You can swim in this fancy pool for the price of a beer

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The saltwater pool. Photo via NY Daily News.

Yes, we’re all excited for the sure-to-be-epic re-opening of the McCarren Park Pool tomorrow, where all of North Brooklyn will be soaking their sweaty bodies for free for many summers to come. But for something … classier, you have another option: The newly renamed King & Grove Hotel (formerly the Williamsburg hotel) has not only opened its pool to the public, but it’s also the city’s only salt-water pool that is publicly accessible, according to the Daily News. The only cost of admission is ordering food or a beer off the hotel’s menu. 

“We want to be part of the neighborhood,” a hotel official told the News. “We don’t want to be pretentious.” Read more details at The Daily News.

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  1. Not free anymore. After less than a week it now costs $45 for a day pass and you have to reserve a table at least one day in advance. #gobacktomanhattan

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