From our readers: great local tailors

picture-20This question seems to come up all the time, so it’s no surprise that it popped up in our Dear Penny mailbox too (that’s the place where you can send your stumpers about saving money in Brooklyn and we’ll either answer them ourselves or ask our readers to). Rachel writes:

Like many fans of Stacy and Clinton [you are not not the only one, sistah!], I lust after a well-tailored wardrobe, but don’t have a lot of cash, and don’t know my way around getting alteration services in NYC. Growing up, my mom hemmed all my skirts (d’oh!!) Can you help?

Glad you ask, Rachel, because we could use a great tailor too. We could also use one of those seamstresses that all of our fashion-y friends seem to know, the kind who can duplicate a favorite shirt in seven different fabrics in an afternoon. Readers, let ‘er rip, so to speak.


  1. Arielle

    The women on 5th Avenue right by Bogota is great. She’s open all the freakin time, isn’t expensive, and actually listens when I say I want my pants just barely off the floor.

  2. Armando Tailor at 317 Court street is NOT cheap, but he’s the only person I trust to alter fancy dresses. He can remove and replace zippers, change straps, the works. Worth it for a special garment. For regular alterations, including jeans, I like Object Custom Tailor at 68 Bond Street near the Hoyt Schermerhorn stop. Inexpensive and nice!

  3. Christine

    Call Brooklyn Mercantile (sewing shop) and ask for recommendations. Clara teaches sewing there, and she’s been tailoring clothes (and also costumes for broadway and movies) for her whole career!

  4. By far, the BEST taylor in Brooklyn is Nina – on the corner of Cortelyou Road @East 9th Street on the fringe of fabulous Ditmas Park/ Beverly Square West.

    Nina prices fairly and does coutour(sp?) level work.She is closed on Saturdays and open on Sundays.

  5. Alexuma

    The language barrier isn’t ideal, but the Seoul Custom Taylor at 287 Court St is great – they really know their stuff and I even had them make me a dress from scratch when I gave them some fabric and a sample dress as a “pattern”.

  6. I know that this is a late post to this, but what about tailoring for men…specifically things like blazers….are any of these tailors good for that as well?

  7. ConcernedBrooklynite

    Please stay away from Hussey on Washington Ave in Prospect Heights and go elsewhere. He’ll take your money and clothes and won’t return your calls, clothes or money. In the past 2 weeks, I have called his store at least twice a day and no one picks up. I have visited and the store is closed. I should have known better. He seems like a total hack and his store is not even registered with the NY secretary of State, which requires that all businesses register.

    Seriously, I don’t even know what I’m going to do. I left two suits with him, valued at over $500 each. I left a $100 deposit, but should have asked Hussey for a deposit.

  8. I am a young designer living in Bushwick, and am always on the prowl for tailoring work to do. I am just the person to duplicate your old favorite pair of jeans or button down! In addition, I love working with repurposed materials, so I’ll put the fabric from the old garment to good use! Would’t you love to have a wallet made from that old favorite pair of denim jeans you traveled cross-country in?

    [email protected]

    Much love,

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