Where to throw a dance party in Brooklyn for under $300?

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A Target First Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum?

Every now and again, we’re asked to pool our collective BK wisdom and help out a Brokelynite in need. Brokelyn fan Warren wrote us this week asking where to throw a birthday party on the cheap. His requirements: a dance floor and room enough for 25 to 30 people. So far, Warren’s been quoted $300 or more everywhere he looks, so that’s the number to beat. Our thought? Go with the flow, and bring the gang to a free DJ’d event at a big space: DJ Lady Bird‘s playing The Bell House front lounge next Thurs. Where else for Warren’s bash?

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  1. Check out Launch Pad on Franklin Avenue and Park Place. Set up your own DJ friend or get a mix for your laptop and dance the night away for a LOT less than that!

  2. Simple as pie. Go to or call Legion on the Graham Ave stop. Say hi there, I’d like to have my birthday party here please. They’ve got a back room they use for private parties and events that can hold 70+ people easily. It’s free! They’ll provide a DJ or you can bring your own. Also you’ll get a bottle of free (cheap!) champagne if you do bring a crowd. I’ve, and friends of mine have, had parties there. Good crowd, always a dance party going on, great DJ’s and cheap drinks.

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