Wifi woes solved: cheaper iPhone is (maybe) headed our way this summer

Via flickr user Ricky Romero
Via flickr user Ricky Romero

We here at Brokelyn are not ignorant to the hypocrisy of complaining about insufficient rent and beer money while still shelling out for a $600-plus phone. But without an iPhone, you can’t access certain luxuries — like the having the ability to fake a totally awesome Friday night, for instance, or finding free condoms — so forgoing a few meals/ConEd bills is worth it, right? Luckily, the folks over at Apple seem to have felt our pain, because insiders say a cheaper iPhone will be on the market this summer. Guess we’re going to get some new Instagram friends!

Rumors have been swirling about cheap iPhones for a while, and the new phone hasn’t been confirmed by Apple yet. But an analyst in-the-know says the phone could come out as early as June and will cost around $300 without a contract, which is more than half of an iPhone 5’s starting price ($649). Last month, Apple got a patent approved for a cheaper, all-plastic phone with no home button, so it’s fair to assume that’s what our budget-friendly iPhone will look like. The company is also reportedly floating around the idea of making phones with different screen sizes (and, thus, more cost-friendly), but we’re really just hoping that if this cheaper iPhone does happen, GoogleMaps won’t fall victim to the price-slashing. It’s hard to navigate Prospect Heights when your phone thinks you’re in Maine, after all.

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