Green job alert: You can now apply for legal marijuana jobs in NYC

Hey that almost looks like marijuana. Or it could be a mint leaf?  Via Facebook.
Hey that almost looks like marijuana. Or it could be a mint leaf? Via Facebook.

New York finally got medical marijuana last week and like most new things in the city, it’s crammed in between a chain restaurant and a Dunkin Donuts. And to be honest, there’s a lack of enthusiasm around it: instead of the free-wheeling pot shops masquerading as medical facilities like what they have in California, we got medical facilities that vaguely seem to be selling something marijuana-ish. It’s like when you expect to bite into a chocolate chip cookie but it turns out to be a raisin one instead. Anyway, if you want to be part of the green-collar job revolution, the dispensary in Union Square is hiring for a few office jobs. But if you want to get out the city and go upstate, you can get some jobs working with the actual plants themselves. 

The jobs at the Union Square location of Columbia Care include a full-time receptionist, which you probably qualify for, a full-time dispensary associate, which you might qualify for, and a pharmacist, which is a bit heavier to qualify for, for understandable reasons.

However, if you’re looking to ditch the city and head upstate, the clinic is hiring a bunch of green-thumb jobs for its marijuana plant cultivation facility in Rochester, including a trimmer (“responsible for cutting, trimming and manicuring harvested plants and managing the separation of plant matter”), a horticulture manager (who “leads the manufacturing team in creating and maintaining the integrity of quality medical marijuana products”) and a lead cultivation technician (“responsible for plant care in all stages of life-cycle cannabis growth to include germination, vegetative, flowering and harvest”).

Rochester is cold but it’s a nice place. They have a sweet jazz festival every year. And you know what goes well with jazz? That’s right, an eyedropper full of liquid marijuana you can put under their tongue.

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    Hiii….I am blessed to be healthy 56 years old who is looking for an exciting job….Marijuana is my priority for all….Marijuana saved my life many times…so Bless Marijuana so I wanted to contribute my thanks to have Marijuana job openings in the USA…I will be VERY HAPPY to work for you all…Please Hire me ASAP…

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    Leigh Landon

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