Local lit celebs want to help you book shop

Photo via Word.

Book fairs were only the bestest thing in all of elementary school because they gave you the chance to peruse reams of new books and find new favorites that weren’t covered in generations of library cooties. But what’s better than stodgy old teachers telling you which books to read? Celebrities telling you which books to read!¬†You can relive the book fair this weekend with the holiday open house at Greenpoint’s scrappy Word bookstore, a two-day event that features recommendations from lit celebs such as Emma Straub, Michael Showalter and David Rees. Plus, there’s gift wrapping to benefit the Greenpoint Food Pantry and other ways to help local young readers in need. See the full schedule below.

2 pm:
Book recommendations from Sarah MacLean (The Love By the Numbers series), Michael Showalter (Mr. Funny Pants) and Emma Straub (Other People We Married).

3 pm: Kids’ book recommendations from Michael Buckley (NERDS, The Sisters Grimm) and Fiona Robinson (What Animals Really Like)

2pm: Book recommendations from Josh Ritter (Bright’s Passage) and Haley Tanner (Vaclav & Lena); pencil-sharpening with David Rees (Get Your War On!)

3pm: Kids’ book recommendations from Peter Brown (Children Make Terrible Pets), Michelle Knudsen (Argus), and John Bemelmans Marciano (Madeline at the White House)

Gift-wrapping with Gabrielle Hamilton (Blood Bones & Butter), time TBD.

All proceeds from the gift wrapping will benefit the Greenpoint Food Pantry, which distributes 500-600 bags of groceries per week. You can also purchase a gift card in the store to give to a local young reader in need.


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