Win tickets to the skint’s Romy and Michele tribute dance party Saturday!

romy and michelle's high school reunion
Dress to impress, your old high school crush just might be there

So it turns out we’re not the only kids on the block celebrating turning high school memories from youthful regrets to grown up good times. Our pals over at the skint are giving beloved ugly ducklings to beautiful swans movie Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion the dance party tribute it deserves with Time After Time: Romy and Michele’s Tribute Dance Party at Littlefield on Saturday night. Torn at the idea of paying $5 in advance or $7 at the door, but then not being able to buy a nice guy a drink? Well check it out, you can win a pair of tickets from us!

Yes, there won’t be any need for you to act like you’re the genius who invented Post-It’s, not when you roll up to the party with extra cash in your pocket from winning a pair of tickets to the party. It should be a good one too, with 80s hits spun by DJ Steve Reynolds (of Party Like It’s 1999), music video projections from Stephen Pitalo (The Golden Age of Music Videos), a king and queen coronation, drink specials like the “Business Woman’s Special” and a Post-It photo booth of course. All you’ve gotta do to show up for free is fill out the entrance form below. We’ll be letting the winner know at 5pm Friday, so don’t think for too long about whether you want in or not.

Whether you win the tickets or not, make sure you show up when the party starts, because anyone showing up between 10pm and 11pm gets themselves a free Corona. You can grab tickets for just $5 here, or if you really want to dress to impress or make an entrance, anyone who wears a tuxedo, a back brace a la Michele or shows up in a helicopter gets in for free. The tuxedo sounds easiest to us, but we don’t know your life, maybe someone owes you a helicopter ride.

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