Where are the bed bugs in your neighborhood?

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With bed bug rumors creeping all over the place lately, it’s nice to see some of Brooklyn’s infested doing their honest part to stave off the spread. Mcbrooklyn checks in with the Bed Bug Registry today and lists the 228 Brooklyn residential addresses on record as being infested. That’s 228 good citizens who’ve willingly notified the registry of bedbugs in their abodes (or 228 bedbug infestees who’ve been ratted-out—we’re not sure). But in any case, people are talking and that’s only for the best. Because, hopefully, others will report their unwanted visitors, everyone will be well on their way to de-bugged and in the meantime, we’ll all know exactly where to give that extra wide berth on the way to the subway. Here’s the full list of addresses. And if you’ve got bed bugs, please—report them here.

via mcbrooklyn

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