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Oh hell yes, it’s $9 Mets Groupon tickets season

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It’s spring according to the calendar and it feels like spring, so who freaking cares it’s supposed to snow next week. Ignore that! Instead, focus on things like baseball and how wonderful it is, and how every season, every team (except maybe the Astros) starts with the earnest hope that this will be their year. Yes, even the Mets. If you missed out on the $5 Mets tickets last month, good news: Mets tickets through Groupon have hit the market and start as low as $9.

Is $9 too much for you to pay to see Juan Lagares play magnificent, perfect defense at Citi Field and also hit .250? Well then we don’t know what to tell you, because frankly, we think that’s about as good a deal as you’re gonna get in this city. Are any of the $9 tickets for games against teams that are any good? Actually, yeah. You can see the Mets play the Reds or the hated Cardinals, who are basically the Middle American Yankees except their fans are sanctimonious pricks instead of just regular pricks. Alternately, you could grab a ticket to see the Mets play the Phillies or the Marlins, who we also hate, but the Mets probably have a better chance of beating.

If we were you, we’d just go for $9 tickets as opposed to the field level box seats, which sound good, but even at $36 or $52 aren’t really worth it. Not with the freedom Citi Field provides you to walk around and sit in seats that you can just pretend you paid for because there’s no one there. Anyway, as of press time, Dillon Gee has thrown five innings and only given up one run today, and both Ruben Tejada and Ike Davis have doubled, so the march towards 90 wins is still totally realistic!

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