Ya gotta believe (this deal): $5 Mets tickets are here again!

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Oh captain our captain

It’s slightly warmer outside today, but you know where it’s actually warm? Florida, which usually we have no use for, but for a few weeks we do, because our beloved Metropolitans have their spring training there. Speaking of the Mets, as has become an annual Brokelyn tradition, it’s time to tell you to buy some cheap Mets tickets again because the team just tweeted out an offer for $5 tickets. $5 tickets for a professional baseball game? Hot damn, let’s all go meet the Mets. Especially because this could be their year!

The ticket offer from the team is pretty simple. Just enter the code “WRIGHT” after going to buy tickets for the April 19 game against the hated Miami Marlins. Any of the tickets that are in the cheap seats and marked with “David Wright Face of MLB Offer” will initially be $13, but if you click to buy them, they’re just $5 ($7 with ticket charges). $5 for Sunday afternoon baseball, that’s the kind of thing your parents knew. Plus, this could be the year the Mets get good, so take advantage of cheap tickets while you can.

Look, we know, we say this every year, but this year the whole “Hey, the Mets could be good so get these cheap tickets” thing could be true. It can! Aside from the fact that every team in the NL East besides the Nationals is pretty close to bad, and the rest of the competition going for the Wild Card isn’t that impressive, the team itself looks…well it looks like a real baseball team. You’ve got returning Rookie of the Year Jacob deGrom and his beautiful flowing locks, and Matt Harvey is coming back and we bet David Wright got his shoulder screwed back in with some kinda untested NASA android technology because the guy is a gamer and The Captain and just wants to win, you know? Re5pect.

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