Windsor Terrace is getting a food co-op now too

windsor terrace food co-op
Soon to be full of groceries. via Kensington BK

You’ve gotta feel for the people of Windsor Terrace, caught between Park Slope and Prospect-Lefferts Gardens and their residents’ constant chattering about how great it is living in a neighborhood with a food co-op. Obviously it wasn’t always that way, but we bet it’s gotten damn near unbearable since PLG actually opened their co-op. Well, soon Windsor Terrace will be able to say “In your FACE” to both of those neighborhoods, because their long in the works food co-op finally has a physical address according to Kensington BK.

The co-cop will be setting up shop at 825 Caton Avenue, a settling in that will end a two-year search for a physical location, one that’s been going on since Windsor Terrace’s Key Foods closed up shop. According to Kensington BK, the Windsor Terrace will work on the same rules as the Park Slope Co-op, so you’ll have to work there to be a member. Whether or not you’ll be required to humorously deal with meetings on minute issues that get kind of out-of-hand is so far unknown, but we guess that will depend mostly on what kind of people join the co-op.

If you want to be one of those people, the co-op’s website says to send them a $100 check, which won’t be cashed until they have 100 committed members, so don’t worry about throwing your money down a hole. Worry more about the funny things you’ll tweet during meetings and if your Twitter account has enough followers to spread your jokes.

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