Buy one, get one Mets tickets. But they’re playing the Marlins

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What attendance problem? via Studious Metsimus

Yesterday’s AWESOME 11-2 win over the Padres notwithstanding, the Mets…aren’t supposed to be very good this year. And that’s a polite way of saying it, a way that avoids phrases like “65 wins” and “goddamn disgrace.” But hey, want to know who’s supposed to be even worse than the Mets? The Miami Marlins, who could very well be run by modern-day robber barons, and could potentially finish sixth in the NL East even though there are only five teams. When a team full of minor leaguers plays a team fighting for third place at best in an expensive ballpark, the real winner is you, because the Mets have resorted to just giving tickets away!

This is apparently a thank you to fans who follow @Mets and @SNYtv, but it’s not like you have to prove to the Ticketmaster robot that you’re following the accounts. Sadly, free tickets have been snapped up. But don’t cry! The Mets are so desperate to fill the stadium this weekend that they’re also giving those Twitter followers “buy one, get one” prices on actually good, field-level seats, on the same page. Plus those seats allow you access to rich person gimmick the Caesar’s Club, which is supposed to be an exclusive restaurant area in the stadium. Except that it’s hilariously depressing when the only people in there are a bunch of straggling poors like you and me. Anyway, you should take advantage of deals like this in 2013, because next year the Mets might actually return to respectability. Seriously. Stop laughing.

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