WNYC median income map shows which neighborhoods have gotten rich lately

These resident of these Bed-Stuy apartments are getting richer by the day. via Flickr user Eli Duke

Money is pouring in to New York, like so many bottles of vodka into the insatiable gut of Rob Ford. But the big question is where in New York is this money going? Aside from the billionaire oligarchs carving out their unoccupied neighborhoods in Manhattan, what parts of New York have seen their median income go up? Or go down? Well, WNYC did the hard work for us and studied the changes in median income for each community board in the city between 2007-09 and 2009-12, and made us a handy NYC median income map.

According the US Census from 2010 and 2012, the median income in the city is $50,711, which is actually down from the median of $54,057 between 2007 and 2009. The neighborhood with the biggest percentage jump in median income was Bed Stuy, with a 6.87% jump from $34,187 to $36,535. Makes sense to us, as we all know Bed-Stuy is both the next Williamsburg and one of two neighborhoods in the Brooklyn Bone Belt, and everyone wants to live near somewhere they can get it wet with ease.

On the flip side, Borough Park and Kensington faced a 14.56% drop in median income, from $43,013 to $36,752. Also, contrary to their reputations as a neighborhood of ever-soaring income, Park Slope was part of a 2.34% downward slope in median income, from $90,002 to $87,896. But that probably has as much to do with being attached to Red Hook and Carroll Gardens as it does people suddenly not wanting to pay them to do whatever it is they do to get so damn rich.

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