Your rainy Oscar weekend at the (free-and-cheap) movies

Is it raining? Or does someone just have to pee?

This is the weekend when the movie industry re-reads its status messages and hits its own “like” button over and over again: The Oscars! If you fell behind on your screeners, it’s not be too late to catch up (or at least, prepare for 2011’s films). Brokelyn’s got you covered with a guide to nominees you can watch on Netflix, plus a roundup of matinee deals and cheapest theaters in Brooklyn, to get the big-theater experience without the big cost. If you really lurve movies, find out how to get close up on set as a movie extra. Or you can catch up on the classics with free bar movies all year long. And if all this doesn’t quite inspire you to brave the rains, remember: those free outdoor summer movies from last summer will be back this year, just a mere four months away!

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