Gosh, this is weird. I don’t really know where to start here.

I guess, I’ll start with “hello.” You’re back and up-and-running, and a few of my friends even took you late night and said it was “pretty fine.” They said you “looked like you always did.” I’m glad you got to see them and that it wasn’t weird for you or them. Well, I guess I can’t speak on your behalf – I don’t feel comfortable doing that anymore – but I know my friends were more than ready to use you, and honestly glad you were there.

So, how was your time off? Were you able to get all that work done you were talking about? You made some pretty lofty promises for “change” and “increased efficiency.” Hopefully you won’t go back on your word. Again. (more…)

From left to right, signature cocktails "The Duneagle Castle" and "Handsome Hound" look pretty smokin' together! via Hunter's on Instagram

From left to right, signature cocktails “The Duneagle Castle” and “Handsome Hound” look pretty smokin’ together! via Hunter’s on Instagram

Hunter’s Bar
213 Smith St. (Baltic and Butler)
Boerum Hill

Website • Instagram • Twitter • Facebook

What it is: Classic cocktail bar and New American restaurant on Smith Street.

Why we love it: The cocktails are all named after famous hunters—Katniss Everdeen, Handsome Hound, Boba Fett—which shows that Hunter’s is a laid-back establishment with a tongue-in cheek bent. But that doesn’t mean they don’t take the quality of their food and libations very seriously. You can get a really excellent meal here of locally and sustainably sourced dishes inspired by Chef/owner Angelo Schifilliti’s Italian heritage.

What to order: Can’t wait for episode VII? Geek out with the “Boba Fett” made with Brooklyn Republic Vodka, pear nectar, Grand Marnier and star anise. Enjoy 2-for-1 cocktails from 4- 7 daily, or anytime with our Cocktail Book, and half-price wine bottles on Sundays. To eat, go for a house made pasta and one of their fresh, inventive salads, such as the farro and bacon. The mushroom pot pie and rolled stuffed pork chop are among the wholesome, delectable entrees. Sit at the bar and share the mussels and a cheese plate made up of selections from Stinky’s just down the street.

Regular tip: Host a private party or event at Hunter’s—pick from their pre-fixe packages “Arrival at the Lodge” “A Hunter’s Feast” or “Avant-Chasse Brunch.”

Enjoy 2-for-1 drinks at Hunter’s Bar with our Cocktail Book, on sale now!

05/22/15 9:11am

Miss this and you’re gonna be just another sucker MC

1. Say an appropriately loud last goodbye to the Brooklyn Night Bazaar in Greenpoint with Perfect Pussy and friends. (Saturday, FREE)

2. Browse great wares while listening to live tunes and stories at South Slope’s newest flea market at Mary’s Bar. (Saturday & Sunday, FREE)

3. Try on some gently used gentlemanly attire at the Lesbian Herstory Archives Boots & Bowties clothing swap. (Saturday, $20 or less with donations) (more…)

05/21/15 3:15pm
sustainable cycles

They’ve really endorsed the menstrual cup life. via Facebook

We’ve talked about it on Brokelyn a couple of times, but if you want to make a small impact on the world AND save money, you should switch from pads or tampons to menstrual cups. Maybe you’re curious but weren’t quite swayed by UCB’s screaming vagina encouraging their use. In that case, you can learn from a non-screaming human when a group of bike-riding activists roll into Brooklyn to give a workshop on menstrual cups and give you one to take home yourself. (more…)

05/21/15 2:08pm
Just set aside a couple hours and start playing with it

Just set aside a couple hours and start playing with it

Ah, old New York, the New York that most of us weren’t alive for. There’s nothing like looking stopping all work activities and going through a collection of pictures when men wore hats and trolleys roamed the streets and there was no frozen yogurt anywhere. The game when it comes to going through old black and white pictures has changed though, because some programmers attached the New York Public Library’s 80,000 digitized photos of New York from the 1870s to 1970s to an interactive map called OldNYC. Just click on any dot and you get one or even a series of old pictures from near that location. We’ve got a few of our favorites, but really you should go waste the rest of the day playing with the map. Work can wait. (more…)

05/21/15 12:20pm

Neighbors are nervous about a giant new Kensington development [Ditmas Park Corner]
Either way you look at it, NYC spent a crapload on jails last year [BuzzFeed]
Just a dude leading a woman through the Staten Island Mall on a leash, nbd [Daily News]
City Councilman weakening right-of-way law swears he’s not weakening right-of-way law [amNewYork]
Empire State Building to become the Empire Starbucks Building [Commercial Observer]
Suggestions for Letterman’s retirement, from fans [ANIMAL]
The latest Crown Heights community board rezoning meeting was predictably insane [DNA Info]

05/21/15 12:02pm


Sponsored By Major League Bocce NYC.

Play with balls. Drink cold beer. WIN at life! Join Major League Bocce, a social sports league where everyone scores.

Created By BlankSlate

If you haven’t played bocce yet, you’re missing out on one of the most social, competitive, addictive, drinking experiences around. A game that favors skill, but notoriously doles out heaping helpings of beginner’s luck, bocce is literally a sport that anyone can play (and be good at). Whether you’re the hyper-competitive type, or just down for low-impact fun on a random weeknight, bocce welcomes you with open arms (and will probably ask you to grab the next round of drinks). 

Entering below earns you the chance to win a free team registration for you and four friends for 8 weeks of games, drinking, an end-of-the-season party, and way more bocce pun-based team names than you ever thought possible. Even if you don’t win, for the low cost of less than $10 a week, you and your friends will be set for Wednesday plans for the summer, complete with t-shirts, prizes, and Thursday hangovers (optional). League play begins June 3, and registration ends on May 29. What are you waiting for? Andiamo!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Skip the  dumpy salad line at work and feast on this deliciousness instead for just $2.50 a day. Photo by April Greene.

Skip the dumpy salad line at work and feast on this deliciousness instead for just $2.50 a day. Photo by April Greene.

There’s one culprit in New York’s vast selection of overpriced dining options that I’ve made it my personal mission to trounce: The work-week lunch. For a decade, I watched my midtown coworkers shuffle outside every time the clock struck 12:30, in biting cold or stifling heat. They’d cram into bleach-reeking lookalike delis, drop $10 for a wilty salad or couple of greasy pepperoni slices and can of Coke, and trek back to the office, lopsided with their plastic bag meal weighing one arm down. By this time, they might have 30 minutes to jaw and read the Internet before decorum called them back to work (but not before they’d filled the trash can under their desk halfway up with landfill-lacing greasy napkins and clamshell boxes).

What was I doing all this time? I, my friends, was enjoying a full 60 minutes of Reddit in the company of my $2.50-a-pop super-duper healthy and tasty homemade lunches! They take an hour once a week to prepare and have spared me countless rides in the office elevator with undesirable neighboring tenants. As if that all weren’t enough, a conservative calculation estimates that these lunches have saved me $14,000 in those 10 years, versus what my esteemed colleagues shelled out. That’s what I call lunch money. Let me show you how you can do it too. (more…)