Your life in pixels: Disney’s new online lady game simulates ‘big city’ life

This looks exactly like your apartment, doesn't it?
This looks exactly like your apartment, doesn’t it?

Disney’s done a lot to influence female 20-somethings’ expectations for the future. They’ve given us dating tips  (to marry a hot rich dude, trade in your voice and identity, or shack up with an abusive stranger), fashion pointers (belly shirts, always) and career tips (good luck getting anywhere without pretending to be a man). But Disney’s taking that a step further: they’ve created a new online game that simulates a young lady’s experience in the BIG CITY, and it’s just like your life!

Appropriately named City Girl, this free, multiplayer game recreates the true New York transplant story, sending your supa-stylish Avatar from the Midwest boonies to the high-fashion, high-powered big city. There, she’ll have the opportunity to work her way up from “a grungy studio” to a “Park Ave penthouse,” climb the career ladder from “overworked intern” to “successful CEO,” and “discover the best places to shop and hang out.” She’ll also participate in “Daily Look” competitions, where her outfit will be judged against the outfits of her fellow Computerfolk.

Other things your City Girl may or may not experience, for accuracy’s sake: getting mugged outside her apartment door, suffering through years of retail worker hell to make rent so she can hold down that internship that will never EVER turn into a job, dining-and-ditching at those fancy hangouts she finds, doing a few drugs surreptitiously laced with PCP at DIY venues, and going an OKCupid date with someone who insists she uphold every one of her stated opinions using the basic tenets of Parliamentary debate. Oh, and bedbugs.

You can play the game yourself at Playdom or on Facebook, and let us know how it goes. Really, though, we’re hoping we’ll at least get ourselves a City Girl-themed Disney ride out of this, like Artisanal Mocha Splash Mountain, the Haunted Loft Apartment or Pirates of the Barclays/Atlantic Center Transfer.


  1. Duckie

    Gets tragically misspelled tattoo + 3 points
    Gets “doored” while riding her bike in Park Slope + 6 points
    Snitching on her dope-dealing downstairs neighbor in order to get his garden apartment + 100 points

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