Work overnight shifts at Barclays, find out if it’s haunted

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Here be jobs? via AECOM

Hey, remember all those jobs that the LIBOR Barclays Center was going to rain down on Brooklyn like so much desperately needed rain after a drought? They’re filtering out slowly, but now Barclays is looking for 50 people to work the overnight conversion crew team. With 41 basketball games and a packed entertainment schedule on the docket for this year’s, you’ll certainly be busy. If you live in Community Boards 2, 3, 6 or 8, or are a resident of a NYCHA development, you’ll be given priority over other applicants.

There’s a pre-screening in downtown “brooklyn [sic]” this Thursday and Friday (October 25 and 26), so if you’re interested in a job, be sure to register. Also be sure to be willing to work flexible hours (i.e. showing up at 2am to get the arena set up for a Rolling Stones concert after the Nets lose to the Celtics).

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