You are now free to shop while drunk

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Shopping while drunk is not something we’d typically endorse here at Brokelyn, if only because it’ll empty your pockets faster than you can say, “How cute does this Bloody Mary look on me?” Plus, the next-day hangover is a two-parter, because you’ll be lucky if you’ve got the cash left to swing a Gatorade. The best way to prevent your vodka-buffered buyer’s remorse? How’s about some drunk deals? Shop, Drop, Drink is Williamsburg’s all-day answer to this weekend’s otherwise pious Passover/Easter holidays. This Saturday, 50 shops, bars and eating spots will offer storewide sales and special giveaways, including free mini ice cream sundaes from Mlik Bar, zombie makeovers (?!?) at 8 of Swords, and for the heartiest guzzlers, even more wine and whiskey at Brooklyn Oenology Winery’s in-store tastings.

Expect to also see drunk dollar signs at A&G Merch, Catbird, High Horse Saloon, Malin Landaeus, The Counting Room, Spike Hill, and others, listed here.

The event organizer’s, Domino Brooklyn, also created an app to guide shoppers, allow conversations between store owners, and unlock even more deals. Free downloads are available on iTunes or Google Play. [UPDATE: You actually need to have the app to unlock the discounts!]

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