What’s on your laptop? Café Grumpy edition

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Ever wonder what those laptop nomads at your local coffee place are actually working on? We stopped into Greenpoint’s Cafe Grumpy on a recent afternoon to find out.

Brian, 25, Williamsburg (left)
I am at work right now. I’m a writer for treehugger.com. I’m using WordPress software. I’m writing about the climate bill that the Democrats introduced to the House. I was on a phone conference earlier with Nancy Pelosi and Ed Markey. It’s gonna be good stuff. I love my job. I am always multi-tasking, too. I’m using Skype with my editors and boss, and I’m also on Firefox perusing the web.

grumpy-allisonAllison, 26, Greenpoint
I’m looking at photos for inspiration. I used to be a photographer but now it is a hobby. I’m in school right now to become an elementary art teacher.

grumpyisaacIsaac, 24, Greenpoint
I’m building a web site for my roommate. He’s an actor in an experimental theater troupe. The website has photo galleries and provides information about past and upcoming events. Aside from the website, I am currently writing an article about the Peace Corps and Turkmenistan. I was in the Peace Corps until January. I actually got this computer from Kazakhstan. It’s a Russian market computer.

grumpy-erinErin, 27, Greenpoint
I have five screens open. I’m a writer. I am writing copy for a hotel in Vienna. I’m also a style editor for a dossier journal. I’m doing some e-mailing as well.

grumpy-joshJosh, 24, Greenpoint
I’m preparing for a job interview that I have tomorrow. The job is in London. It’s to be a senior search strategist. I’m reading the top 50 most likely interview questions. I am also blogging. I write for an industry blog, positivevibesseo.com. I’m working on an entry about writing good content.


Marc, 35, Clinton Hill
I’m using Ableton Live. It’s a music program that enables you to arrange samples and sounds. It is what I do for work. Do I like what I do? Hell yeah. I’m on Myspace right now, too.

Thanks to Cafe Grumpy, 193 Meserole Ave. between Diamond and Jewel streets, 718-349-7623


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