Ye asked, and ye shall receive: cut & color at the Beehive!!!

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Hallelujah! Cut and Color at the Beehive for the price of a $2 raffle ticket -- tonight only!

When we originally asked readers what prizes we could round up for tonight’s big raffle, reader Michelle said “a hair cut and color done by, you know, someone actually being paid to do so…with some training. I’m not picky.” Sorry, Michelle, but we are picky! And that’s why we asked the Beehive Salon & Downtime Spa — one of Brooklyn’s top-rated salons — to answer your hair prayers.

Beehive, famous for their Farrah blowouts, among many other offerings — has generously ponied up a CUT AND COLOR for the raffle winner at tonight’s party, a generous prize we’re guestimating is worth at least $150. If it’s been a while since  your last, you know, salon visit, believe us you won’t be disappointed. So ladies… and gents… if you are still wondering whether to come to our party tonight, do you really need any more convincing?

The First Annual Brokelyn Charity Ball will be held TONIGHT  from 7 to 11 at at Night Owl in Williamsburg, 160 N. 4th St. at Bedford Ave. Coming? Let us know by RSVPing in the Facebook page, where you can also see all the other fine prizes. And don’t forget to dress like a million bucks!


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