Which day of Crossing Brooklyn is the best one to go to?

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You’d pick the day with Japanther, right? via Facebook

We’re a question-asking mood today. It probably has something to do with being at Ask Roulette last night and getting picked to ask a stranger a question. Regardless of why it is, we want to hear from you on a very important subject: which night of Crossing Brooklyn Ferry, coming to BAM the last week of April, would you go to if you could only pick one?

Why is this even a question? It’s a great festival and all, but a ticket for three days costs $120, which is decent dent in your wallet. On the other hand, paying forty dollars for one night out to see people perform at BAM who usually don’t isn’t such a bad deal. But ah, which night is the best? The first night, where the Reverend Vince Anderson gets his due and gets to open the night for Antibalas and The Roots? The third night, where Brooklyn indie pioneers TV on the Radio triumphantly close things out, with an assist from David Longstreth of the Dirty Projectors?

We say the second night would be the one to choose. Not only does it feature insanely loud and upbeat bleed-bloop artist Dan Friel, you get to see rude punk lifers Japanther sing through their phone mics and Eleanor Friedberger of the Fiery Furnances too. And then it’s topped off with Solange Knowles, who arguably does a better version of a Dirty Projectors song than they do:

But we’re more than willing to listen to how wrong we are. So, out with it Brooklyn, which day would you pick if you could only pick one?

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