02/05/16 6:00pm
Idiotarod after-party. Photo by Walter Wlodarczyk.

Idiotarod after-party. Photo by Walter Wlodarczyk.

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02/05/16 2:52pm
Mom Rose and her 9-month old daughter Ria, two of the rabbits up for adoption. Photo via Petfinder.

Mom Rose and her 9-month old daughter Ria, two of the rabbits up for adoption. Photo via Petfinder.

The Gowanus syphilis bunnies should be the mascots for Brooklyn: They’re adorable, tough, hardened by city life, possibly full of venereal disease and confusing to your friends who live elsewhere in the country. As a refresher, the city last year rescued almost 200 rabbits from an abandoned lot near the Gowanus, accusing their owner of animal abuse, including letting the rabbits develop syphilis. As Dave wrote last year, “Man this story about about hundreds of rabbits living in an empty lot near a Superfund site got real dark real fast.”

But good news! The rabbits are syphilis free and doing well, and now some of them are going up for adoption at a Valentine’s Day event tomorrow! Because what’s a better sign of your love than a bunny that survived the Gowanus?  (more…)

02/05/16 11:42am
Sunshine Laundromat is one of the most practical dating spots in Brooklyn. Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

The new Sunshine Laundromat bar is a goddamn pinball wonderland, with or without beer googles.  Photo by Tim Donnelly/Brokelyn.

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(Above image taken at the new Sunshine Laundromat speakeasy, which is on our list of the most practical date spots in Brooklyn.)

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02/05/16 10:23am
2017 .. what a time it will be to be alive.

2017 .. what a time it will be to be alive.

It’s been a strange and often disturbing few years in the Brooklyn food scene. We’ve seen Nutelasagna, cricket bitters, chorizo ice cream and pig-foot pancakes and, frankly, things are just gonna keep getting weirder.

While other publications speculate about this year, we here at Brokelyn are already getting a head start on 2017. After months of research, crystal-gazing and blind-guessing, our in-house R&D team/time scientists bring you our 10 best predictions for what you’ll be eating in 2017 (we hope you like horse).  (more…)

02/04/16 3:28pm
The best laundromat in Brooklyn has video games, pinball, beer pizza and makes a great date spot. Via Facebook.

The best laundromat in Brooklyn has video games, pinball, beer pizza and makes a great date spot. Via Facebook.

Dating! Who has the time, amiright? When I was single, I was constantly falling victim to a problem I started to call the second date vortex. First dates are fine and easy to find some time for — you just want to meet for drinks or whatever and do some spark reconnaissance. But the second date? That’s when you want to carve out some hours to get to know the person/do something non-basic, but who has the time? In this economy? With deadlines and television programs to live tweet, bike repairs to make, that stack of unread New Yorkers to tackle and a pile of laundry threatening to become sentient and drink all your beer while you’re away.

Well Valen Time is coming up, and seeing as multitasking is breaking through as the defining trait of our generation, we have a solution: multitask dating! We rounded up the most productive dates you can have in Brooklyn, where you can knock somethings of the errands list while still checking off some names on your tinder matches. (more…)

02/04/16 1:17pm
Cecil would like to be your man (#)

Cecil would like to be your man (#3) (pic by Jen Houston)

1. Get in the Black History Month groove with the kickoff of the monthlong Black Artstory series: Meet Me at the Gym, an evening of cultural expression and community building featuring the Ingersoll Youth Drumline, Gospel Group Manifest, Sophia Dawson and her Roller Skating Crew, and more. (Friday, Ingersoll Community Center, FREE)

2. See a new side of the Boys in Blue at To Protect, Serve, and Understand, a series of semi-improvised monologues and scenes performed by a group of both civilians and police officers. (Friday & Saturday, Irondale Center, FREE)

3. Fall goofily in love at Griff & Joe’s Valentine’s Day Lovetacular, with comedy and performances by ventriloquist Carla Rhodes and her paramour Cecil, “how-to” expert Matt Beacon, and musician Andy Shernoff. (Friday, Union Hall, $10) (more…)

02/04/16 11:07am
And it sure beats buying a card at Duane Reade. via Facebook

And it sure beats buying a card for bae at the Duane Reade. via Facebook

Well hey, would you look at that? It’s February, and we’re not crying! Well, maybe you are. But thanks to unseasonably warm weather, an entertaining carnival of politicians and the recent blizzard hijinks, the shortest month of the year is feeling breezy and breezing by.

In that brightened spirit, we’re happy to share that it’s time for Greenpointers’ annual Valentine’s Day Market, home to all things love-themed and feel-good! This Sunday, head over to Greenpoint Loft for a budget-friendly day of free activities, delicious treats from local food vendors, and maybe even pick up a special something for a special someone. (more…)

02/04/16 9:18am
A rendering of the proposed streetcar via NYT.

A rendering of the proposed streetcar via NYT.

Brooklyn could finally be getting some new public transit! And it’s going to be a … trolley? The New York Times reported yesterday the mayor is set to unveil a super ambitious plan to link Sunset Park, Dumbo, Brooklyn Heights, the Navy Yard, Williamsburg, Greenpoint all the way up to Astoria with a sleek new trolley car line. The idea is to serve the developing communities along the East River that are far from a subway line. It’d cost $2.5 billion, which is still less than a subway line, and move at 12mph which is just slow enough to annoy everyone.

Hey that’s cool, though, Brooklyn used to filled with trolley cars, so maybe we’ll finally get the Dodgers back too. And it certainly beats putting priority on new roads for cars, which are dumb. But then you remember the dire state of some of our subways, and that DC’s efforts to install streetcars were a historic boondoggle. Is this the best use of our transit money? Here’s what people make of what the mayor calls a stella-r plan.  (more…)

02/03/16 4:12pm
Yeah, VERY far north. via North of Brooklyn Pizzeria

Yeah, VERY far north. via North of Brooklyn Pizzeria

Last month, we half-jokingly suggested that you take a jaunt up to Canada while their dollar was in dire straits (it still is, FYI). We even went so far as to recommend spots in Toronto that might supplant your Brooklyn-based cravings for good coffee, cozy dive bars and must-try restaurants.

But lately, it seems to be getting a little out of hand. Toronto is getting its own Seinfeld pop-up diner this summer. And we recently discovered that one of the city’s über-hip venues, the Gladstone Hotel, is now doing Broad City trivia nights. Hold on: is Toronto actually trying to be the new Brooklyn, or at least the New York City of the North?  (more…)