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You’ve resolved to get in better shape in mind and body. You’ve also resolved to spend less money. You have not resolved to start running outside when it’s 10 degrees. (Maybe next year.) For yoga aficionados, January is the season of deals—and have we got one for you! Actually, you’ll have to wait until next week to find out about Brokelyn’s exclusive offer of unreasonably inexpensive yoga, dance and family fitness classes at a studio we LOVE. In the mean time, here’s a sampler of what’s in various other neighborhoods around town, and a tip: take the money you save and buy a mat now. Rental is always about $1, which quickly adds up to the price of just buying your own, and you’ll never have to wonder what else is sharing the mat with you. 

First of all, there’s the Yoga Passbook. Once purchased, for $75 , you get a big deal of over 350 free passes to over 125 yoga/dance/pilates studios (all over NYC and BK). Some of the free passes are good for a free month. If you don’t mind traveling to a different neighborhood for every yoga class, this is for you. And if you group with some similarly itinerant friends to purchase, there’s more money to be saved (buy three, get one free, for example).

Yogasana in Gowanus is offering an amazing deal of a 4 Class Sampler for $5.

Move with Grace in Clinton Hill has a special of $30 for 30 days unlimited when you sign up with a friend, and $49 unlimited for a month if you are a new student (so basically, find a friend).

For non-beginners, Area Yoga in Cobble Hill is offering a $75 5-week intermediate level workshop (Wednesdays, starting January 6th, from 7-8:15pm). They also have $10 single classes. Lucky Lotus in Fort Greene has select $10 classes each day. They also have a $49 special for Ashtanga classes for the month of January. The first class at Jaya Yoga Center in Windor Terrace is $10, and then $15 after that. Go Yoga in Williamsburg has select $10 classes and pay-what-you-can classes, as well as a $75 unlimited month for new students. Also for new students: buy one class at $17, get one free. $8.50 per class—less than a movie!

Bikram lovers have it a little harder: you have to pay for that heat. At Bikram Yoga Williamsburg, the first class is $20, and you get a week free. Brooklyn Heights Bikram also offers an unlimited week for $21 for first-time students.

Both Bikram South Slope and Bikram Park Slope have “deals” for year-long memberships, for $1200 for a year (which is only $100 a month). And they offer work-study programs, where you work for an hour for a free class, but this is only after you prove to be committed to their community. So if you are, this is the way to get free Bikram. Also, beginners can buy a $90 unlimited for 30 days membership.

You can also attend or start a yoga meetup like Vinyasa Community Classes that meets in Dumbo for $10 (suggested price) classes. Or make it your Facebook status and see who wants in. If you live in Brooklyn, someone you know must be studying to be a teacher!

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  1. actually Area is in Carroll Gardens and they have the best deal going: $75 for ten classes. excellent instructors, too.

  2. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the $10 classes at Third Root in Ditmas Park. Ten bucks for an hour and a half class. Quite a deal!

  3. I just wanted to comment about Yogapass. My husband was looking to get me one of these for a Christmas present and he said that when he called around to many of the downtown Brooklyn studios, they said they do not accept it and that although they asked to be taken off the listing of studios that accept the pass, they have not been taken off. So just a word of caution there. Check with the studio you want to go to before buying the pass.

  4. I’ve bought the yogapass the last 3 years and haven’t had a problem. Even if you only use 1/3 of it it, it’s beyond worth it. The dance and pilates classes in it are also fun. I’ve had front desk people tell me before that the studio asked to be removed and the organization didn’t do it, but I’ve never been turned away. I do come up with a fake name each year though, because it says on the coupons that they are for new students only… Don’t know if this is enforced or not, but I don’t want to risk it =)

    I mostly go to the Manhattan studios, so I can’t comment on the downtown Brooklyn ones.

    Also Greenhouse Holistic in Williamsburg is 80/mo for unlimited, 70/mo if you don’t mind committing to a year. Pretty affordable comparatively.

  5. Area Yoga has great instructors, but they are fraught with bad business practices. I observed that they don’t properly sanitize mats between classes or clean & air-out the rooms regularly. This is probably due to the fact that they use unsupervised volunteers to work the desk instead of hiring regular employees. (I know this because they have signs up all over the place advertizing free classes to volunteers). Also, during the summer there was no air conditioning and half of the ceiling fans were not working. My advice: find out where else their instructors work and go there instead.

  6. Best deal in town is the effin YMCA. Greenpoint YMCA has 12 classes every week. For $50/month ($40 students) you can take all the friggin yoga your body can handle.

  7. And Greenouse Holistic is one of those creepy east coast elitist yoga religion trustfund atmospheres that makes me want to downward dog your momma.

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