What would you do for $5?

Get your own "yes" man for $5
Get your own "yes" man for $5

Would you go all Marilyn Monroe for a friend’s birthday for $5? Or maybe even take the ultimate blame at the party? Well, someone will be rakin’ it in for those services-rendered. And they’ll be doing it through Fiverr.com, a new marketplace site for anything and everything that could possibly be worth a good-old Abe Lincoln. Think of an all-for-$5-Etsy, of the mostly-intangible, with a little Twitter-aesthetic thrown in—that’s Fiverr.

How does Fiverr work? You sign up, search for whatever service you might be looking for… and pay. If you’re offering one of your own, just post your gig and wait for the takers (Fiverr takes a $1 cut, but everyone needs a business model, right?). The site uses PayPal, and there’s ample opportunity for user feedback, reviews, even a 48-hour window to have your service “fixed” after your seller completes it. All the terms of use are here.

Fiverr gigs range from the very practical, like resume-writing or getting a HTML bug fixed, to the not-so-practical-but-totally-worth-it, like someone performing a “ridiculous and passionate” acapella song of your choice or designing “the hell out of something” for you.

Search “Brooklyn,” and land a five-hour tour of Bushwick. And for Father’s Day? You’re covered there too. We haven’t yet taken part of Fiverr’s endless list of offerings, but we have always wanted our own low-fi indie-pop anthem…

What would you do for $5? We won’t pay you, but tell us anyway.


  1. For $5 I would get up in the middle of the night and walk no more than three blocks to get a moth, harmlessly, out of someone’s house.

    I’m also good at removing splinters, loose teeth, and ticks (what with being a native of CT and all). I’d do that for five bucks.

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