Yes, you can volunteer in BK and actually affect the election

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You won’t be calling President Obama. He’s been campaigning since before it was cool.

We here at Brokelyn are very excited about the next presidential election, since our broke asses rely on the government for our fair wages, unemployment and access to affordable health care. I know you’re thinking, “New York State will have no problem re-electing our hipster, dumpster-diving, student loan-paying president! What can I do?” The answer is to think about states that are not New York. Or New Jersey. We can have an impact on these battleground states, without ever leaving Brooklyn, just by using the phone., which you might know from half of your inbox in 2004 and 2008, has teamed up with the AFL-CIO to organize Voters Rising parties. You spend the afternoon hanging out with other Brooklynites as you call MoveOn members in swing states to volunteer in their communities. Even if you only mobilize one volunteer, think about how many calls they will make to potential voters! It’s the activism that keeps on activating!

Join a party, make friends, and make history by attending one of MoveOn’s local events this weekend, September 15-16.

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