How to hang with dogs in Brooklyn without actually owning one

If you’re young and extremely broke, it’s unlikely that you’re blessed enough to live with a dog. Between the combined annual cost of kibble, vet bills, toys and a ridiculous canine rain jacket you just can’t live without, owning a doggo can cost well over $1,000 per year. This might be doable if you somehow have a job that pays ridiculously well, or if you live with your parents, but for many Millennials owning a pup is but a mere life goal.

That being said, after a hard day of working your junior-level job, in a big city where smiling at people on the subway is considered creepy, coming home to a snuggly and mindlessly happy pupperoo would be more than ideal.

But, my fellow non-dog-owning dog-lovers, you’re in luck, because I, a money-conscious, canine-loving fairy dogmother, have answered your prayers. Brooklyn has blessed us with these select few places to chill with dogs without breaking the bank:

Lucky Dog
303 Bedford Ave., Williamsburg

If you’re a dog aficionado, I’m already disappointed if you haven’t yet hit up Lucky Dog. With a dive bar in the front and a lovely green space in the back, dog owners flock from all over Brooklyn to socialize their dogs while knocking back a beer. Happy hour? More like puppy hour. And the first one’s on the house if you’re the proud possessor of a Beer Book.

Sugar Mutts Rescue
130 Palmetto St., Bushwick

Though dog rescue and adoption non-profit Sugar Mutts doesn’t actually let dog enthusiasts in without an appointment for a meet-and-greet, they host sweet fundraiser dog parties almost every other weekend. Follow their Instagram to find out when their next one is; they recently had Doggy Pupcicle Pool Party & Fundraiser at Norwinds in Bushwick, and it seriously looked like a puppy rager.

Habana Outpost
757 Fulton St., Fort Greene

Fort Greene restaurant Habana Outpost truly brings together the greatest pleasures in life: drinking outside, Mexican food, environmentalism and, most importantly, dogs. Between frozen margs and basking among dogs, people from all over Brooklyn bring their pups to enjoy a burrito and Modelo. Bring Fido gave them a 5-bone rating, ensuring canine fun. Make sure to hit them up before summer ends, because they close their doors for the winter.

Prospect Park Dog Beach
Prospect Park West, Prospect Park

After undergoing a long-awaited restoration last year, the Dog Beach is back in action! At the Upper Pool, dogs can cool off in the popular, scenic, canine-only swimming area. Unlike your typical dog run, the Dog Beach isn’t exclusive to dogs and their owners, so dog admirers are welcome and encouraged to come bask with the good boys.

Provence en Boite
263 Smith St., Carroll Gardens

This French-inspired café has more than just delightful pastries and café-au-lait; they actually have an entire back patio where dog-owners hangout, get a caffeine fix and mangént alongside their fluffy pals. Another Bring Fido 5-Bone rated establishment, Provence en Boite is sure to introduce you to some very good boys.

Brouwerij Lane
78 Greenpoint Avenue, Greenpoint

Love beer? Love dogs? Well this little hops-filled heaven is for you. Doggos are welcome at the one stop beer shop meets bar. Try some great craft brews and enjoy your furry bar mates. Plus, pups patrons are featured on a separate Instagram, Dogs of Brouwerij Lane.

BARC Shelter
86 N. 1st Street, Williamsburg

Aside from the fact that you can adopt a dog at BARC, their Dog Walking Volunteer program is basically like rent-a-puppy— come to one of the specified Dog Walking Volunteer times on their website, and walk a majestic pupperoo for 20 minutes to half an hour. Just make sure to check out this volunteer page for more info on group volunteering and more.

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This post has been edited and updated, originalyl published in 2017.

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