Yes we Republi-can! BK Young Republican Club meets this weekend

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Being Republican since before it was cool.

We almost lost a Twitter follower this week who took issue with a Mitt Romney/rich guy joke (which, c’mon, even if you’re voting for the guy, he still looks like this to you, right?). Let it never be said that Brokelyn isn’t an equal opportunity political promoter, because as much as we like to think of our little burg as a hotbed of nothing but 47 percenters, there are of course some would-be red staters here too. Check it out for yourself this weekend: the Brooklyn Young Republican Club will be holding their quarterly meeting on Sunday at Ceol on Smith Street. Guests include congressional candidates Alan Bellone and Christopher Wight, state assembly candidate Joseph Hayon, City Council candidate Andy Sullivan, and the guy who trains the hounds Mitt Romney releases on poor people. C’mon, kidding! Kidding!

So far the event page has 13 RSVPs and 10 maybes. The event goes from 2:30 – 4:30pm on Sunday. Perhaps some of them will be wearing this gear?

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