Williamsburg reality show ‘The Bedford Stop’ is here and is too stupid to get mad at

Williamsburg has been analyzed, thought pieced, picked over, developed and basically laid bare for the entire world to see over the last 20 years, so we know what you’re thinking: isn’t there some kind of reality show that can take us inside this mysterious neighborhood? Yes there is, it’s called The Bedford Stop and it’s the most incredible and important piece of New York City media of the 21st Century. Like How The Other Half Lives but for the half that lives in Williamsburg luxury apartments, The Bedford Stop puts the unblinking eye of the camera on wealth and privilege in America and dares you to come away from it unchanged.

Follow the adventures of Alex (moved here after graduating from F.I.T.), Sarah (boy crazy, just went back to art school but you wouldn’t know it), Olena (you never know what will come out of her mouth) and Melissa (whereabouts unknown, always seems to show up with a drink in her hand) as they thrift shop, look for husbands on Tinder, do Brooklyn Bowl stuff and try their hardest to act out manufactured fights among groups. Get mad at it all you want, it won’t do any good. Instead just laugh your head off as aimless 20somethings put their lives of almost unlimited privilege on display in some kind of Christlike attempt to take all of the world’s embarrassment and focus it on one single entity. And then, we don’t know, give some money to the Sanders campaign or your local affiliate of the American Communist Party.

[h/t Paper]

She's not trapped in the city with you. You're trapped in the city with her.
She’s not trapped in the city with you. You’re trapped in the city with her.

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