Williamsburg residents do not want this, no they don’t. via Flickr user Roey Ahram

Williamsburg has been changing faster and faster it seems, mutating from the kind of place where longtime residents glared at skinny kids with beards into a place where longtime residents glared at disgraced heads of state, banker bros trying to get it wet, your parents and reality TV stars. No matter what people say about hipsters, all those people are worse, and it sounds like things are coming to a head, with Community Board 1’s SLA committee recommending Pies & Thighs and a handful of other restaurants not be allowed to serve alcohol because longtime residents are sick of the neighborhood being an extension of the LES.

During contentious hearings about whether or not Pies & Thighs, Black Tree and The Randolph should still be allowed to serve booze, Gothamist reports an annoyed Williamsburger told the SLA Committee that longtime residents have “a problem with what is fast becoming the next Ludlow Street.” Which we can understand, although we don’t see what poor Pies & Thighs ever did but provide so much delicious food that Brooklyn is gonna have a mysterious rash of heart disease in a couple decades. That was convincing enough an argument for the SLA committee, who agreed to recommend to the State Liquor Authority that Pies & Thighs not have their liquor license renewed when it expires in 2017.

It should be pointed out that this isn’t the first time this fight has happened, it isn’t the second time it’s happened and this probably isn’t the last time this will happen. In fact, the famous phrase “All of this has happened before and all of it will happen again,” is believed by anthropologists to refer to fights between longtime Williamsburg residents and whoever it is that’s puking on their doorsteps at any given time.

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