What’s on your laptop? Café Grumpy edition

Photos by Gretchen Muller

Ever wonder what those laptop nomads at your local coffee place are actually working on? We stopped into Greenpoint’s Cafe Grumpy on a recent afternoon to find out.

Brian, 25, Williamsburg (left)
I am at work right now. I’m a writer for treehugger.com. I’m using WordPress software. I’m writing about the climate bill that the Democrats introduced to the House. I was on a phone conference earlier with Nancy Pelosi and Ed Markey. It’s gonna be good stuff. I love my job. I am always multi-tasking, too. I’m using Skype with my editors and boss, and I’m also on Firefox perusing the web.

grumpy-allisonAllison, 26, Greenpoint
I’m looking at photos for inspiration. I used to be a photographer but now it is a hobby. I’m in school right now to become an elementary art teacher.

grumpyisaacIsaac, 24, Greenpoint
I’m building a web site for my roommate. He’s an actor in an experimental theater troupe. The website has photo galleries and provides information about past and upcoming events. Aside from the website, I am currently writing an article about the Peace Corps and Turkmenistan. I was in the Peace Corps until January. I actually got this computer from Kazakhstan. It’s a Russian market computer.

grumpy-erinErin, 27, Greenpoint
I have five screens open. I’m a writer. I am writing copy for a hotel in Vienna. I’m also a style editor for a dossier journal. I’m doing some e-mailing as well.

grumpy-joshJosh, 24, Greenpoint
I’m preparing for a job interview that I have tomorrow. The job is in London. It’s to be a senior search strategist. I’m reading the top 50 most likely interview questions. I am also blogging. I write for an industry blog, positivevibesseo.com. I’m working on an entry about writing good content.


Marc, 35, Clinton Hill
I’m using Ableton Live. It’s a music program that enables you to arrange samples and sounds. It is what I do for work. Do I like what I do? Hell yeah. I’m on Myspace right now, too.

Thanks to Cafe Grumpy, 193 Meserole Ave. between Diamond and Jewel streets, 718-349-7623

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