Williamsburg’s best new bar, Rocka Rolla, already suffering from Williamsburg’s most cursed corner

rocka rolla
What’s a little listeria between friends though, really? Photo by David Colon

It’s not every day that Williamsburg gets an awesome new bar, especially since these days Williamsburg is fast becoming the domain of complete fucking assholes. Still, we were heartened to see the appearance of Rocka Rolla (486 Metropolitan Avenue), a rock and roll bar with a party vibe and gigantic beers for not much money. Sadly, the squares at the Health Department didn’t seem to share our love of the new bar and slapped the food truck in the back with a violation. This also supports our theory that the bar is clearly on a cursed corner.

As for that curse. This corner has already run through Odyssea Brooklyn and Brooklyn Stable since 2010, despite being just steps from both the Metropolitan Avenue/Lorimer Street G/L stop and drunken beacon Kellog’s Diner. One bar closing on that corner, fine. Two bars closing and some people start talking about curses. THREE bars closing and…well, this place isn’t done yet, but.

We walked past the sign in question last night while on the way to similarly doomed fun party place Death By Audio. Hopes to drink a giant beer were dashed by the sign above, with the “Hey don’t worry everything’s cool guys” sign explaining the situation:

Photo by David Colon
Photo by David Colon

So, there’s some kind of trouble with their food truck in the backyard, a Germanified version of the Endless Summer taco truck. Thing is, that Health Department sign is from September 9, and despite the bar’s insistence they’d be open the next day, they were still closed on September 11. We’re sure Rocka Rolla will be back soon, or at least we hope they will be. If they’re not, the Curse of the Corner of Metropolitan and Rodney is clearly not the fever dream of handsome lifestyle bloggers but is actually a real thing.

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