Prospect-Lefferts Gardens is getting a food co-op

lefferts community food co-op
Thrill to the minutiae of running a grocery store…but not in Park Slope! via Facebook

If there’s one thing that Park Slope has been lording over us for lo this many years, it’s their fancy food co-op, full of¬†Daily Show segments, ridiculous arguments, celebrities skipping work shifts and low prices on food, that last one being most important of all. People in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens got sick of Park Slope’s shit though, so they’re opening their own food co-op this year, the Lefferts Community Food Co-op, according to DNA Info.

The Lefferts Community Food Co-op is the brainchild of PLG resident Karen Oh, who’s been planning this thing since way back in 2009. That long plan has almost come to delicious fruition now, with Oh telling DNA Info that the biggest thing the store, located at 324 Empire Boulevard needs is members. At the moment, they’ve got 80 members, but are looking to get 300 before they open.

Membership will run you $100 and you’ll need to put in three hours of work per week month at the store, which is the same price and work at the Park Slop Food Co-op. Plus, if you tell people you shop at the ¬†Lefferts Community Food Co-op, they won’t be able to hit you with a bunch of Park Slope co-op jokes.

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