Smart sex, now on your smart phone

Booty call? Cover your apps

Not only was yesterday Valentine’s Day, it was also National Condom Awareness Day. Since 1971, mama-bear NYC  has been distributing free condoms in hopes of making NYC the safest place to have sex. Now the NYC Department of Health has free condom displays in more than 3,000 venues, including community centers, clubs, cafes and stores. Where am I going to find free condoms closest to me when I need it, you ask? Well, now, there’s an app for that.

Released yesterday, the NYC Condom App features a condom finder (by location and by address), condom dos and don’ts, and well as information about STDs and the NYC Department of Health. Also, it does not discriminate! It’s available at the iPhone App Store, well as the Andriod Market.

Like the condoms, the app is also absolutely free. If you don’t have a smart phone or have an Apple/Andriod Inferiority Complex, you can always follow the Facebook page, and get up-to-date info on releases, campaigns, as well as access to that handy condom finder. Free NYC Condoms. For your health!

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